Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Preview

Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Preview

Giving my season preview for the Philadelphia Eagles 2018 NFL Season including my win-loss record prediction, bold predictions, statistical projections and analysis of the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and key players Carson Wentz, Fletcher Cox, and Nick Foles. Will the Eagles repeat as Super Bowl champions?

2019 NFL Draft Preliminary Evaluation: Oregon QB Justin Herbert

2019 NFL Draft Preliminary Evaluation: Oregon QB Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert Preliminary Draft Profile

When looking at the 2019 NFL Draft at first, one of the most noticeable characteristics one can recognize right off the bat is that this class appears to pale in comparison to last year’s at a position of considerable importance: quarterback. However, many of the potential choices in the next crop of signal-callers offer the talent to skyrocket up draft boards or solidify their stock with a convincing 2018 campaign. This article will be spent on an early evaluation of one of the (expected) upcoming QB prospects who fits in with the latter category: Justin Herbert.


Photo Credit/


Herbert is as poised as they come in the face of pressure. His willingness to stand in the pocket and deliver while staring down the barrel and taking a hit is quite the attribute to have as a college sophomore.

Herbert comes prototypical height and size, but more importantly, the skill set coveted in a franchise QB. His arm talents jumps out as one of his greatest assets; Herbert’s ability to sling the ball downfield with relative ease, fire with velocity, and excellent touch over the top means there’s not a spot on the field Herbert isn’t capable of hitting. He has no problem making throws outside the hashes as well. His mechanics are clean for the most part. While he has a longer release, Herbert makes up for it with a lightning fast follow through and fluid weight transfer through his motion.

Although his effortless arm strength is captivating, what sets Herbert apart from his fellow draft hopefuls is the stunning accuracy he displays for a player who’s only been 20 years old for a couple of months now. Whether he’s dicing up opponents with laser beams in the middle of the field or hitting receivers on vertical shots in stride for huge gains,  Herbert routinely exhibits outstanding ball placement to all areas of the field. He’s able to put the right amount of touch on throws to drop the football in between levels of the defense.

He makes brilliant, jaw-dropping dimes in tight coverage and small windows in between zones. His proficiency in vital areas of QBing, such as timing and anticipation, at such a young age are encouraging signs that he has a realistic chance to blossom into a superstar. On multiple occasions, Herbert has been able to connect on beautiful throws in between the back of the end zone and a defender with exceptional placement and trajectory.

If he wasn’t impressive enough, the Eugene, Oregon native has already looked to master the art of the back-shoulder throw. He combines perfect timing and location of the ball to put it in a spot where a defender couldn’t possibly make a play on it, and allows his receiver to get in a position to use his body to shield a defender and extend for the catch.

Not only is he a surgeon in a clean pocket, however; Herbert’s ability to thread the needle is still very much present even when his feet aren’t set. On the move and throwing off just about any platform, he’s an incredibly precise passer who keeps his eyes downfield when he gets forced off his spot.

It only helps that he possesses the desired athleticism to escape pressure, extend plays, and rip off considerable yards as a runner. He’s no Cam Newton, but Justin Herbert can be a reliable chain mover and can be utilized as a weapon in the red zone with his legs.

Herbert’s eyes are just as lethal as his rocket right arm. He shows the ability to decipher coverage pre-snap and weed out potential mismatches. Post-snap, he’s proven more than capable of scanning the field and working past his first read and through multiple progressions at an NFL level (or at least close to it).

Where Herbert shines most of all is his ability to manipulate defenders through body language. Using subtle movements in his dropback and his eyes, Herbert finds tremendous success in creating gaping throwing lanes over the top. He excels at forcing deep safeties to account for other potential targets, leaving his intended target open to cash in.



Lower body mechanics appear to be an issue Herbert has. As Matt Waldman describes, he rushes his process when faced with pressure, and the size of his base varies as he transitions from target to target. Ideally, an accurate ball is delivered with feet placed shoulder width apart. When they get too wide, the risk of sailed passes/misfires increases greatly.

