NBA Draft Scouting Profile: Luka Doncic

NBA Draft Scouting Profile: Luka Doncic

At only 19 years old, Luka Doncic is already a star in the Euroleague. One of the top prospects of the 2018 class, what can Doncic do for an NBA team and where should he want to land?



Luka Doncic

Doncic in a Slovenian photoshoot.

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Height: 6’8″

Weight: 228 ibs.

Wingspan: Unknown

Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

From: Slovenia/Real Madrid

Class: Would be Freshman

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia




Doncic dribbling to the basket.

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Despite little spotlight in the U.S. and distance from NBA scouts, Luka Doncic has made a name for himself overseas and is now preparing to be a top 3 pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Doncic, who should be the first guard off the board, if not the first player, was born in Slovenia and has become a top player on Real Madrid’s squad in Spain. With Madrid, he’s putting up around 15 points a game and has been a fantastic facilitator for the team, learning from veteran guard Sergio Llull. At 6’8″, the Slovenian can play either guard position but will likely play whichever position is at more of a need for the team that drafts him right out the gate. I see him being able to excel more as a point guard as he plays as a primary ball-handler most of the time and has impressive vision for his size. While he has incredible intangibles and an uncanny feel for the game, Doncic comes up short in the athleticism column, not being quick and explosive enough as an average NBA guard. He’ll likely have trouble driving to the rim on defenses early in his career. On top of this issue, he isn’t a good defender by any means. Like many top players in this draft, defensive energy is hard to come by for these talented players that are used to having the ball in their hands and only expending effort on offense. Developing a better long range jumper, getting more attentive on defense, and using his craftiness to drive inside will be key to Doncic becoming the star he has the potential to become.



NBA Comparison: 

Simmons celebrating after a play.

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Considering his strengths and weaknesses, Doncic has a striking resemblance with 76ers rookie star Ben Simmons. While Doncic probably has the slightly better jumper at the moment, neither are good shooters from the outside nor are they very focused on the defensive end, but both are talented floor generals who play point guard at an unusually tall height. Simmons is stronger and more polished than Doncic but both may see their rise in the NBA at near the same time if the Real Madrid guard turns into what he’s expected to be. Both these players may begin a revolution at the point guard position, shifting the league from looking for quick shooters at the position to big, pass-first players who can run to the team and make every teammate on the court better.



Best Team Fit:

Porzingis during a dead ball.

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The Knicks should trade up for a top 3 pick using anybody but KP to grab Doncic. A combination of the two former Euroleague players would be deadly for the future. Both have large size for their respective positions and have the potential to each be Hall of Famers. The Knicks have been looking for a point guard, taking Frank Nitilikina in last years draft and signing Trey Burke late this season. While Nitilikina has defensive potential and Burke has been hot lately, New York can’t pass up this opportunity to use a few picks and a young player to get a talent like Doncic. If the team is able to hang onto Tim Hardaway Jr. in the trade and resign Enes Kanter in the offseason, there’ll be plenty of options for their new rookie to look to when facilitating on offense. Taking another shot on a high potential Euro player is the right move for New York this year.



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How Jimmy Butler Injury Affects Western Conference

How Jimmy Butler Injury Affects Western Conference

With Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler recently tearing his meniscus, another NBA star has gone down to injury. How will Butler’s absence affect Minnesota and the rest of the West?



Butler after injuring his knee.

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Wolves superstar shooting guard Jimmy Butler will be out for 4-6 weeks due to a meniscus tear. Minnesota is currently battling with every team in the Northwest for first and may have just forfeited the division with this injury. How does Butler going down affect the Timberwolves and the rest of the league?

Possible First Round Trouble for Golden State or Houston

Curry guarding Butler.

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With the Warriors and Rockets currently neck-and-neck for first in the West, the rest of the conference is double-digits back of the two juggernauts. Seeds 3-8 are up in the air with San Antonio currently leading the pack. Without Butler, Minnesota may find themselves fall a bit, and a bit is a lot with the current state of the Western Conference playoff picture. Avoiding a tear of the ACL, Butler has the potential to be ready for the beginning of the playoffs, and if the Wolves have dropped down to 7 or 8 and get back Butler for a series with Houston or Golden State, that’s a tough start to the postseason for either team.




Race to the Finish in the Northwest Division

Westbrook dribbling against Minnesota.

