Grayzee’s Week 12 Picks + Week 11 Recap

Last week was an okay week for my picks, as I kinda thought it would be.  There was lots of games that could go either way, and it was certainly an interesting week to say the least.  Let’s go over what happened.

PIT 40 – TEN 17.  The Titans proved they weren’t ready for the big show, as they got crushed by the Steelers on prime time.  I’m guessing that the only way the AFC Championship isn’t Steelers vs. Pats is if those two teams meet in the AFC Divisional Round.

JAC 19 – CLE 7.  The Jaguars win on defense, and there certainly was no exception to that when playing against the Browns.  As for the Browns, their attendance is the lowest its been in decades, as the fans are showing frustration with losing.  Will they go 0-16?  And will they actually draft decently in 2018?  Actually, there’s incredibly still a chance the Browns make the playoffs at 6-10, if these 47 things all happen:

TB 30 – MIA 20.  The Bucs were the less bad of the two Florida teams, and they even managed to score a lass second touchdown to humiliate the Dolphins.  Remember when Miami was 4-2?  Good times, Dolphins fans.  The Jay Cutler experiment clearly hasn’t worked.

BAL 23 – GB 0.  I made the mistake of picking the Brett Hundley-led Packers, as they clearly succumbed to a Ravens defense that just got their third shutout victory of the year.  The AFC playoff picture is so meh, that the Ravens are currently the 6th seed at 5-5.  Their defense needs to continue playing like this if they want to make the postseason, as there’s a gazillion 4-6 teams breathing down their necks.  And who knows what would happen if the Ravens make the playoffs?  Joe Flacco has made some epic postseason runs, he’s like the AFC’s version of Eli Manning.

DET 27 – CHI 24.  The Bears had the lead early, but the Lions got a win they desperately needed.  The Lions are 6-4, but are still trying to get in the playoffs in a tight NFC race.  The Bears are 3-7 and should probably tank for a higher draft pick at this point to draft some solid weapons for Trubisky.  As for the Lions, tomorrow’s game against Minnesota will be a true test for them.

MIN 24 – LAR 7.  I had a feeling the Rams playing on the road against a tough defense would be too much for them.  The Vikings found a way to shut down the Rams’ normally potent offense.  Adam Thielen continues to break out, and Case Keenum continues to start for the Vikes.  If you told me last year Keenum would be the QB of an 8-2 team in 2017, I would’ve told you that you need to seek mental asylum.

HOU 31 – ARI 21.  Both teams performed pretty well on offense considering it was a backup bowl.  The Cards eventually had to resort to Blaine Gabbert of all people, while the Texans eventually ran away with the win.  Both these teams would probably be in the playoff hunt at this point if they weren’t decimated by so many injuries.

NYG 12 – KC 9 (OT).  In the shocker of the week, my NY Giants won a game!  The Chiefs were heavy favorites in this game, and were playing to keep steady control of the AFC West.  However, the Giants finally showed up on defense, and the Chiefs got too cute on offense.  It was honestly a boring game of field goals for the most part (the lone touchdown was scored by New York… they proceeded to miss the extra point).  At this point I want the Giants to tank to draft higher, so this is actually kinda disappointing.  Especially if it makes McAdope and Reese’s Pieces keep their jobs.

NO 34 – WAS 31 (OT).  Wow, way to unleash your inner Falcons, Washington.  They held a 31-16 lead deep in the 4th quarter, but the Saints came back to win their 8th straight.  For the Redskins, this one truly hurts, as their playoff hopes have basically vanished as they’re 4-6.  They could win the rest of their games and still miss out on the playoffs.  As for New Orleans, this win has got to feel great.  They are my pick to win the NFC at this point because of Drew Brees and Sean Payton’s playoff experience.

LAC 54 – BUF 24.  In one of my dumbest picks all year, I had the Bills getting an upset win.  Well, Nathan Peterman certainly wouldn’t allow that with his abysmal 5-interception performance. The Bills are 5-5, but are still certainly alive in this AFC playoff race.  If Buffalo finally wants to break their infamous playoff-less streak, they need to start Tyrod.  As for the Chargers, they can legitimately win the AFC West despite being 4-6.  Did you see what happened to the Chiefs?

CIN 20 – DEN 17.  For the Broncos, it’s truly a lost season.  Their QB situation is bad, and Paxton Lynch will now be auditioning for the 2018 starting role.  The Broncos could legitimately take a QB in the first round of 2018.  As for the Bengals, they’re technically still in the AFC race at 4-6.  But their might be more value in tanking for a draft pick, rather than get eliminated in the playoffs in the AFC Wild Card game AGAIN.

NE 33 – OAK 8.  Well what do you know, the Pats are 8-2 in November again.  All those Patriots skeptics from September have once against disappeared.  As for the Raiders, their 4-6 record is clearly disappointing.  But like I’ve said quite a few times, these 4-6 teams are still alive in the playoffs race.  Derek Carr and company better get things together quick though, because this loss was humiliating.

