How will Bill Belichick beat the “Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles?

How will Bill Belichick beat the “Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles?

Super Bowl LII is five days away, and both the Patriots and Eagles are trying to perfect their craft. The Patriots look to win their sixth title, while the Eagles attempt to win their first. This looks to be an exciting match, but there is one factor that gives the Pats and advantage: Bill Belichick. How will he fare against the “Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles?

Eagles DT Beau Allen and DE Chris Long with dog masks on, depicting their "underdog" mentality.

“The Hoodie” is among the best coaches of all time, and his legacy will become further strengthened with a win on Sunday. However, with the Eagles having a dangerous defence and an explosive offence, he has his work cut out for him. How can Belichick get it done this time? This article will provide five key points which will help the Pats eclipse a victory.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick.

1. Develop the run game early in order to wear down the defensive line. 

Anyone who knows anything about football knows Fletcher Cox is among the best in the business. He and this defensive line have wreaked havoc this season. In order for the Patriots to win, they must slow down Cox and Co., since one of Brady’s main weaknesses is to deal with pressure early. Remember when Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora completely dominated Brady in Super Bowl XLII? Cox, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, Beau Allen, Chris Long and rookie Derek Barnett will perform that kind of pressure. It’s up to Belichick to create unique blocking schemes and to make the run game work early in order to slow down the front four.

Eagles DT Fletcher Cox.

2. Give the Patriots running backs a lot of rotation. 

Many question why the Patriots do not have a bell-cow running back and instead have a committee. My theory is that every running back has his own running style, so trying to game plan for multiple backs is difficult. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz might be able to shut out Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead, but might not have an adequate game plan for James White, Mike Gillislee, or Brandon Bolden.

Depending on who emerges, one of the running backs will be able to figure out the Eagles defence. Then, they can become the fourth quarter running back to win the game.

3. Use Dwayne Allen as a blocker for the majority of the game. 

Rob Gronkowski could be out for the Super Bowl, and Dwayne Allen won’t be the big pass-catcher they need. However, Allen is an exceptional blocker and almost acts as a sixth offensive lineman. This will be necessary, since this dominant defensive line will be able to get after Brady.

Patriots TE Dwayne Allen.

4. Capitalize on the Eagles’ rookie mistakes. 

The one distinct difference between the Patriots and Eagles is the degree of Super Bowl experience each team has. Brady and Belichick have been there and done that, while the majority of the Eagles players have never been this deep in the playoffs. With that, Belichick will know that some of the younger Eagles will make some critical mistakes. Some players to look out for are: Jalen Mills, Nelson Agholor, Hal Vaitai and Derek Barnett.

The mistakes some young players could make might define their career, and it’s Bill Belichick’s job to capitalize on their mistakes.

Eagles CB Jalen Mills.

5. Put the pressure on Nick Foles. 

Nick Foles has shown that you can be an average quarterback and get to a Super Bowl. In the last four Super Bowls Belichick has been in, he’s faced: Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson and Eli Manning–twice. Nick Foles is a major step back from those quarterbacks, and he doesn’t receive pressure well.

Left tackle Hal Vaitai doesn’t have a lot of competition against this weak Patriots pass rush, but that doesn’t mean James Harrison won’t put it all on the table. If Foles is pressured, especially late in the game, the Patriots offence may have an easier time than most expected.

Patriots LB James Harrison.


With Boogie Out, do the Pelicans Move Davis?

Due to the DeMarcus Cousins recent achilles injury, it’s possible the Pelicans are considering finding a trade partner for Anthony Davis. While the move would be drastic for the franchise, what are some packages New Orleans should look at if they do prefer to deal their superstar?



Davis running up the court.

Photo Credit/



Anthony Davis is still 24 years young and is capable of dominating a game at the power forward position, but with upcoming FA DeMarcus Cousins out for the year, coupled with Davis’ notorious injury history, the Pelicans should at least field offers from interested teams. AD is obviously a generational player and even with the current circumstances in New Orleans, he’ll be tough to pry from the Big Easy. Here’s a look at some possible trade packages  for Davis.