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The Northwest currently has 4 teams in the playoff picture and a fifth challenging for one in Utah. Any one of Portland, Denver, OKC, and Utah could surpass Minnesota if they go on a run. A playoff appearance still isn’t a lock for the Timberwolves especially in this division. KAT will have to have an MVP caliber end to the year if they expect to finally clinch a spot in the postseason. Getting all 5 teams in the playoffs is definitely possible here which puts pressure on Minnesota to stay competitive without Butler. Though it’s hard to believe, Minnesota could finish the year last in the Northwest Division.




J-Crossover gets his shot

Crawford during a dead ball.

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It’s been no secret that Coach Thibodeau has overplayed his starters this season, opting to sit some talented bench players like Gorgui Dieng, Tyus Jones, and Jamal Crawford more than most expected after Minnesota spent so much on their bench in the offseason. With Butler out of the lineup for a month or two, Crawford should be called up to the starting lineup and may be able to find his Clipper self as the season comes to a close. The ageless scorer can put up 30 on any team on any night which gives Minnesota life if Towns or Wiggins can’t carry the load. We saw Crawford lead Los Angeles when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were down last year, so the 37-year old is completely accustomed to stepping up when injury occurs. Though he was underutilized during the season, Crawford will finally get a chance with Butler down for now.





Why Paul George Would Ruin the Lakers:


Why Paul George Would Ruin the Lakers

In the recent past, it’s tough to remember a time when a franchise was so closely linked to a big time player who wasn’t with the organization. The mutual interest is clearly there in the case of Paul George and the LA Lakers, but would a PG homecoming actually benefit Los Angeles’ future?



George during a dead ball.

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After seven years with the Indiana Pacers, Paul George is now in OKC in the final year of his contract and is eyeing no  team more than his hometown Lakers as his preferred free agency destination. While bringing a superstar talent and perennial All-Star to Hollywood would be a great marketing move for the organization, Magic Johnson might wanna think twice about how signing or trading for George would affect Los Angeles on the court. Here’s why avoiding Paul George would ultimately be best for LA.



Other Options In 2018 Free Agency

Cousins during a dead ball.

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Along with George there are several other star players who’s contracts are set to run out this year, such as LeBron James who Los Angeles also has their eye on. James really seems like he could fit in anywhere and signing one of the best to ever play would obviously do wonders for the Lakers financially, but the guy who would fit best on the team is DeMarcus Cousins. After a few failed attempts at acquiring Boogie from the Sacramento Kings in the past, LA now has a chance to pick him up in the 2018 offseason, despite rumors that suggest the big man is leaning towards staying in NOLA for the future. Cousins appears to be hitting his prime just as he’s about to slip into the open market, putting up almost Wilt Chamberlain like modern day numbers at 27. With Brook Lopez and Julius Randle likely out the door by next year, there should be a gaping disparity in the Laker frontcourt which Boogie could fill perfectly. A more developed Lonzo Ball alongside Cousins could be dangerous in a Western Conference with soon-to-be aging superstars. Spending max money on George would be a settle by the franchise.



Lineup Clogging and Development Stunting

Ingram and Kuzma celebrating.

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While the Lakers could bring in an All-Star in George to upgrade their small forward spot for now, the team already has a couple 6’9″ potential stars in their lineup. Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma have quite similar frames compared to George and have the potential to be All-Stars in the future. Signing or trading for George would almost ensure they would either have to move or bench Ingram or Kuzma. Both these two young players could be 20pt scorers as soon as next year if things go right. Deciding to spend money on an older star who may be passed by one or both of these two in as little as 3 years or so would be an awful move by Magic, preventing what could be a great team in a few years. Since the end of Kobe’s prime, the Lakers have been stacking up drafted talent on their team but haven’t found any sort of identity or cornerstone player until now. Drafting Lonzo Ball gives them their point guard for the future while they definitely have their forwards for the future with Ingram and Kuzma. Bringing in some older stars in free agency to put around these 3 is the next step for the franchise, but George is not the guy. LA  has had trouble attracting superstars recently, which may be why they’re so eager to sign George without considering what it’d mean for their young players.



