J.T. Barrett is the best QB in the 2018 NFL Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft has been considered a great year to need a quarterback, and rightfully so. Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Lamar Jackson have been the talk of this draft cycle. However, not one of the names mentioned above can be given the title of top QB.

That honor goes to THE Ohio State Buckeye, J.T. Barrett.

Barrett is coming off a very long, very productive college football career in the B1G that recently saw him break the conference’s touchdown pass record, previously held by Purdue’s Drew Brees.

Not only is Barrett proficient with his arm; he’s also quite the threat with his legs. He’s able to extend the play and rip off solid chunks of yards on the ground.

This is an excellent play by J.T. Barrett. He goes through his progression like a clock, sees his first read blanketed, and goes on to find an open Parris Campbell for a big gain. He does a good job of placing the ball out in front of Campbell to allow him to gain yards after the catch:

Barrett’s arm isn’t the greatest but he has enough juice to make some throws downfield. Here, he’s able to hit Binjimen Victor vertically in stride for a touchdown:

And DEEP to Johnnie Dixon III:


#16 is great at locating and attacking soft spots in zone coverage. He also steps into his throws puts enough zip on the ball to fit it in between linebackers and defensive backs:

And again:

Watch the velocity Barrett puts into this throw to prevent the closing safety from making a play on the ball:

Tremendous runner of the football as well. Watch as he slips a defender in the backfield and outraces several others on his way to the end zone:


From this, we have concluded that J.T. Barrett is the draft’s best QB. He played and produced at a high level against some of the best defenses in college football in the B1G, and has the traits to succeed at the next level.

Very important note: Barrett came back for 2 more years of college football despite being eligible for the NFL Draft. That’s a winnner’s mentality.

And most important of all, April Fools.


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