Ainge Finally Unloads the Boston Draft Picks:

Davis dunking; Tatum looking on. (split picture)

Photo Credit/


Pelicans Give: Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo, Darius Miller

Celtics Give: Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier, Al Horford, 2018 1st round pick (Lakers)/2019 1st round pick (Kings)


In this trade, the Celtics gather one of the best big 3s in NBA history which will consist of Irving, Hayward, and Davis by next year, also welcoming home Rajon Rondo to come off the bench. In return for their superstar, the Pelicans begin a rebuild around young star Jayson Tatum, also acquiring 23-year old guard Terry Rozier. Al Horford makes this trade possible financially but can also mentor some of the younger guys that’ll be the focus of a more youthful New Orleans team.



Phoenix Gets Booker Some Help:

Booker celebrating after a shot.

Photo Credit/


Pelicans Give: Anthony Davis, Darius Miller

Suns Give: T.J. Warren, Josh Jackson, Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss, 2018 1st round pick (Heat), 2018 1st round pick (Bucks), 2021 1st round pick (Heat)


Here, the Suns ensure Devin Booker stays in Phoenix for a bit by getting him another star player to make a run at the playoffs with. Phoenix gives up on their two young small forwards Warren and Jackson and move PF Chriss with AD coming to town. The Suns will have to dish out several draft picks to New Orleans as they don’t have a surefire cornerstone prospect like Boston that they’d be willing to trade.



AD to NYC:

Davis being guarded by 3 Nets.

Photo Credit/


Pelicans Give: Anthony Davis, Jameer Nelson, Ian Clark, Darius Miller

Nets Give: Jahlil Okafor, Spencer Dinwiddie, DeMarre Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Caris LeVert, 2018 1st round pick (Raptors), 2018 2nd round pick (Pacers), 2019 2nd round pick (Knicks)


In this one, the Pelicans will have to put their trust in some of the young guys from Brooklyn and hope they can develop into the players they look like they have a chance be. Dinwiddie excelled with Russell out and could be a solid backcourt player for the future in New Orleans. RHJ and LeVert are the real gems here besides the draft picks as they have outside chances of being above average starters in the league. A combo of Russell and Davis in the East would be dangerous and speed up the rebuild in Brooklyn.



Sixers Create a Frontcourt for the Ages; Give up on Fultz:

Davis and Embiid fighting over the ball.

Photo Credit/


Pelicans Give: Anthony Davis, Tony Allen

Sixers Give: Amir Johnson, Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, 2018 2nd round pick (Rockets), 2019 1st round pick, 2020 1st round pick, 2020 2nd round pick (Mavs), 2021 2nd round pick (Knicks)


This trade would create one of the most dominant frontcourts in NBA history with Davis and Embiid. The Sixers would rocket themselves up to title contention here, though giving up a few young prospects and several draft picks. The disappointing start to Markelle Fultz’s career in Philly comes to a close as he’s shipped to New Orleans with rookie standout Dario Saric.



Davis Comes Home:

Davis dunking on Markannen.

Photo Credit/


Pelicans give: Anthony Davis, Omer Asik

Bulls Give: Nikola Mirotic, Lauri Markannen, Justin Holiday, 2018 1st round pick, 2019 1st round pick


If the Bulls were to get involved in the AD sweepstakes, they’d likely need to unload their promising young forward Lauri Markannen, giving the Pelicans a new big man to center the team around. This also gives Nikola Mirotic a chance to get away from the Bulls while Justin Holiday will join his brother in the New Orleans backcourt. The big story here is AD heading back to his hometown Chicago and becoming a part of the high-flying Bulls with Zach LaVine.




Click: Why Paul George Would Ruin the Lakers

Why Paul George Would Ruin the Lakers

In the recent past, it’s tough to remember a time when a franchise was so closely linked to a big time player who wasn’t with the organization. The mutual interest is clearly there in the case of Paul George and the LA Lakers, but would a PG homecoming actually benefit Los Angeles’ future?



George during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/



After seven years with the Indiana Pacers, Paul George is now in OKC in the final year of his contract and is eyeing no  team more than his hometown Lakers as his preferred free agency destination. While bringing a superstar talent and perennial All-Star to Hollywood would be a great marketing move for the organization, Magic Johnson might wanna think twice about how signing or trading for George would affect Los Angeles on the court. Here’s why avoiding Paul George would ultimately be best for LA.



