Why Super Bowl LII will be Won by a Super Bowl-less Team

Every team has one goal in mind: to hoist the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately, for some teams, their franchise has never reached such a feat. However, Super Bowl LII is bound to be different; a team who has never won a Super Bowl is bound to win one this year.

In this article, I will explain why Super Bowl LII will be won by one of the teams who I believe could go to the playoffs.

Playoff Picture

As of now, this is what my current playoff picture looks like. In bold, I have put all the teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl:


North: Pittsburgh Steelers

East: New England Patriots

South: Jacksonville Jaguars

West: Kansas City Chiefs

Wild Card: Tennesse Titans, Buffalo Bills

Wild Card Round: TEN vs. KC, BUF vs. JAX

Divisional Round: TEN vs. NE, JAX vs. PIT

Conference Round: NE vs. JAX


North: Minnesota Vikings

East: Philadelphia Eagles

South: New Orleans Saints

West: LA Rams

Wild Card: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round: CAR vs. NO, DET vs. LA

Divisional Round: NO vs. PHI, DET vs. MIN

Conference Round: PHI vs. DET

Super Bowl LII: NE vs. DET

Now, there is a lot of speculation in these predictions, yes, but in this model, there are seven teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl in the playoffs. Although the AFC runs through the Patriots and Steelers, who have collectively won 11 Super Bowls, the NFC is up for grabs.

Why These Teams will or will not Win Super Bowl LII

Out of the Super Bowl-less teams I mentioned, here’s why each of them will either win or not win Super Bowl LII:

Jacksonville Jaguars

This team went from irrelevant to a legitimate contender in one year. Their coaching, run game and defense got better, which seems to be the only thing they needed to improve.

The Jaguars could win Super Bowl LII if the defense plays stout against some of the struggling offenses they could play in the playoffs. Feed the rock to Leonard Fournette and keep Blake Bortles upright; do that, and you got yourselves a Super Bowl.

Although they have all the right pieces, I don’t see this team going far in the post-season. Why? Well, who would you put your money on: Blake Bortles or Tom Brady? The Jaguars are good, but their QB play could hold them back.

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have slowly become a decent team over the last few seasons. Marcus Mariota has given them a legitimate franchise QB and they have a dynamic run game in Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

Why could the Titans win? If Mariota can make the jump from starter to super star, as well as this defense coming together could make this team Super Bowl champs.

However, the Titans likely won’t win. Their lack of playoff experience and their concerns over having a prolific passing game will hold this team back.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and head coach Mike Mularkey.

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has had a very up and down year. Although some thought Tyrod Taylor was ascending into a franchise QB, they regrettably started Nathan Peterman, who was dreadful against the LA Chargers. However, Sean McDermott has proven to be an excellent head coach and could lead this team to Super Bowl LII.

How could the Bills win? Unlike the other AFC teams, the Bills have to play the Patriots twice a year, so if they end up playing, they could catch them by surprise and play to the Patriots’ weaknesses. If Taylor makes a big playoff push, McDermott won’t make the mistake of benching him again.

But, this is the Bills. They’re on the right track, but this is a team who haven’t made the playoffs in years, so winning the Super Bowl this year is a stretch.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have an interesting situation: they have three QBs who could all realistically start in Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. They have a great defense with a decent offense. They are certainly using Aaron Rodgers’ injury to their advantage.

The Vikings have historically had bad luck in the playoffs, but they are still a solid team which has the potential to make their way to Super Bowl LII, which happens to be in Minneapolis this year. Mike Zimmer is showing that he can utilize his personnel to the best of his ability.

The Vikings are contenders, but their QB situation may limit them in their quest to win their first Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings QB Case Keenum.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are hot right now, and there’s no reason to see why they would slow down. Carson Wentz is debatably a top five QB and acquiring Jay Ajayi was the steal of free agency. Their defense is shutdown and Doug Pederson is serviceable at head coach.

If Wentz keeps up his stats, the Eagles will breeze to the Super Bowl. The defense has depth, which is vital when coming down in the playoff stretch. The Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

However, their lack of experience in the post-season could disrupt chances of winning Super Bowl LII. The Eagles will be interesting to watch this post-season.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been decent these past few weeks, which could push their momentum forward into the post-season. As long as Cam stays healthy and doesn’t goof off too much, the Panthers may be a dark horse to go to the Super Bowl.

The Panthers have made a playoff push before and could easily do it again. They still have a decent defense and their offense is OK, but their experience could give them the edge.

However, they have lots of injury concerns and the other teams in the NFC have the edge against Carolina.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford got paid this offseason, and he’s showing that he’s worth every penny. The Lions have a consistent play style that appears to work against their opponents. Could the Motor City see their first Lombardi?

Stafford, along with his solid receiving corps can wreak havoc on defenses in the playoffs. Stafford’s game managing skills could make the Lions legitimate contenders.

The Lions are one of those cursed teams, however. They have never done well in the post-season, but on top of that, they do not have a run game. Ameer Abdullah is not an every down back and has permanent butter fingers. The Lions could come close, but just fall short of winning Super Bowl LII.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford.


Every few years, there is a transition in superiority in the NFL. The Patriots and Steelers have dominated this league for years, but it could be time to pass the torch to QBs like Carson Wentz or Matthew Stafford. Look for a Super Bowl-less team to hoist the Lombardi on Super Bowl Sunday this season.





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