Losing Out on Free Agents in Future Summers

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By going ahead and spending money on George this summer, the Lakers aren’t just losing the opportunity to sign other players this year but are also chancing missing out on stars who’ll be on the market in 2019 and beyond. LA native Klay Thompson will be a free agent in 2019 and while he’ll likely stay with the Warriors to try and keep winning titles in the Bay, Los Angeles should at least try and lure him south. They’d have to obviously rid of some other expendable players on the team to pick up Thompson if they do sign Cousins this summer, but a lineup of Ball, Thompson, Ingram, Kuzma, and Cousins could be a title team in a few years. The inevitable truth of having to start paying some of their young guys in a couple years makes money become an issue for the Lakers, making the use of a max contract on George even more unattractive.



It’s rare for a franchise to turn down a star player in free agency which may be necessary if Los Angeles were to avoid signing George as he’s made it pretty clear he wants to come home this summer, but it’s the best thing for their future. Sticking to their young players and looking to make a splash in free agency in different areas of the lineup would be most beneficial for them especially with the superstars on the market in the next couple years. It’s hard to see the Lakers and George not joining up next fall but considering going in a different direction would be best for LA.




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Report Cards for Every Team Halfway Through the NBA Season (Eastern Conference)

Report Cards for Every Team Halfway Through the NBA Season (Eastern Conference)

We have reached the halfway point of the NBA season. LeBron James continues to put up MVP numbers, the Golden State Warriors sit atop the Western Conference, and most of the same bottom-feeding teams already find themselves fighting for the top pick. With that being said, SFE is here to break down the opening stanza of the NBA season and grade each team’s performance heading into the second half starting with the Eastern Conference.


Atlanta Hawks

The expectations were not very high for the 2017-2018 Atlanta Hawks as this season was the beginning of a rebuild. Top players Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap departed in the offseason leaving behind Dennis Schroder and an unproven supporting cast. Schroder has put up decent numbers as well as Kent Bazemore and Taurean Prince providing serviceable production on the wing. John Collins has also been very impressive in his first year in the NBA averaging 11 PPG and 7 RPG thus far. Still, this Hawks team sits at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and will look to grab one of the many talented players at the top of the draft.

1st Half Grade: D+


Image Credit:


Boston Celtics

So far, Kyrie Irving has looked pretty comfortable being the franchise player on a contending team. He’s averaging 24 PPG and 5 APG and with help from a good supporting cast including Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown, the Celtics sit at 33-10 atop the East. Tatum has really stepped up his game in his rookie season, Brown has improved his outside his shot, and Boston has some nice pieces off the bench with Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, and Marcus Morris. While LeBron James’ Cavaliers look to reach the NBA Finals yet again, the young core of Irving-Tatum-Brown will make things very interesting for years to come.

1st Half Grade: A


Brooklyn Nets

The story of the 2017-2018 Brooklyn Nets changed after the first game of the NBA season. After finishing with the worst record in the NBA last season, Brooklyn looked to lean on veteran Jeremy Lin as well as the talented youngster D’Angelo Russell. Well, it turned out that these two would not be the story as both have spent their seasons on the sidelines. Lin is out for the season and Russell has played in only 12 games. With these injuries becoming a factor, it forced some young players to take on bigger roles. Point guard Spencer Dinwiddie and forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson have grown into some pretty good NBA players. Brooklyn will look to Dinwiddie, RHJ, and the rest of their young players to keep improving as the rebuild continues.

1st Half Grade: C


Charlotte Hornets

This Hornets team has to be one of the most disappointing teams in the league this season. Kemba Walker has been doing his thing once again (22 PPG, 6 APG) and Dwight Howard is averaging a double-double in his first season in Charlotte. All the signs would point to this Hornets team as a trendy playoff team in a weak Eastern Conference but it hasn’t worked out. This isn’t a very good passing team and they can’t let the ball get stuck in Walker or Howard’s hands every possession. Charlotte’s role players will need to gel with Howard and be much more consistent in the second half to compete for a playoff spot.

1st Half Grade: D


Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are one of the very few teams that sit just about where we thought they would be midway through the season. Albeit not in a good position, but it was clear to see this team is in a rebuild. Chicago looks like one of the more underrated young cores with an improved Kris Dunn, Justin Holiday, and rookie Lauri Markkanen. With Nikola Mirotic back from his injury (punched in the face) and Zach LaVine about to return, the new-look Bulls will be both fun to watch and have a top ten pick.