Other Options In 2018 Free Agency

Cousins during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/


Along with George there are several other star players who’s contracts are set to run out this year, such as LeBron James who Los Angeles also has their eye on. James really seems like he could fit in anywhere and signing one of the best to ever play would obviously do wonders for the Lakers financially, but the guy who would fit best on the team is DeMarcus Cousins. After a few failed attempts at acquiring Boogie from the Sacramento Kings in the past, LA now has a chance to pick him up in the 2018 offseason, despite rumors that suggest the big man is leaning towards staying in NOLA for the future. Cousins appears to be hitting his prime just as he’s about to slip into the open market, putting up almost Wilt Chamberlain like modern day numbers at 27. With Brook Lopez and Julius Randle likely out the door by next year, there should be a gaping disparity in the Laker frontcourt which Boogie could fill perfectly. A more developed Lonzo Ball alongside Cousins could be dangerous in a Western Conference with soon-to-be aging superstars. Spending max money on George would be a settle by the franchise.



Lineup Clogging and Development Stunting

Ingram and Kuzma celebrating.

Photo Credit/


While the Lakers could bring in an All-Star in George to upgrade their small forward spot for now, the team already has a couple 6’9″ potential stars in their lineup. Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma have quite similar frames compared to George and have the potential to be All-Stars in the future. Signing or trading for George would almost ensure they would either have to move or bench Ingram or Kuzma. Both these two young players could be 20pt scorers as soon as next year if things go right. Deciding to spend money on an older star who may be passed by one or both of these two in as little as 3 years or so would be an awful move by Magic, preventing what could be a great team in a few years. Since the end of Kobe’s prime, the Lakers have been stacking up drafted talent on their team but haven’t found any sort of identity or cornerstone player until now. Drafting Lonzo Ball gives them their point guard for the future while they definitely have their forwards for the future with Ingram and Kuzma. Bringing in some older stars in free agency to put around these 3 is the next step for the franchise, but George is not the guy. LA  has had trouble attracting superstars recently, which may be why they’re so eager to sign George without considering what it’d mean for their young players.



Losing Out on Free Agents in Future Summers

Photo Credit/


By going ahead and spending money on George this summer, the Lakers aren’t just losing the opportunity to sign other players this year but are also chancing missing out on stars who’ll be on the market in 2019 and beyond. LA native Klay Thompson will be a free agent in 2019 and while he’ll likely stay with the Warriors to try and keep winning titles in the Bay, Los Angeles should at least try and lure him south. They’d have to obviously rid of some other expendable players on the team to pick up Thompson if they do sign Cousins this summer, but a lineup of Ball, Thompson, Ingram, Kuzma, and Cousins could be a title team in a few years. The inevitable truth of having to start paying some of their young guys in a couple years makes money become an issue for the Lakers, making the use of a max contract on George even more unattractive.



It’s rare for a franchise to turn down a star player in free agency which may be necessary if Los Angeles were to avoid signing George as he’s made it pretty clear he wants to come home this summer, but it’s the best thing for their future. Sticking to their young players and looking to make a splash in free agency in different areas of the lineup would be most beneficial for them especially with the superstars on the market in the next couple years. It’s hard to see the Lakers and George not joining up next fall but considering going in a different direction would be best for LA.




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Who will win the Super Bowl LII MVP?

Who will win the Super Bowl LII MVP?

With Super Bowl LII about a week and a half away, the main question is who will win. Will the Patriots eclipse their sixth championship? Can they Eagles finally get their first ring? Today, we look at who can possibly win the title of Super Bowl MVP.  Continue reading

Lamar Jackson Draft Profile/Scouting Report

Lamar Jackson Draft Profile/Scouting Report



Document version

Harun’s 2018 NFL Draft Guide

Lamar Jackson is fresh off one of the most outstanding college football careers in recent memory, including a Heisman trophy winning season in 2016. Will that success carry on to the pros? (Photo Credit/Jamie Rhodes, USA Today Sports)

Position: QB (#2 ranked)

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 216

Class: Junior

Date of Birth: February 7, 1997 (Age 21)


COMBINE RESULTS (* indicates top performer)

40 yard dash

Bench press

Vertical jump

Broad jump

3 cone drill

20 yard shuttle



  • 2015: 12 games – 135/247 (54.7%), 1,840 yards, 12 TDs, 8 INTs; 163 carries, 960 yards (5.9 ypc), 11 TDs
  • 2016: 13 games – 230/409 (56.2%), 3,543 yards, 30 TDs, 9 INTs; 260 carries, 1,571 yards (6 ypc), 21 TDs
  • 2017: 12 games – 254/430 (59.1%), 3,660 yards, 27 TDs, 10 INTs; 232 yards, 1,601 (6.9 ypc), 18 TDs

