Which team’s will trade up for a QB in the 2018 NFL Draft?

As we look back on the 2018 NFL Draft, the usual patterns will occur. There will be decent picks, absolute busts, complete steals, etc. However, one trend that is bound to happen in this year’s draft, which is teams trading up to select a QB.

The Browns and the Giants are likely to pick a QB, so teams will look to trade for early picks. In this article, I’ll predict some potential trades which could happen in the 2018 NFL Draft, as well as which prospects fall to a certain team. In this theoretical example, let’s assume the Browns select Louisville’s Lamar Jackson and the Giants pick UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

Note: I will not be predicting the compensation for these trades, but merely which teams would be willing to trade with one another.

The Arizona Cardinals trade with the Cleveland Browns to have the 4th overall pick. 

The Browns LOVE trading their early picks in order to collect more for later in the draft. While I would argue they should not do that, they make the call.

Carson Palmer just announced his retirement, so the Cardinals are in desperate need for a QB. With their 15th overall selection, it will be difficult to land a QB at that spot.

The Pick: USC QB Sam Darnold 

USC QB Sam Darnold.

I think Darnold would be a good fit for the Cardinals. He’s athletic, has a goof football IQ, and will be able to work for whoever becomes the head coach of the Cardinals, since Bruce Arians retired.

The New York Jets trade with the Denver Broncos to have the 5th overall pick. 

This might seem foolish, but this is essentially what the Chicago Bears did to select Mitchell Trubisky, and it has turned out well for the Bears. The Jets will be antsy to get a QB, since there are rumours surrounding the Broncos nabbing a QB, as well as other teams maybe trying to trade with the Broncos.

The Pick: Wyoming QB Josh Allen

Wyoming QB Josh Allen.

In my opinion, the Jets don’t need a flashy QB like Baker Mayfield to lead this franchise; they need a decent game manager who comes from humble beginnings.

Josh Allen has been inconsistent, but he has this coolness about him that makes one think that he won’t be a distraction, which is exactly what the Jets need.

The Los Angeles Chargers trade with the Denver Broncos to have the 6th overall pick.

The Broncos will trade down yet again and continue to collect picks. This seems to be a John Elway type move.


The Chargers have rumoured to want to develop a QB under Philip Rivers, and with all the talent in this year’s draft, this would be a good year to do it.

The Pick: Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.  Many people worry about Baker Mayfield, since he has a history of making poor decisions–both on and off the field. Mayfield needs leadership and veteran wisdom. Who better than Philip Rivers, one of the biggest loud-mouths in the league to teach him? This would be a match made in Heaven and could spark a Favre-Rodgers situation.

Aside from his antics, Mayfield has a cannon of an arm, which makes him comparable to Rivers. His accuracy is good, too, but will the Chargers take the risk?

There will always be uncertainty surrounding who will trade with who and for what reason. In this draft, however, the QB skill dictates that frequent trades are bound to happen. Where prospects end up is up to the teams themselves.

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