Early QB Landing Spots for 2018 NFL Offseason Part 1

The job of an NFL Quarterback is enormous. Some might argue QB is the most important position in all North American sports, let alone football.  After a 2017 NFL season with significant injuries and a lack of production at the QB position, it is safe to assume teams are ready to make some changes in order to reload for next year.

Will teams look to the NFL Draft to find their next franchise signal caller?

How about any attractive free agents?

Could some teams even stand pat and trust their guy for another go?

Let’s take a look at some of the main NFL teams sure to be involved in QB drama.

The Benching Bungles

Image from sbnation.com

For the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, 2017 brought quite a bit of awkwardness to their QB rooms. After starting the season 2-9, Giants QB Eli Manning was benched by soon to be fired head coach Ben McAdoo. Considering Eli had started an incredible 210 games (in a row!) for the Giants, this came as a shock wave to everyone. Even with the losing record, Eli was still a 2-time Super Bowl champion quarterback with no health concerns to speak of. Eli became the starter the following week once again, but the damage had indeed been done.

Image from yourworldsnews.com

Benching a starting quarterback wasn’t just restricted to teams with a losing record. The 5-4 Buffalo Bills surprisingly decided to sit QB Tyrod Taylor in favor of their 5th round rookie Nathan Peterman. This decision turned out to be VERY bad, as Peterman went on to throw 5 interceptions in his NFL debut against the Chargers. The Bills quickly came to their senses and put Tyrod Taylor back in the lineup. This story isn’t over, however, as the Bills magically made the playoffs despite their poor QB management.

The tale of both teams reveals tarnished relationships and a lack of trust from leaders of each organization. It would not be breaking news to either fan base if one or both starting quarterbacks moved on to finish their careers elsewhere.

Final Predictions:

Tyrod Taylor has a quality playoff showing and the Bills retain him.

Eli Manning moves on to a team like the Denver Broncos or the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a result, the Giants take a QB with the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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