Way too Early Prediction for the NY Giants 2018 Season

As a New York Giants fan, I am extremely confident in the new regime of Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman.  I believe they will eventually lead this team in the right direction, and possibly to Super Bowls.  However, they key word there is eventually, as I have never been so pessimistic entering a Giants season.  This is partially due to the Giants disastrous season last year, but it also has to do with what should be a brutal schedule for New York.  7 out of the 16 games are against playoffs teams from 2017, and many others are against teams on the rise.  It also doesn’t help that the Giants don’t have a single homestand on the schedule.  So now that it’s been released, here’s my walkthrough of the Giants schedule.

Week 1: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (1:00 PM)

It’s Tom Coughlin’s homecoming, and already the Giants schedule is tough.  The revamped o-line will have a tough task stopping Jacksonville’s elite defense, and Odell Beckham vs. Jalen Ramsey should be a super fun matchup.  On defense, the Giants could help secure a win if Blake Bortles makes mistakes.  However, I don’t see the Giants winning this one. (Record: 0-1)

Week 2: @ Dallas Cowboys (8:20 PM, SNF)

The Giants and Eli Manning have been historically good at Dallas.  They didn’t win last year, but they stunk last year.  The Cowboys will attempt to bounce back after having Zeke suspended in 2017, and I suspect they’ll make this game close.  But I think the Giants will take the W here. (Record: 1-1)

Week 3: @ Houston Texans (1:00 PM)

The Giants will be facing another Texas team getting their star player back.  The Texans have a talented, yet injury-prone defense.  By Week 3 though, everyone should still be healthy, including QB Deshaun Watson.  If this game was later in the season, I think the Giants would win it.  However, I don’t see them winning it here. (Record: 1-2)

Week 4: vs. New Orleans Saints (4:25 PM)

The Saints were a Marcus Williams tackle away from the NFC Championship last year, and their roster’s talent is undeniable.  If this was in the Superdome, I would definitely mark this down as an L.  However, I trust the Giants to win this one. (Record: 2-2)

Week 5: @ Carolina Panthers (1:00 PM)

Dave Gettleman’s new squad will play his old squad, and though Carolina made the playoffs last year, I think this is a winnable game for the Giants.  Cam Newton battled with inconsistencies in 2017, and Carolina also lost All Pro guard Andrew Norwell.  The Panthers are still a talented team, but I think the Giants will win a close one. (Record: 3-2)

Week 6: vs. Philadelphia Eagles (8:20 PM, SNF)

Since 2010, the Giants have been 15-22 in primetime slots and 4-12 against the Eagles.  History repeats itself, this is a loss.  Especially against such a talented Eagles team. (Record: 3-3)

Week 7: @ Atlanta Falcons (8:15 PM, MNF)

I don’t trust the Giants defense against such a talented offense, even if said offense stalled a bit from their stellar 2016 performance.  Primetime road games are not a good recipe for the Giants. (Record: 3-4)

Week 8: vs. Washington Redskins (1:00 PM)

The Redskins went from Kirk Cousins to Alex Smith at QB, and so I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing.  Washington seems like a mediocre team, and the Giants often beat them at home (they even did it in last year’s disastrous season). (Record: 4-4)

Week 9: BYE

A lot of the Giants schedule doesn’t work in their favor, but they at least got a good bye week.  Often times, teams get screwed over by a Week 4 or Week 12 bye, but the Giants get one right in the middle of the year.

Week 10: @ San Francisco 49ers (8:15 PM, ESPN)

The NFL has embraced the Garoppolo/Shanahan/Lynch trifecta, as this is only one of San Francisco’s 5 primetime games this season.  Compare that to last year, where San Fran had a grand total of 1 primetime matchup.  I think this is a winnable game, as I’m not so sure Jimmy G and this young San Francisco team is ready for the bright lights.  However, I will give the slight edge to the Niners. (Record: 4-5)

Week 11: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:00 PM)

The Bucs had a disappointing season last year.  Perhaps this is the year that Jameis Winston and the Bucs finally get back to the playoffs after a decade-long drought.  However, Tampa probably should’ve fired Dirk Koetter in my opinion, as I don’t think he’s the guy to lead this team to success.  While I like the additions of Vinny Curry and JPP on the d-line, I see the Giants taking this game at home. (Record: 5-5)

Week 12: @ Philadelphia Eagles (1:00 PM)

It’s a pivotal game for the Giants if they do happen to be 5-5 at this point.  Will they sink below .500, or go a game above it?  It’s the Eagles, so they’ll probably sink. (Record: 5-6)

Week 13: vs. Chicago Bears (1:00 PM)

The Mitch Trubisky-led Bears should surely see some improvement under new coach Matt Nagy.  Heck, they may even repeat the success story of the 2017 Rams.  However, I don’t quite see them stacking up to the Giants here. (Record: 6-6)

Week 14: @ Washington Redskins (1:00 PM)

The Skins will get revenge on the Giants in this game, as the Giants will have to travel to Fed-Ex Field here. (Record: 6-7)

Week 15: vs. Tennessee Titans (1:00 PM)

The Titans are a very talented team that could be vying for a playoff spot at this point.  Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, and Corey Davis could truly break out this season.  However, I see the Giants managing to hold onto this game with their home-field advantage. (Record: 7-7)

Week 16: @ Indianapolis Colts (1:00 PM)

The Colts trading down for a bunch of 2nd round picks was a very smart move by GM Chris Ballard, and a sure sign that Indy will be good… in 2-3 years.  Giants win. (Record: 8-7)

Week 17: vs. Dallas Cowboys (1:00 PM)

The Eagles will have probably locked up the NFC East by now (let’s be honest here), but Dallas could still be going for a playoff spot, too.  And so I have the Giants close out the year with a loss. (Record: 8-8)

Overall, I think there’s nowhere to go but up for the 2018 Giants.  I said the same thing about the Browns of last year, and they went from 1-15 to 0-16.  But the Giants are a much prouder franchise than the Browns, and I think they’ll at least make it to .500 this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the Giants could very well make it back to the playoffs.  But to me, competing in this tough NFC will not do New York any favors.  So if I had anything to say to the Giants, it would be this: Prove me wrong.


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