Rushed process due to pressure leads to early release, overthrown ball, and an interception.



Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. Not many quarterbacks in the league share too many similarities with Herbert, but his blend of size, arm talent, accuracy, and mobility gives him serious playmaking ability that reminds me of the young Philly phenom. Wentz displays the same traits that made him the 2nd overall pick in 2016, but also the same flaws: Wentz needed to work on shortening his stride in his transitions and making safer decisions with the ball under pressure. Herbert’s style of play fits in very well with the evolving offenses in today’s NFL and his athleticism and precision on the move should get him looks in rollouts and boot-action.



Top 5 prospect. Herbert has all the makings of a franchise quarterback. He’s a special talent who is quite a bit more advanced in his development than his peers. With steps in his development of course, Herbert can establish himself as one of the better players in the game at his position.

Why Super Bowl LII will be Won by a Super Bowl-less Team

Every team has one goal in mind: to hoist the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately, for some teams, their franchise has never reached such a feat. However, Super Bowl LII is bound to be different; a team who has never won a Super Bowl is bound to win one this year.

In this article, I will explain why Super Bowl LII will be won by one of the teams who I believe could go to the playoffs.

Playoff Picture

As of now, this is what my current playoff picture looks like. In bold, I have put all the teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl:


North: Pittsburgh Steelers

East: New England Patriots

South: Jacksonville Jaguars

West: Kansas City Chiefs

Wild Card: Tennesse Titans, Buffalo Bills

Wild Card Round: TEN vs. KC, BUF vs. JAX

Divisional Round: TEN vs. NE, JAX vs. PIT

Conference Round: NE vs. JAX


North: Minnesota Vikings

East: Philadelphia Eagles

South: New Orleans Saints

West: LA Rams

Wild Card: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round: CAR vs. NO, DET vs. LA

Divisional Round: NO vs. PHI, DET vs. MIN

Conference Round: PHI vs. DET

Super Bowl LII: NE vs. DET

Now, there is a lot of speculation in these predictions, yes, but in this model, there are seven teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl in the playoffs. Although the AFC runs through the Patriots and Steelers, who have collectively won 11 Super Bowls, the NFC is up for grabs.

Why These Teams will or will not Win Super Bowl LII

Out of the Super Bowl-less teams I mentioned, here’s why each of them will either win or not win Super Bowl LII:

Jacksonville Jaguars

This team went from irrelevant to a legitimate contender in one year. Their coaching, run game and defense got better, which seems to be the only thing they needed to improve.

The Jaguars could win Super Bowl LII if the defense plays stout against some of the struggling offenses they could play in the playoffs. Feed the rock to Leonard Fournette and keep Blake Bortles upright; do that, and you got yourselves a Super Bowl.

Although they have all the right pieces, I don’t see this team going far in the post-season. Why? Well, who would you put your money on: Blake Bortles or Tom Brady? The Jaguars are good, but their QB play could hold them back.

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have slowly become a decent team over the last few seasons. Marcus Mariota has given them a legitimate franchise QB and they have a dynamic run game in Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

Why could the Titans win? If Mariota can make the jump from starter to super star, as well as this defense coming together could make this team Super Bowl champs.

However, the Titans likely won’t win. Their lack of playoff experience and their concerns over having a prolific passing game will hold this team back.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and head coach Mike Mularkey.

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has had a very up and down year. Although some thought Tyrod Taylor was ascending into a franchise QB, they regrettably started Nathan Peterman, who was dreadful against the LA Chargers. However, Sean McDermott has proven to be an excellent head coach and could lead this team to Super Bowl LII.

How could the Bills win? Unlike the other AFC teams, the Bills have to play the Patriots twice a year, so if they end up playing, they could catch them by surprise and play to the Patriots’ weaknesses. If Taylor makes a big playoff push, McDermott won’t make the mistake of benching him again.

But, this is the Bills. They’re on the right track, but this is a team who haven’t made the playoffs in years, so winning the Super Bowl this year is a stretch.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have an interesting situation: they have three QBs who could all realistically start in Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. They have a great defense with a decent offense. They are certainly using Aaron Rodgers’ injury to their advantage.

