49ers Resign Breakout WR Marquise Goodwin Before Free Agent Spending Spree

NFL free agency may not begin until March 14th, but that didn’t stop the San Francisco 49ers from spending some cash earlier today.  With just over $70 million (yes you read that right) dollars of cap space at their disposal, the 49ers front office decided to lock up one of their own in wide receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Goodwin, 27, had a breakout year with the 49ers amounting to 56 catches for 962 yards and 2 touchdowns. It was evident that Goodwin had outperformed his 2-year $6 million dollar “prove it” contract, so San Francisco made it a priority to lock him up long-term. As a result, Goodwin was given a 3-year contract extension worth $20.3 million with $10 million guaranteed.

Image from nfltraderumors.com

That’s not too shabby for a guy who only had 49 catches in his first four years combined playing for the Buffalo Bills. The 49ers may have had a losing record in 2017, but they certainly had their bright spots, and Goodwin was one of them. With his 17.2 yards per catch average last year, Goodwin looks to continue his deep threat abilities with new franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for a full season.

Goodwin’s statistics may drop off a little if the 49ers sign a top wide receiver in free agency, such as Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson. Even if they don’t, 49ers’ starting wide receiver Pierre Garcon is expected to return from a season ending neck injury suffered last fall. None the less, Goodwin should be able to build off the chemistry between Garoppolo and himself to have a solid 2018 season.

Image from nbcsports.com

If all goes according to plan for 49ers’ GM John Lynch and company this offseason, Goodwin could be catching deep passes from QB Jimmy Garoppolo come next January. But will they be able to make all the right moves? March 14th can’t come fast enough!


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