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Good Fortune After All? Why Frank Reich is the Man for the Job

After a whirlwind of a week in the Hoosier State, the Indianapolis Colts hired former Eagles OC Frank Reich to be their new Head Coach. After Patriots OC Josh McDaniels agreed to terms and then opted out to stay in New England, the Colts were in a frenzy.

New England Patriots OC Josh McDaniels.

After a stressful two days, the Colts signed Reich on Sunday night and proved the pen hit the paper on Twitter. With this crazy turn of events settled down, two questions still remain. Would McDaniels be a good head coach and is Reich the better man for the job? Unfortunately for us wonderers, only the latter question will be answered, but the football world is beginning to think that Reich was the better man for the job. So, let’s delve in to what Reich brings to the Colts.

Indianapolis Colts HC Frank Reich signing his contract.

Familiarity with the Colts

Reich has been around the league, but his coaching career began in Indy as an offensive coaching staff assistant. He was then promoted to quarterbacks coach and then switched to wide receivers coach. After moving around in the league for a while, he’s back in Indianapolis as head coach.

Colts legend Peyton Manning raved about his relationship with Reich back when they were both members of the team, and the Colts fanbase is overall satisfied with the hire.

Frank Reich and former Colts QB Peyton Manning.

He Beat the Dark Side

Now, this is more of a shot at McDaniels and the Patriots organization, but Reich’s last game with the Eagles was a Super Bowl victory against New England.

Frank Reich at the Super Bowl LII press conference.

It’s no secret that the ColtsĀ hateĀ the Patriots. Disclaimer: I am a Colts fan and I detest that organization, but I do admire them. After Indianapolis busted the Pats because of Deflategate and the last two decades of competing for the AFC Championship have created a heated rivalry.

Some may say that it is a lop-sided rivalry, but I disagree. Do the Patriots have the upper hand? Absolutely. But, keep in mind that the Colts went to the Super Bowl twice during the 2000s and beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship to advance to Super Bowl XLI and eventually win it.

Over the past few seasons, the Colts-Patriots rivalry has been dormant. But, they do play this season in Foxboro and Chris Ballard’s press conference will go down in infamy, stating that the “rivalry is back on.”

He’s Mature and has a Breadth of Experience

Maybe another shot at McDaniels, but it’s justified. Reich is older than McDaniels and has been in multiple systems. Reich has also been a quarterback for four different teams, so his offensive knowledge is vast. McDaniels has been under the wing of Bill Belichick, who is known for being a man of few words and a defensive mastermind.

Reich has worked with an explosive Philadelphia offence and helped Nick Foles become Super Bowl LII MVP. McDaniels has been Tom Brady’s sidekick and has shown to lose control over the GOAT’s ego.

McDaniels has been under scrutiny for his poor stint with the Denver Broncos and having a scandal tied to him. Reich is as clean as a whistle and his offensive know-how is far superior than that of McDaniels.

Former Denver Broncos HC Josh McDaniels with former QB Tim Tebow.

In conclusion, Reich can become a fantastic head coach for the Colts. McDaniels has the potential, but the plethora of experience Reich has leads me to believe that he is the better option at head coach.

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