The Vikings have historically had bad luck in the playoffs, but they are still a solid team which has the potential to make their way to Super Bowl LII, which happens to be in Minneapolis this year. Mike Zimmer is showing that he can utilize his personnel to the best of his ability.

The Vikings are contenders, but their QB situation may limit them in their quest to win their first Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings QB Case Keenum.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are hot right now, and there’s no reason to see why they would slow down. Carson Wentz is debatably a top five QB and acquiring Jay Ajayi was the steal of free agency. Their defense is shutdown and Doug Pederson is serviceable at head coach.

If Wentz keeps up his stats, the Eagles will breeze to the Super Bowl. The defense has depth, which is vital when coming down in the playoff stretch. The Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

However, their lack of experience in the post-season could disrupt chances of winning Super Bowl LII. The Eagles will be interesting to watch this post-season.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been decent these past few weeks, which could push their momentum forward into the post-season. As long as Cam stays healthy and doesn’t goof off too much, the Panthers may be a dark horse to go to the Super Bowl.

The Panthers have made a playoff push before and could easily do it again. They still have a decent defense and their offense is OK, but their experience could give them the edge.

However, they have lots of injury concerns and the other teams in the NFC have the edge against Carolina.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford got paid this offseason, and he’s showing that he’s worth every penny. The Lions have a consistent play style that appears to work against their opponents. Could the Motor City see their first Lombardi?

Stafford, along with his solid receiving corps can wreak havoc on defenses in the playoffs. Stafford’s game managing skills could make the Lions legitimate contenders.

The Lions are one of those cursed teams, however. They have never done well in the post-season, but on top of that, they do not have a run game. Ameer Abdullah is not an every down back and has permanent butter fingers. The Lions could come close, but just fall short of winning Super Bowl LII.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford.


Every few years, there is a transition in superiority in the NFL. The Patriots and Steelers have dominated this league for years, but it could be time to pass the torch to QBs like Carson Wentz or Matthew Stafford. Look for a Super Bowl-less team to hoist the Lombardi on Super Bowl Sunday this season.




Tuesday NFL Takeaways (Week 1)

Tuesday NFL Takeaways (Week 1)

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hands off to running back Ty Montgomery during Week 1 action against the Seahawks

Photo: The Ringer

Week 1 of the NFL Season is in the books and every team (except 2) has given fans a taste of what their team looks like. Everyone has their own takeaways from the action and I’m here to give you mine. I’ve kept in mind that this is one of sixteen for these teams and things change in the blink of an eye in this league. With that said, here are some of my impressions from the action from Week 1. Stay tuned every Tuesday for my weekly NFL takeaways and more from our beloved National Football League.


The Steelers Are Still Inconsistent

After the Patriots were defeated by the Chiefs on Thursday Night, many NFL fans were ready to put the Steelers in the driver’s seat in the AFC. Well they certainly didn’t look great on Sunday afternoon, continuing their trend of mostly underwhelming away from Heinz Field. The defense looked good and TJ Watt looked impressive facing a rookie quarterback, but it was their offense that looked flat. The explosive Pittsburgh offense couldn’t get a ground game going with Le’Veon Bell and only put up twenty one points against the Browns. While they did not lose on Sunday, they need to play better on the road with the talent they have to ultimately win the AFC.


The Giants Need To Pay OBJ As Much Money As He Wants

In my opinion, the biggest disappointment of the weekend was the New York Giants offensively. We new they weren’t going to run the ball very effectively and pass protection is iffy, but the offense we saw Sunday Night was just putrid. In a game without star receiver Odell Beckham Jr, none of the Giants’ receivers stepped up, play calling was not good, and the offensive line looked mostly overwhelmed by a Dallas defense that doesn’t scare anybody. It is clear as day that OBJ is the focal point of the offense and Big Blue needs to keep him at all costs. New York clearly needs him back and others to step up if they want to contend in the tough NFC.