“Florida native. Three-star recruit according to ESPN. Undeclared major. Started 8 of 12 games as a freshman. Started all 13 games played as a sophomore. Voted  a team captain for the 2017 season. Father, Lamar Jackson Sr. died in a car accident when he was a child. Mother is very private and doesn’t give interviews. Named to the 2017 Wuerffel Trophy watch list for his active role in community volunteering.” -Jessie Fritsch (Twitter: @calhounlambeau)


Strengths Plenty of arm talent. Flashes arm strength, touch, and accuracy to make an impact on vertical routes. Can fire with serious velocity, assisting in throwing into smaller window. Otherworldly athleticism. Game-breaking potential with incredible speed and elusiveness when taking off or evading defenders in the pocket. Deadly weapon in the open field; extremely sudden and effortless in change of direction. Feisty player at the end of runs, lowering his shoulder and bouncing off defenders. Poised when throwing on the move. Keeps eyes up when facing the rush and looks to make passes downfield. Makes magic happen extending the play, showcasing excellent passing ability off-platform. Excellent passer underneath and up the seam. Good placement and anticipation between the hashes. Puts the ball out in front of receivers over the middle giving them opportunities to gain yardage after the catch. Makes smart decisions with the football. Rarely forces throws or puts the football in harm’s way.

Weaknesses Mechanically unrefined. Mostly generates power from arm and throws from narrow base. Does not transferring weight well through motion and awkward follow through. Fails to consistently align feet with his target, particularly towards the sideline, routinely resulting in overthrows. Mechanical issues pop up when faced with pressure up the middle; tendency to lose composure and structural and mechanical integrity in these situations. Could work to gain 5-10 pounds if he continues to absorb hits.

Grade 92 (Mid 1st Round)

Pro Comparison Cam Newton

Summary Many will overlook Jackson due to his thin build and worry that he may not translate due to run first tendencies. Watching his film says otherwise. Jackson displays the talent as a passer and ability to use his legs as a weapon to extend plays and run. He is a twitchy and athletic freak with speed and quickness that would be elite for any position. An enormous ceiling quarterback with the skill set that Lamar Jackson possesses cannot be overlooked; he has the tools to be a franchise QB.

Top 15 Centers in the NBA at the Halfway Point

Top 15 Centers in the NBA at the Halfway Point

Now just weeks away from the All-Star Break, which centers make the cut for the top 15 at their position. Note: Rudy Gobert and Nikola Vucevic will not be included as they’ve missed significant time this season due to injury.



Honorable Mentions: 

John Collins

Robin Lopez

Steven Adams

Willie Cauley-Stein

Marcin Gortat




15. Enes Kanter – New York Knicks

Enes Kanter flexing ater a play.

Photo Credit/


In his first year with New York, Kanter is excelling and has been a strong frontcourt partner to Kristaps Porzingis. Currently averaging a double-double, the Turkish big man is putting up over 13 points a game in only around 25 minutes a game. His efficiency and intangibles make him valuable to a rebuilding Knicks team.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



14. Jusuf Nurkic – Portland Trail Blazers

Jusuf Nurkic during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/


After coming to the Blazers from Denver last season, Nurkic has done great in a starting role for Portland, being a third option for the team behind star guards Lillard and McCollum. Though he’s missed a bit of time due to injury this year, the 23-year old has still proven to be the team’s best frontcourt option when healthy.

Previous Ranking: Not Ranked



13. Myles Turner – Indiana Pacers

Myles Turner after making a play.

Photo Credit/


In his first year in the league without Paul George, Turner has been a bit of a disappointment. While the emergence of new teammate Victor Oladipo could’ve taken away from some of his spotlight, the former Texas big man should be having a stronger 3rd season than he his. While his 3-pt shooting has continued to improve, Turner has yet to become a force on the boards, putting up a meager 6.5 a game. If he wants to be one of the best centers in the NBA, Turner must become stronger down low.

