Thoughts on Titans in Divisional Round vs. Patriots.

  1. Penalties did not go the Titan’s way in  the slightest- Many times, particularly in the first half, there were penalties that did not make a lot of sense. Of course, you could find penalties that were called correctly but there were a few that completely changed the tide of the game.
  2. Taylor Lewan looked lost- He allowed two or three sacks on Mariota and for the first time this year, was probably the weakest link on the offensive line. Another thing to note is that Jack Conklin went down with a leg injury and did not return, causing Dennis Kelly to play as right tackle, also letting pressure in.
  3. Mariota looked more rattled as time went on- This game was not his fault, and he even came out pretty strong, but he did not keep his composure as time went on. I feel it was more on the team around him not getting open and him just trying to find anybody, but none the less he looked rattled on the road.
  4. Can not stop receiving backs- Dion Lewis could not be stopped out of the backfield and the fact the Titans do not switch out lineman was the real killer on most drives. The Patriots wore them down with no huddle and ran a lot of short routes that allowed for quick pacing down the field.
  5. Both the offensive and defensive scheme were terrible- Many questionable play calls on he offensive side, as usual, and Mariota usually bails them out but could not this time. On the defensive side, there was a lot of miscommunication, and even though the Patriots insisted on running short slants and out routes the Titans played their corners nine or more yards off the wide receivers.
  6. Wide receivers had some really questionable hands- There were a total of four drops by Titan receivers in this game, and one more that did not technically count because of a DPI. The receivers are letting the team down and that is a main reason why the Titans could not manage to do something. Corey Davis had a surprisingly stable game and made a really good catch in the endzone, but did not have a huge impact on the game.
  7. Run game could not get it done- This does not make a lot of sense when you really think about it, but it was not effective against a weak run defense. The whole scheme of Terry Robiskie’s usually awful offense is running multiple blocking tight end or an extra offensive lineman to be powerful in a smash mouth offense. Unfortunately, that does not work due to the other team basically knowing when the Titan’s will run due to those ques such as the extra offensive lineman. If you can not convert short yardage situations as a run first team you should consider switching gears, which they have not as of now.
  8. The Titans did not run no-huddle- There were a lot of people saying the Titans would run more no huddle after they did pretty well against the Chiefs last week, but they did not. This is a major issue in my eyes because it shows Mularkey’s unwillingness to adapt when necessary. If you want to become a team like the Patriots or Steelers, you have to be flexible as a coach and be open to new effective ideas.
  9. Defense was pretty awful- Brady shredded the defense left and right. He did it mostly short but also got quite a few passes deep to Gronkowski. The Titans had no answer after stopping the Patriots the first two drives.

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