Andrew Luck Could Be The MVP Already (But Won’t Win It)

It is truly amazing how much Andrew Luck is undervalued. I’ve heard Luck is overrated and to me that is laughable. Quarterback is the most important position on the field and it was evident in the Colts-Rams game on Sunday. The Colts got stomped 46-9 by previously underwhelming Jared Goff and 31 year old Head Coach Sean McVay. The defense albeit without Vontae Davis, looked abysmal and backup quarterback Scott Tolzien looked like he doesn’t belong in the league. He doesn’t. If Andrew Luck were to miss the whole season, Indianapolis would be competing with the Jets for the #1 overall pick. The fact that he wins 7-9 games a year is astounding and needs to be appreciated.


Carson Wentz Looks Legit

I was very high on Carson Wentz among other young quarterbacks heading into this season and he looked very good to me. Wentz threw for over 300 yards and two scores with virtually no running game. He made some tough throws into small windows and looked much more poised, resulting in a nice Philly divisional road win. If the Eagles want to surprise in the NFC, they will need Wentz to continue to play well and take a jump to at least the top 15 QB’s in the league. If he can get a good chemistry with Alshon Jeffery as well, that’s icing on the cake.


The Patriots Will Be Fine

While this is close to a week after New England’s season opener, people were ready to dethrone the Pats from league supremacy. Not so fast. Tom Brady had a poor showing against an elite defense Thursday Night, just what America wanted. Although, if you’ve watched him play the last decade you know he ALWAYS bounces back. The defense looked bad as well against Kansas City but Bill Belichik will make changes. That is what truly makes New England Patriots football so great, their ability to make adjustments. Brady and company will come back with a vengeance this week, count on it.


The Packers and Seahawks Remain The Favorites In The NFC

These teams competed in a heavyweight fight on Sunday, a potential NFC Championship Game matchup. It was Green Bay that came out victorious but Seattle looked very tough. Green Bay still has the best quarterback in the NFC and Seattle the best defense. Both of them were on full display, giving me encouraging signs these teams could meet again. Dallas, Atlanta, or whomever contends in the conference will have a tough task in getting through the two favorites.






32 Teams in 32 Days: Philadelphia Eagles

Photo Courtesy of USA Today


Eagles Expectations

The Philadelphia Eagles are an intriguing team. Last season they started off blazing. They were undefeated heading into the Week 4 BYE. Then, things went south. The once hot Eagles were ice-cold and lost nine of their next eleven games. Philly was eliminated from the post season early after a promising start.

Carson Wentz first few games showed the Eagles made the right decision to trade up. That warm-fuzzy feeling lasted about a microsecond as the hard to please Philly fans questioned if the trade was worth it. The Eagles knew in order to develop Wentz to his potential, they would need to revamp the receiving group and find a way to make the running game respectable.

Photo Credit/Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


The Eagles are looking to bounce back from a disappointing season. They were active in the offseason. With focus on addressing the receiving corps, they brought in ex-Bear, Alshon Jeffery and former 49ers’ pass catcher, Torrey Smith. They traded Jordan Matthews to the Buffalo Bills. Matthews finished second in receiving yards to tight end Zach Ertz last season. Former first round pick Nelson Agholor has been a disappointment and looks to prove he is still worthy of being apart of the Eagles receiving group. The Eagles cut bait on Dorial Green-Beckham as his production didn’t meet expectations.

Leading rusher Ryan Matthews was released. His replacement is pretty good, though. LeGarrette Blount left the championship atmosphere in New England for “greener” pastures. Blount was brought in to bring physicality to the running game that can be leaned on in the event Wentz struggles. Former first round offensive linemen, Chance Warmack, is looking to make the most of his second chance. Warmack suffered an injury requiring season ending surgery and was not a priority for the Tennessee Titans this offseason.

The Eagles drafted Donnel Pumphrey in the fourth round. Pumphrey is undersized, but was very productive during his time at San Diego State. Pumphery’s production made him one of the top two rushers in FBS history. He hopes to bring his quick, scat-back style to Philly. Darren Sproles can be a mentor that can help Pumphery learn how use his size to his advantage.


