Top 15 Power Forwards in the NBA at the Halfway Point

Here’s a look into the Top 15 power forwards in the league at the halfway point in the season. Note: Nuggets forward Paul Millsap will not be included in this list as he’s missed significant time due to injury.



Honorable Mentions:

Thaddeus Young

James Johnson

Dario Saric

Derrick Favors

Taj Gibson



15. Julius Randle – Los Angeles Lakers

Randle driving to the basket.

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Though he’s clearly on the Laker trade block and almost certainly won’t be a part of the LA roster next season, Randle is having the best year of his young career. While only seeing around 23 minutes of floor time so far, he’s shooting 54% from the field and has also shown his ability to rebound at an elite level when given the opportunity. Making the most of his playing time, Randle deserves a spot on the list.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



14. Serge Ibaka – Toronto Raptors

Serge Ibaka celebrating after a play.

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After signing a new deal with Toronto in the offseason, Ibaka has remained an important frontcourt piece for the team this season. While he shouldn’t be expected to give you 20 a game or dazzle in the assist department, the big man makes a statement on defense and compliments the Raptors backcourt stars well. He’s slowed down as the years have gone on, but Ibaka remains an above-average 4 in the NBA.

Previous Ranking: 9



13. Carmelo Anthony – Oklahoma City Thunder

Melo smiling during a dead ball.

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In his first year in OKC, Anthony has given the Thunder pretty much what was expected; scoring and basically nothing else. Melo remains a good shooter and crafty scorer but hasn’t been able to develop his defense or playmaking which is necessary to be a star in today’s game. After a disappointing start to Oklahoma City’s season, it’s possible Anthony finds himself on another team by next year.

Previous Ranking: 10 (Small Forward)



12. Zach Randolph – Sacramento Kings

Randolph during a dead ball.

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In his first year with the Kings, Randolph has clearly shown he’s currently the best player on the young Sacramento roster. After several years of team and individual success in Memphis, Z-Bo is now more of a mentor and leader than star for the Kings. On the court, he’s putting up almost 15 points a game while keeping his FG percentage at nearly 50%. His workload is expected to decrease as the season goes on, but Randolph still has some game left in him.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



11. Rondae Hollis Jefferson – Brooklyn Nets

RHJ dribbling up the floor.

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An integral part of the Nets rebuild, Hollis-Jefferson is in his first season handling true starters minutes and he’s performing well. His athleticism and defensive potential make him an intriguing forward prospect. If he finds a jumper over the next few seasons he can maintain a status as a 2nd or 3rd option in the young Brooklyn lineup.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



10. Lauri Markkanen – Chicago Bulls

Markkanen getting ready to shoot.

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In his first year in the league, Markannen has been a pleasant surprise for the Bulls as most expected him to be a bit more of a project. Putting up over 15 and 7 while at some solid percentages, the former Arizona big man has shown he’s the key piece to the Chicago rebuild early in his career. While he’s currently sharing power forward minutes with Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic, Markannen clearly has the most potential and skill out of the three and should see increased minutes with the expected trade of Mirotic away from the Bulls.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked




9. Kyle Kuzma – Los Angeles Lakers

Kuzma passing the ball on offense.

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Just a rookie, you could argue Kuzma is already the best player on the Lakers. His scoring ability is far more advanced than most expected from the Utah product. With a good 6’9″ frame, Kuzma is able to play the 3 or the 4 and guard a range of positions. As his playmaking and defense progress, Kuzma could be a star in the NBA in a few years.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



8. Harrison Barnes – Dallas Mavericks

Barnes during a dead ball.

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Though a long time small forward with the Golden State Warriors, Barnes seems to have essentially shifted over to the power forward position since his arrival in Dallas. His composed face-up play style has lifted his game with the Mavs and allowed him to start off this year averaging nearly 19 points a game at some comfortable percentages. While his playmaking still needs work, Barnes is a key piece of the Mavericks rebuild as he nears his prime.

Previous Ranking: 8



7. Nikola Mirotic – Chicago Bulls

Mirotic preparing to shoot.

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As the trade deadline comes closer, the likelihood of a Mirotic trade has turned into a certainty. While the Montenegrin big man is being tossed around in rumors, he’s having the best season of his career. Off the bench, Mirotic is averaging over 17 points a game while shooting the 3 at an accurate 45%. His start to the season will benefit the Bulls as they’ll be able to garner more assets in a deal.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



6. LaMarcus Aldridge – San Antonio Spurs

Aldridge after making a play.

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Aldridge has enjoyed much more individual success to start the season largely due to the absence of fellow star Kawhi Leonard. As he’s looking more like his Portland self, the 32-year old is putting up over 22 and 8 while shooting about 50% from the field. If Leonard remains out for a bit and Aldridge continues his efficient ways, it’s possible he finds himself in the All-Star game again.

Previous Ranking: 10



5. Kristaps Porzingis – New York Knicks

Porzingis going up for a layup.

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In his first season without Melo, Porzingis is thriving and having by far the best offensive year of his career. His defense is again a strong suit of his as well, putting up well over 2 blocks a game. Where Porzingis can transform into a real superstar who could lead a team to the playoffs singlehandedly is his playmaking and strength down low. Someone with his height shouldn’t have the trouble on the boards that he does. Improving on these facets of his game this offseason could help New York punch a ticket to the playoffs in 2019.

Previous Ranking: 5



4. Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers

Griffin backing down on Chris Paul.

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Though he’s again been plagued with injuries this season, Griffin is having another All-Star caliber year. The loss of star PG Chris Paul has meant more touches and expected playmaking from him. With questions surrounding some of his teammates, Griffin has the Clips again in a position to make a visit to the postseason.

Previous Ranking: 4



3. Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors

Green during a dead ball.

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Green is having another tremendous season with the Warriors, leading the team in assists and upping his PPG from last season. Though his defensive statistics are a bit down compared to his DPOY performance last year, he’s having the same profound effect on that side of the ball. It’s likely one of his teammates picks him for the All-Star game this year and he should be in the running for Defensive Player of the Year again as well.

Previous Ranking: 2



2. Anthony Davis – New Orleans Pelicans 

Davis dribbling up the floor.

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Davis is again having an incredible season alongside fellow frontcourt star DeMarcus Cousins. While putting up another double-double average, Davis has gotten his 3pt% up to around 34%, a bit above his career average. At this point, the star forward has all the tools be a perennial MVP candidate. The only thing Davis needs to be a surefire Hall of Famer is good health. He’s had trouble in his young career with various injuries which have held him and the Pels back from success. If Davis is able to have a good run of health and avoid nagging Injuries in the future, he’ll be one of the best players in the league for years.

Previous Ranking: 1



1. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo dribbling the ball up the floor.

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Giannis has picked up right where he left off last year, stuffing the stat sheet and getting stronger individually while putting his Bucks in the position to make the playoffs again. The 23-year old will certainly be making another All-Star appearance next month and will be in the MVP conversation in June barring injury. With his size, athleticism, and playmaking ability, Antetokounmpo has the potential to be a top 10 player all-time. While his jumper can still be developed to make him pretty much unstoppable offensively, he’s already the top power forward in the NBA.

Previous Ranking: 4 (Small Forward)




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