PHI 37 – DAL 9.  This was an interesting game early, but Philly eventually ran away with it.  Philly is probably right there with New Orleans as the hottest team in the NFL, and they show no signs of cooling down.  As for the Cowboys, their offense appears to suffer quite a bit without Zeke.  Their playoff hopes are probably cooked.  Offseason expectations be damned, the Cowboys and Giants went from Super Bowl contenders to out of the playoff picture, while the Eagles went from dark horse to NFL’s best team.

ATL 34 – SEA 31.  I picked Seattle to win despite their banged up secondary, but special teams blunders prevented the Seahawks from getting the W (or at least sending the game to OT).  As for Atlanta, they stay in the NFC playoff race at 6-4.  Are offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and QB Matt Ryan finally getting it together for the Falcons offense?  As for Seattle, will they miss the postseason with all these injuries?

So after those 8-6 picks, how will I do in week 12?  Let’s look at this week’s slate.

MIN @ DET.  This is certainly the most intriguing turkey day game, as it pits the 8-2 Vikings against the Lions, who are trying to stay alive in that NFC North race.  I will give the W to the Lions, as they’re playing at home.  The Lions will win 27-24 in a great game, proving themselves as contenders in a stacked NFC.

LAC @ DAL.  So Dallas fans, how does no Zeke, no problem sound now?  After two non-competitive losses, you gotta go with the Chargers here, by a 30-21 score.  Besides, L.A. looks to make a legit playoff push in a weak AFC, as they’ve won 4 out of their last 6.  Fun fact: the Chargers are the only team to make the playoffs after an 0-4 start.  Will they repeat history?

NYG @ WAS.  I want to pick my Giants here, as they defiantly won last week.  However, if this season has taught me anything, the Giants don’t win most weeks.  This week will be no different, as the Skins get the W at home by a score of 20-17.

CLE @ CIN.  If the Browns win a game this season, this might be the most likely candidate for a W.  And that’s why I’m picking this as my upset of the week!  Browns win 24-20.  It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

CAR @ NYJ.  The Jets might ride the tank the rest of the season, while the Panthers are keeping up in a competitive NFC playoff race.  I’ll pick the Panthers to win this one by a score of 30-17, as they should be well-rested after their bye week.

TEN @ IND.  The Titans look to come back from last week’s defeat, while it’s been a lost season for Indy.  Give me the Titans to win here 31-17.

TB @ ATL.  If the Falcons want to get a run going, now is the time to do it.  They’re playing a Bucs team that has been disappointing all year despite their two game win-streak, and of course they’re still starting Fitzception at QB.  Give me the Falcons to win 30-21.

MIA @ NE.  Pats win 41-3 in my lock of the week.  Next.

CHI @ PHI.  While the Eagles are heavy favorites here for good reason, don’t count Chicago out.  They’ve won games they have no business winning this year (against Carolina and Pittsburgh, two teams likely to make the postseason).  They also kept it close against New Orleans.  Despite this, you gotta go with the Eagles here to improve to 10-1.  I’ll pick Philly to win by a score of 30-24, as the Bears keep it close.

BUF @ KC.  This one should be interesting.  Both teams are desperately in need of a win after they suffered humiliating losses last week.  I’ll pick the Chiefs to finally get things on track as they’re playing at Arrowhead, and the Bills… they’re just a mess.  At least they’re starting Tyrod this week.  Chiefs 27-20.

SEA @ SF.  Seattle has suffered many injuries, but not to the point where they will lose to San Francisco.  They will stay in the playoff hunt with a 28-17 win, and as we all know, Seattle can be dangerous in the playoffs.  As for the Niners, have fun dealing with your fans clamoring for Jimmy G to start.

DEN @ OAK.  This is just what the Raiders need to keep their season alive, a game at home against the sinking ship that is the Broncos.  They should be able to get their offense together to do enough to beat Paxton Lynch.  Oakland will win 20-13.

NO @ LAR.  This, along with the Thanksgiving Day game of the Vikings and Lions are the two most intriguing matchups of the week.  And in this game, I think the Saints win streak will finally be snapped.  If they were playing in the Superdome, I definitely would not be saying that.  However, the Rams should be able to rebound on offense because they don’t have to deal with that Superdome crowd.  I think they’ll win in a shootout, by a score of 34-31.

JAC @ ARI.  This could be a trap game for a Jags team that’s competing for the playoffs, but I don’t think they’ll fall into said trap.  Their defense is playing far too good to lose to Blaine Gabbert, who just so happened to be drafted by the Jags in the first round of 2011.  This is why this is your first good season in like forever, Jacksonville.

GB @ PIT.  The NFL must’ve thought this was a great prime time matchup before the season, but as fate would have it, Aaron Rodgers is injured.  And that means the Steelers will win 28-16.

HOU @ BAL.  If the Ravens truly are a playoff contender, here’s a game where they can prove it.  They’re playing against Tom Savage, and their defense has dominated in many games.  I think they’ll do that again, and win here 23-10.

My Pick Record this Season: 93-68 (8-6 last week)

My Lock of the Week Record: 7-4 (Maybe picking the Chiefs to win 38-7 last week was a little rough)

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-9 (I should stop doing this lol)


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