Titans: 3 Off Season Targets in Free Agency

As the NFL season has effectively ended, the draft and free agency will begin in a couple of months. Each team has specific needs on offense, defense, and special teams that will be addressed through those to processes. In this article, we will be reviewing the top three free agents the Titan’s should pursue based on their personal needs.

  1. Trumaine Johnson: Johnson is a corner back that the Titan’s are lacking at the moment. Adoree Jackson has shown flashes of his potential throughout his first season, but struggles with inside routes, most notably slants, due to his size and lack of physicality. Logan Ryan has the physicality necessary to cover those routes, but has never truly been a number one corner back  throughout his career and has a small problem with speed. Trumaine Johnson is the perfect fit for the Titan’s needs. He is fast, physical, and is a number one corner that will cover the opponents number one receiver each and every game he plays. It would be inconceivable if the Titans decided to not pursue him to fill in a game changing position with a game changing player.
  2. Jarvis Landry: The Titan’s receiving core was a huge bust this season, excluding the tight end Delanie Walker. They had returning receiver Rishard Matthews who had just come off a 900 yard receiving year, drafted Corey Davis fifth overall and picked up Eric Decker in free agency. I, for one, was skeptical the receiving core could hold up due to the question marks around two of the three players. Ultimately, even the one player who did not have question marks surrounding him, Rishard Matthews, had a pretty bad year. Jarvis Landry is a monstrous slot receiver who could give the Titans a weapon at a position in which they did not get much production out of.
  3. Malcom Butler: Last year, he would have been insanely high on this list due to the demand for some corner backs on the Titan’s roster. This year, he barely makes it to third place because he could be the second best option at corner if the Ram’s maintained Trumaine Johnson. He plays pretty well, but on film has some noticeable issues. He also had that off the field fiasco before the Super Bowl against the Eagles that ultimately lead to his benching and might have cost them a win. Regardless, he could be the Titan’s number one corner and would provide Super Bowl experience on the team.

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