Previous Ranking: 11



12. Dwight Howard – Charlotte Hornets

Howard during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/


Only half a season into his tenure with Charlotte, Howard finds himself on the trade block. While he’s still a double-double center, the big man now lacks the dominant offensive prowess he had in Orlando. His remaining athletic ability and size make him a desirable center for many teams in the league but his massive contract may turn off potential trade partners for the Hornets.

Previous Ranking: 12



11. Hassan Whiteside – Miami Heat

Whiteside flexing after a play.

Photo Credit/


Though injuries sidelined Whiteside for some time at the beginning of the year, he’s somewhat returning to his old self now. The 28-year old is currently averaging a double-double and leading a Heat team who’s competing well in the East. A shot at DPOY is a stretch but Whiteside is clearly the best player in Miami and should find him and his team in the postseason this spring.

Previous Ranking: 7



10. DeAndre Jordan – Los Angeles Clippers

Jordan dunking on Pau Gasol.

Photo Credit/


Nearly at the All-Star break, Jordan finds himself on the Clipper trade block. While Los Angeles looks to have a fair shot at the playoffs this season, they seem more interested in possibly cleaning slate and rebuilding around Blake Griffin. As of now, Jordan is averaging a healthy double-double and is up there with Andre Drummond as clearly a top 2 rebounder in the NBA. He could be out of LA in less than a month, but as of now Jordan is having another typical season for him and is one of the best defensive centers in the league.

Previous Ranking: 8



9. Clint Capela – Houston Rockets

Capela driving to the basket.

Photo Credit/


While he’s still pretty far down on the rung of offensive options for Houston, Capela has continued to improve and is by far the best defensive big man for the Rockets. His offensive efficiency has also gotten better and he’s currently one of the best centers in the league in that department. Averaging a double-double and shooting over 66% from the field, Capela needs to be healthy to give Houston a shot at Golden State in the postseason.

Previous Ranking: 15



8. Andre Drummond – Detroit Pistons

Drummond dribbling in the paint.

Photo Credit/


Probably one of the biggest All-Star snubs this year, Drummond is having a far better year than his previous for Detroit. The 24-year old is averaging another points-rebounds double-double and leading the league in boards, but where he’s really improved is his playmaking. At 7-ft tall, Drummond is surprisingly putting up nearly 4 assists a game, getting the smaller guys on the floor better shots out of the post. The Pistons have slowed down since the start of the season but the team should be in the running for the 8 spot come playoff time.

Previous Ranking: 13



7. Marc Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies

Gasol during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/


Gasol is another one of the centers that could be on the move at the deadline, but in the meantime he’s having another great season in Memphis. The Spaniard is scoring well again, shooting at around 34% from 3 on the year. He’s improved on the boards this season and is making plays out of the post for the Grizzlies. A lottery pick looks almost certain for Memphis this year so don’t be surprised if Gasol is in another uniform by February.

Previous Ranking: 6



6. Al Horford – Boston Celtics

Horford getting ready to pass.

Photo Credit/


In his second year with Boston, Horford will make an All-Star appearance and has his Celtics currently first in the East. While he still seems to struggle a bit in the rebounding department, the Florida product is averaging over 5 assists a game and is one of the most valuable players on the Celtics roster. Horford stays one of the most underrated centers in the NBA, helping Boston reach the top of the East without Gordon Hayward.

Previous Ranking: 9



5. Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets

Jokic during a play.

Photo Credit/


After bursting onto the scene last year in Denver, Jokic has carried his strong play into this season. The young Serbian star currently averages a double-double with 5 assists a game and has his Nuggets hanging on in the 8 spot in the West. His defense has also made improvements this season which will benefit a young, raw Denver team. Expect to see Jokic in the All-Star game in a few years as he stays one of the top 5 centers in the league.

Previous Ranking: 5



4. Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

Love during a play.

Photo Credit/


Love has recently been in the news for being targeted in an off-court meeting by his teammates as the Cavs struggles continue. Despite all the drama surrounding Cleveland, Love is averaging over 18 points and nearly 10 rebounds a game. As the second option for Cleveland now, he’s excelling and will make another All-Star appearance in a few weeks.

Previous Ranking: 3 (Power Forwards)



3. Karl Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves

Centers Pachulia and Towns running up the floor.