Former Buffalo Bills linebacker Nigel Bradham had a solid season in 2016. He led the team in tackles with 102 and recorded two sacks and a pick. He’ll look to continue production in year two in Philly. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox combined for 12 sacks. Connor Barwin put up 5 sacks, but now is an LA Ram. Tim Jernigan will help make up for the loss of Barwin, as he totaled 5 sacks last season with the Baltimore Ravens.

Photo Credit/Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


Jordan Hicks led the team in interceptions last season with 5 and was second in tackles. His productivity in the middle of the defense is invaluable to this defense. The concern is in the secondary. Ronald Darby was acquired in the Matthews trade and joins Jalen Mills as the starting duo at the cornerback. Rodney McLeod and Malcom Jenkins man the safety spots. The Eagles spent a high draft pick on Sidney Jones, but there is no set date on when he will make his debut. Rasul Douglas, a third round draft choice in 2017, is competing for a starting role. The Eagles need the secondary to be somewhat fortified due to the level of competition Philly faces in their own division.

Photo Credit


The first round selection of Derek Barnett appears to be a home run. In preseason play, Barnett has already recorded three sacks. His high motor and knack for finding the quarterback seems to have translated very well into the pros. If Barnett’s productions gets better week after week, he could be in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year, in my opinion. The guy just produces. He’ll be a pass rusher Eagle fans will fall in love with.

Schedule walk through

Week 1: VS./@ Washington Redskins

Philly heads to the nation’s capital for the season opener. NFC East rival Redskins will make the game competitive and close. Wentz and Eagles escape Washington with a win in a close defensive matchup.

Win 17-13

Record (1-0)

Week 2. VS./@ Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid hosts his former team. His Chiefs will start the season hot and will handle the Eagles. Wentz looks out of sync, but Barnett finds Smith for his second consecutive regular season game with a sack.

Lose 28-17

Record (1-1)


Photo Credit/AP Photo/Matt Rourke


Eli Manning meets the Eagles newest pass rusher, Derek Barnett. Ferocious and disruptive, Barnett spends the day hurrying Manning’s throws and putting the QB on his back a few times. Wentz has a solid game and the Eagles home opener is a success.

Win 24-20

Record (2-1)

Week 4. VS./ @ Los Angeles Chargers

Phillip Rivers has a depleted receiving squad, but he still has long-time favorite target Antonio Gates. Rivers and Gates show age is just a number. Melvin Gordon runs wild and the Chargers find a way to get him the football in space. Hunter Henry shows up and moves the chains. The Eagles are punched in the mouth and lose to LA.

Lose 34-21

Record (2-2)


Philly host the Cardinals, who possess a tough defense with new, speedy faces. Wentz struggles early in the game and the Eagles fall behind after a few costly turnovers. Carson Palmer does just enough to keep the Cardinals offense in a groove. Philly loses in back-to-back games. Barnett records another sack. This is becoming a routine thing for the rookie pass rusher.

Lose 28-14

Record (2-3)

Week 6. VS./@ Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey runs circles around the Eagles defense. Kelvin Benjamin has a big game as he makes Philadelphia’s secondary look abysmal. Wentz and Jeffrey begin to build chemistry, but the Panthers are just too much to handle.

Lose 35-17

Record (2-4)


Oct 16, 2016; Landover, MD, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) is sacked by Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan (91) during the first half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Kirk Cousins makes it a point to split the series. By this point in the season, the Redskins begin to heat up. Terrell Pryor has a big day and rookie Jonathan Allen is finding his niche as an offensive disruption. Cousins and company hand the Eagles their fourth straight loss.

Lose 28-21

Record (2-5)


The Eagles can’t catch a break. Wentz faces another revamped defense oozing with rookie playmakers. He gets pulverized a few times. Blount is leaned on heavily due to the offensive line struggling to buy Wentz any time. Eagles lose again. Barnett has a pair of sacks.