1st Half Grade: C+


Image Credit:


Cleveland Cavaliers

For the last seven years, the Eastern Conference has been LeBron James’ playground, reaching an unprecedented seven straight NBA Finals. Now at age 33, he is still at his career averages of 27 PPG, 8 RPG, and 9 APG and even playing point guard until Isaiah Thomas’ recent return. Kevin Love looks to have found his All-Star form and Dwyane Wade has resurged playing with LeBron again. Currently, James and the Cleveland Cavaliers sit in the third seed behind the surprising Toronto Raptors and former Cavalier Kyrie Irving’s Boston Celtics. We do know their so-so record doesn’t reflect their place in the Eastern Conference and Cleveland is using this stretch to gel with Thomas and prepare for the playoffs.

1st Half Grade: B


Detroit Pistons

Off of a hot start, Detroit found themselves in a seven game losing streak which stopped their early momentum. Still, this Pistons team is sitting in the 7 seed and has to be content with their 1st half. The starting five has been tremendous most of the season, led by Tobias Harris, Andre Drummond, and trade acquisition Avery Bradley. The X-Factor will be if Detroit can get consistency from their bench down the stretch. Should this team make the playoffs, they would not be a tough out. The Avery Bradley move could prove to be very important as he brings great perimeter defense. Drummond will need to make his free throws though.

1st Half Grade: B


Indiana Pacers

Another team that has to like where they sit currently is the Indiana Pacers. The story in Indiana is clearly the emergence of Victor Oladipo. Taking over as the go-to guy for Paul George, Oladipo is averaging 25-5-4 and leading the Pacers to the 8 seed thus far. Oladipo and center Domantas Sabonis playing well, it looks as though the Pacers have won the trade to this point. This team also shows good depth, with six players averaging double figures. The next step for this team is for Myles Turner to take the next step if they want to compete this season.

1st Half Grade: B+


Miami Heat

And here’s ANOTHER team that loves where they’re at to this point. In the first half, Miami has taken advantage of some disappointing Eastern Conference teams on their way to the 4 seed. The Heat have used a balanced scoring attack and suffocating defense to fuel a strong first half. Currently with eight double digit scorers, anyone can beat you on any given night. However, heading into a playoff push, Miami will need someone to step up as the go-to guy. This could be Goran Dragic, Hasaan Whiteside, or even Dion Waiters. All in all, Miami has to love where they’re at but they will need to stay consistent to host a playoff series.

1st Half Grade: A-


Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo has taken the next step we all knew was coming. The Greek Freak is currently averaging 29-10-5 and is a clear-cut MVP candidate. Alongside him are wing Khris Middleton and the super athletic Eric Bledsoe, giving them somewhat of a “Big Three”. The talent hasn’t really translated into a top team in the East leaving them with a 22-18 record. A playoff spot is a near lock, but fans in Milwaukee should be wanting more which starts with consistency. While the Greek Freak deserves an A, the Bucks as a team have been slightly disappointing.

1st Half Grade: C


Image Credit:


New York Knicks

The problems in New York were very clear. Aside from the GM/Ownership’s inability to quality players to New York, the Knicks needed to move on from Carmelo Anthony. His ball dominance was stunting Kristaps Porzingis’ growth and not helping win games anyways. Now that this is KP’s team, we have seen glimpses of what this team can become. Porzingis is averaging 24-7 while handling all the publicity in New York while a plethora of role players are helping contribute. Heck, even Michael Beasley looks serviceable. Unlike in previous years, the Knicks have a real future with KP, Frank Ntilikina, and Enes Kanter leading the way. With that being said, they are not ready this year.

1st Half Grade: C+


Orlando Magic

Life is difficult for me as an Orlando Magic fan. It just seems like this franchise plays their way to being just outside the top 3 pick in the draft every year. Aaron Gordon when healthy has looked as close to a star as Orlando has (19 PPG, 8 RPG) and free agent acquisition Jonathon Simmons has been a good pickup. Health has been the biggest issue for Orlando as the entire starting five hasn’t played together in months. The Magic look like they need to trade one of Evan Fournier, Nikola Vucevic, or Elfrid Payton and shake this roster up because they still aren’t close.