Photo Credit/


With new teammate Jimmy Butler, Towns has the Wolves at the top of their division and looking towards a possible home playoff spot for the postseason. While his scoring numbers have decreased due to the loads new of talent on the team, Towns is averaging a double-double and shooting over 50% from the field. He’ll be making his first All-Star appearance this year alongside Butler.

Previous Ranking: 1



2. Joel Embiid – Philadelphia 76ers

Embiid during a dead ball.

Photo Credit/


Embiid will also be making his first All-Star appearance this season after again improving over the offseason. With fellow young star Ben Simmons, the 23-year old has the Sixers hanging on to a playoff spot at the 8 slot currently. While he can improve even more on the offensive end, Embiid’s defensive ability makes him so valuable. Expect him to be in the MVP conversation in a few years.

Previous Ranking: 2



1. DeMarcus Cousins – New Orleans Pelicans 

Cousins shooting over Robin Lopez.

Photo Credit/


Seemingly just hitting his prime, Boogie is having an MVP caliber season and has had some eye opening performances consistently so far this year. The 27-year old is averaging over 25 and 12 while distributing over 5 assists a game. Alongside Anthony Davis in the frontcourt, Cousins has the Pelicans in the 6th spot in the West. A free agent this summer, the former Kentucky star is ensuring his status as a max player and will also be making an All-Star appearance next month.

Previous Ranking: 3




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Nick’s Picks: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Nick’s Picks: 2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Coming into the 2.0 version of Nick’s Picks, some major changes have been made. None of these picks are set in stone, since there are still roughly three months until the 2018 NFL Draft. In this segment, I question the order in which the quarterbacks are selected. Is Josh Rosen really worth the number two pick? Are people undervaluing Baker Mayfield? Will the Broncos take a QB? These questions will be addressed in this mock draft.

NOTE: Explanations for picks will occur after the 2018 NFL Combine.

  1. CLE: Sam Darnold, QB, USC
  2. NYG: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
  3. IND: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
  4. CLE (HOU): Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama
  5. DEN: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
  6. NYJ: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
  7. TB: Connor Wiliams, OT, Texas
  8. CHI: Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina State
  9. SF: Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa
  10. OAK: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
  11. MIA: Derwin James, S, Florida State
  12. CIN: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
  13. WAS: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
  14. GB: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
  15. AZ: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
  16. BAL: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
  17. LAC: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
  18. SEA: Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
  19. DAL: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
  20. DET: Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama
  21. BUF: Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
  22. BUF(KC): Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
  23. LAR: Donte Jackson, CB, LSU
  24. CAR: Arden Key, DE, LSU
  25. TEN: Harold Landry, DE, Boston College
  26. ATL: Billy Price, G, Ohio State
  27. NO: Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State
  28. PIT: Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn
  29. JAX: Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
  30. MIN: Vita Vea, DT, Washington
  31. NE: Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
  32. PHI: Justin Reid, S, Stanford

Biggest Takeaways:

Baker Mayfield goes to the Giants. Mayfield is the polar opposite of Eli Manning, but the pressure of playing in the Big Apple is something that Mayfield could deal with, since he has done well in receiving scrutiny from the national press. Yes, he’s a bit of a goofball, but he has a cannon of an arm and has that clutch mentality needed to start and do well in this league.

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield.

Josh Rosen falls to the Jets. I don’t think Rosen is going to wow anyone in the interview room. He has a sense of entitlement which won’t sit well with GMs. However, the Jets would love to have someone like Rosen to lead them into the next decade. Look for Rosen to become a J-E-T.

UCLA QB Josh Rosen.

John Gruden and Reggie McKenzie want another Alabama receiver. This may not look like an immediate need, but Michael Crabtree might not be retained after this season and Amari Cooper has struggled a bit. In order to build up Derek Carr’s confidence, another big play receiver must be added, and Calvin Ridley should be the pick.

Alabama WR Calvin Ridley.

Arden Key falls to the Panthers. I know that Key is an exceptional talent, but with his various issues whilst at LSU, some teams will be rightfully weary of selecting him. Charles Johnson and Julius Peppers are as old as the hills, so Carolina should look to get a new edge rusher.

LSU defensive end Arden Key.

Justin Reid sneaks into the first round. I’ve had discussions on whether Reid should be a first rounder, since his tape and off the field presence is very underrated. He’s more than deserving to be selected this high, and the Eagles need someone alongside Malcolm Jenkins for the upcoming season.

Stanford safety Justin Reid.