Steelers Resign Their Pro Bowl Back……. Roosevelt Nix

The 2018 NFL Offseason appears to be off to a good start for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They recently resigned their 2018 Pro Bowl back to a 4-year contract worth $6.975 million.  Things might even go from good to great if the Steelers sign their OTHER Pro Bowl back, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Steeler’s fullback Roosevelt Nix isn’t someone you should look over, even if that’s how his NFL journey began.

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As an undrafted free agent rookie out of Kent State, Roosevelt Nix wasn’t guaranteed anything for his NFL career, if one even existed. He had to transition from playing defensive line, to linebacker, and finally fullback in order to make an NFL roster. Despite the odds, Nix kept on pushing, a skill that’s come in handy while blocking for one the best running backs in the NFL.

Now, Roosevelt Nix has a Pro Bowl invitation to his resume, and it is much deserved. Besides his invaluable work in the trenches, Nix performed as a special team’s ace for the Steelers, recording ten tackles on the season. As the cherry(s) on top, Nix recorded a rushing and receiving touchdown on an offense log jammed with talents such as Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster.

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At just 25 years of age, Nix has finally proven himself to the world, and is now ready for the prime of his football career. With a stellar offensive line, and a bruiser of a back with a heavy chip on his shoulder, who wouldn’t want to play running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It shouldn’t be too long before that spot is locked up as well.


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