1st Half Grade: D


Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have lived up to the hype and look like perennial All-Stars. Although, first round pick Markelle Fultz hasn’t touched the floor since the first week of the season. The Sixers’ young core (Simmons, Embiid, Saric, Covington, Fultz) appear to be a year away. While “trusting the process” has almost payed its dividends, the Sixers need to learn how to consistently win. Alongside Simmons and Embiid, Philly has some veterans in JJ Redick and Amir Johnson to help the youngsters through the second half. I had them as a borderline playoff team as they are so it will be interesting to see how they play in the second half.

1st Half Grade: B-


Image Credit: TSN


Toronto Raptors

“The Six” should be very happy with their hometown team’s first half. The Raptors are 28-11 and have a 14-2 record at home this season, a start that Toronto fans had been hoping for for years. DeMar DeRozan could be a darkhorse  MVP candidate, averaging 25-4-5 alongside the core of Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka. Complementing the big three, Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, and CJ Miles have been playing very well and converting close games into wins. The question in Toronto is of course: Can they play at a high level into the postseason?

1st Half Grade: A


Washington Wizards

The Nation’s capital has been one of the most unlucky markets in sports with little postseason success in recent years. The Wizards have been no different, representing one of the Eastern Conference teams that can’t get over the hump in the playoffs (somewhat due to LeBron). John Wall is doing what he does averaging 19-9 and Bradley Beal is averaging a career-high 24 PPG. Although, Washington hasn’t made any necessary moves to get over the hump and it is showing in their record. Sitting in the 5 seed, the Wiz have been beating good teams but not taking care of business against sub-.500 teams. Something needs to change if they want to ever get to the Finals.

1st Half Grade: C-











Kyrie Irving traded to the Celtics; Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs


After weeks of speculation, rumors, and intrigue, Kyrie Irving’s request to be traded has finally gone through. According to ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to send star point guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in exchange for PG Isaiah Thomas, F Jae Crowder, C Ante Zizic, and the Brooklyn Nets’ 2018 first-round pick.

Any time a couple of All-Star players are involved in a trade, the rest of the league is sure to take notice. This is true to a larger extent for this trade, as it features the two best teams in the Eastern Conference dealing with one another. The Cavaliers, NBA Finals runner-ups, have taken a huge risk by potentially helping the only team that can challenge them in the East this year. However, upon further inspection, this deal actually makes a lot of sense for Cleveland.

As aforementioned, Kyrie Irving made his feelings clear this summer: he wanted out of Cleveland. He was turned off by trade talks mentioning him early in the offseason, and he no longer wanted to play in LeBron James’ shadow. Once word got out, the Cavs had to make a move. Heading into the season with an unhappy Kyrie would have been unwise, especially after the constant social media shots Kyrie and LeBron fired after the trade request become public. Furthermore, with LeBron James being an upcoming free agent in the summer of 2018, the future of the Cavs was bleak and uncertain. Now, the future is still uncertain, but much more hopeful.

Isaiah Thomas shrugs his shoulders after completing an incredibly play.

Image Credit: Matt Stone/Boston

By acquiring the expiring contract of Isaiah Thomas and a 2018 first round pick via the Brooklyn Nets, the Cleveland Cavaliers are set up for both short-term and long-term success. If LeBron leaves next summer, they can attempt to re-sign Thomas and have a core of Thomas, Love, and the first-round pick moving forward. Thomas and Love would mentor the likely highly drafted rookie, while being a formidable pairing in their own right. Or they could let Thomas walk, keep/trade Love, and still have Brooklyn’s first-round pick. This is a much better scenario than the Cavs faced when LeBron left for Miami in 2010. The Cavs would have a high first-round pick to kickstart their rebuild, as opposed to being doomed to the end of the first round or having no pick at all. Cavs fans should be thrilled.

On the other hand, Celtics fans must feel uneasy. While the team did pick up a star player in Kyrie Irving, they also gave up Brooklyn’s coveted 2018 first-round pick and an integral defensive player in Jae Crowder. Still, it is likely Kyrie will re-sign with the team when he opts out of his deal in 2019, and having a 25 year old All-Star in Kyrie Irving is incredibly valuable. With Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, and Al Horford, the Celtics are still in a very good position both short-term and long-term.

Who won the deal?

It is rare that two teams win a trade, but this seems to be the case in the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas swap. What do you think?


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Zach Randolph faces possible NBA Banishment

New Sacramento Kings signee Zach Randolph was recently arrested for possession of marijuana with an intent to sell. His mistake could turn out to be more harmful to his basketball career than he thinks.