Lose 14-10

Record (2-6)


Barnett records a sack on the opening series and sets the tone. Blount has a good game rushing and the Eagles don’t rely on Wentz’s arm to win the ball game. Philly is fortunate for the Broncos’ QB woes, as Barnett records a strip-sack and change of possession gives the Eagles the upset.

Win 20-17

Record (3-6)

Week 10. BYE

Week 11. VS./@ Dallas Cowboys

Although Barnett has had a standout rookie season, his production slows against the division rival Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant will be testing the Philly corners all game long. He’ll have a monster game. The Eagles offense will struggle.

Lose 27-14

Record (3-7)


Photo Credit/Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Mitch Trubisky is playing at this point in the season. He has the Bears offense in a rhythm. Bears running back Jordan Howard has a strong performance. Barnett wraps up Trubisky. Jeffery scores on his former team. Eagles edge out the Bears at home.

Win 23-20

Record (4-7)

Week 13. VS./@ Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are a playoff team. The Eagles aren’t. This game highlights the difference. Eagles lose in Seattle.

Lose 26-13

Record (4-8)

Week 14. VS./@ Los Angeles Rams

Wentz goes into this game with a personal vendetta. He won’t lose to the team that passed on him with the first overall pick. He has a solid showing against a Rams team that also sports a losing record at this point in the year.

Win 28-16

Record (4-9)

Week 15. VS./@ New York Giants

The Giants host a do-or-die game against division rivals. Odell Beckham Jr. has a monstrous game and makes plays all over the field. His play garners much attention, opening things up for Evan Engram, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard to operate. The Giants get revenge and split the series with Philly.

Win 24-13

Record (5-9)


No way the Raiders lose this game. Oakland is on a mission following last seasons disappointing finish. Derek Carr is zeroed in on the playoffs. Marshawn Lynch is a Christmas beast, but he doesn’t bring cheer to Philly. Raiders win on the road.

Lose 30-13

Record (5-10)


Photo Credit/Getty Images


The Cowboys travel to Philadelphia needing a win to secure the division crown. The Eagles are on the outside looking in. They look to take on the role of the spoiler. The game is a close one, with both teams avoiding the big mistake. Ezekiel Elliott has fresh legs and makes up for missed time. Dallas wins a close one.

Lose 20-19

Record (6-10)

Player Predictions
  • Carson Wentz3400 yards, 21 touchdowns, 17 interceptions
  • LeGarrette Blount980 yards, 16 touchdowns
  • Alshon Jeffery1050 yards, 7 touchdowns
  • Torrey Smith750 yards, 4 touchdowns
  • Darren Sproles540 rushing yards, 690 receiving yards, 5 touchdowns
  • Zach Ertz900 yards, 4 touchdowns
Surprise Stars:
  • Derek Barnett13.5 sacks, candidate for DROY
  • Donnel Pumphery900 yards from scrimmage, 7  touchdowns
  • Corey Clement600 yards, 5 touchdowns
  • Mack Hollins580 yards, 3 touchdowns
  • Tim Jernigan6 sacks

The Verdict

Expect the Eagles to miss the post season. The receiving group looks improved on paper, but chemistry is difficult for Philly to build week in and week out. Inconsistency is the biggest problem for this team. The offensive line, ranked first by Pro Football Focus, doesn’t look like a top ranked unit. Blount’s production slips in Philly.He still is a battering ram and scores inside the red zone. He just doesn’t have a Tom Brady led passing attack to balance the offense.

Derek Barnett is the biggest gem for the season and will be a great Eagles player for a long, long time. He’ll make it getting to the quarterback a habit. The former Tennessee Vol standout will be a cornerstone of the Eagles defense in the future.

The secondary is what prevents the Eagles from finding consistency. Darby will do well, but Philly will count the days all season long until Sidney Jones can be fully healthy. He’ll help solidify the secondary position. Once the secondary renovation is complete, the Eagles can again compete for the NFC East crown. Just not this season.

Ceiling – 9-7


Even at best, the Eagles will finish – at the very highest – second in the division. If things are worse than what is outlined above, it could mean a long season.