Photo Credit/


Z-Bo was a long time member of the Memphis Grizzlies before signing a 2-year $24 million contract with the Kings earlier this summer. Most among the NBA seem to believe this move by Sacramento was an attempt to bring in leadership and a strong veteran frontcourt presence to mentor youngs in Labissiere, Cauley-Stein, and Papagiannis. This new news of Randolph’s affiliation in a possible illegal drug deal will surely give Vlade Divac and the rest of the Kings front office some buyers remorse. Though you can argue this offense is fairly minor considering many around the league have even promoted the legalization of marijuana in the NBA, the law is the law and he reportedly broke it.


Photo Credit/


An investigation is apparently still ongoing involving Randolph, and if convicted a possible full banishment from the league could be in line for the big man. This would obviously be awful news for him, as he just signed his new deal. Though at 36 years old, this is probably the best time for him to get in some trouble. It’ll be interesting to see how Adam Silver handles the issue as throughout his first few years as commissioner, he’s shown a very open stance involving some social problems. There will be a continued debate in really all major American sports over whether to make the plant legal in their league or not.


Photo Credit/


The other big loser if Randolph is convicted is of course the Sacramento Kings. They’ll possibly lose their new addition down low and his expected bench production for this season. Randolph has already chipped away at his reputation for getting in the news for this, and his leadership role could be diminished even if he is allowed to stay with the team. If Zach can’t play, it’ll be up to Vince Carter and George Hill to lead the young prospects this season. Though I doubt we’ve watched the last NBA game Z-Bo will play in, the new King has himself in a bad situation at the moment.

Report: Derrick Rose agrees to 1 year deal with Cavs

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images


If you told me after the 2010-11 NBA season that Derrick Rose and LeBron James, two former NBA MVP award winners, would be joining forces on the same team, I would have been filled with anticipation. Now, I’m lukewarm.

According to Shams Charania of the Vertical, Derrick Rose and the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a one year, $2.1 million deal that will add Rose to the already stacked Cleveland roster. This deal comes almost two years after Rose infamously discussed his eagerness for a big time payday. For now, he will have to settle for the veteran’s minimum and a great chance at his first NBA Finals appearance, not the worst of consolation prizes.

Rose, who will turn 29 years old before the start of the 2017-18 season, averaged 18.0 PPG, 4.4 AST, and 3.8 RPG on 47% FG shooting for the New York Knicks last season, his best statistical output since 2012. Still, he struggled to win games with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis in the Big Apple. He struggled defensively, stumbled to an awful 22% three-point percentage, and even performed one of the greatest disappearing acts since Harry Houdini graced the Earth by being a complete no-show to a game against the New Orleans Pelicans in January.

Moreover, Rose, yet again, failed to play a full season, as he logged 64 out of a possible 82 games. His health continues to be an issue and his knees continue to wither away like decomposing roadkill on a summer day. And yet, I’m supposed to be excited for his arrival to Cleveland. Sorry, I’m not.

Derrick Rose will do okay in Cleveland. Assuming Kyrie Irving stays in the Land, Rose will be a decent scoring sixth man off the bench. However, if the Cavs trade Irving, Rose could be forced into the starting lineup in which he will overstep his bounds by shooting way more than he should, in a last ditch effort to get the pay day he feels he deserves and reclaim his former glory.

The only concern the Cleveland Cavaliers should have is beating the Golden State Warriors next June. Rose doesn’t get them to that goal. His basketball IQ is too low to compete with Golden State. While his matchup Stephen Curry or Shaun Livingston is making the extra pass and playing team defense, Rose will be driving to the hoop with tunnel vision or completely taking himself out of the play as he defers to LeBron and/or Kyrie, incapable of making an open three on the corner or wing.

Perhaps the tutelage of LeBron James will transform Derrick Rose into a modern day point guard that can compete with Golden State, but it’s unlikely. Rose has not been very receptive to criticism in his NBA career thus far, and I doubt even the great LeBron James can change that.

The signing of Derrick Rose changes almost nothing. Kyrie Irving will still likely be traded before next season, Rose will continue to play his antiquated play style, and the Cavs will still lose to the Warriors in the NBA Finals if they make it there. One thing has changed, though: there is now another former MVP in the Cleveland Exodus of Summer 2018, but his value pales in comparison to the other.