Grayzee’s Week 13 Picks + Week 12 Recap

Grayzee’s Week 13 Picks + Week 12 Recap

Before getting into my Week 13 Picks + a rant about the Giants benching Eli, here are my recaps of the games from Week 12.

MIN 30 – DET 23.  Okay, I knew I should’ve picked Minnesota to win this one.  There is still talk of the Vikings putting in Teddy Bridgewater, but why should there be?  Case Keenum is lighting it up this year, and the Vikes are 9-2.  As for the Lions, they’re 6-5, but they’re gonna need to start getting a win streak going to make the playoffs as a Wild Card.

LAC 28 – DAL 6.  After a first half that was a boring defensive struggle, the Chargers lit it up on offense, while the Cowboys continue to struggle without Zeke.  The Chargers are a legitimate playoff contenders (division contenders!) at 5-6.  The Cowboys are practically out of the playoffs at 5-6.

WAS 20 – NYG 10.  The Giants injury-decimated receiving corps couldn’t do anything (and neither could rookie TE Evan Engram, who before this game was one of the few bright spots of this horrendous season).  The run game?  Sucked.  The o-line?  Terrible.  At least the pass rush was good for the Giants, but they were literally going up against 3rd-string o-linemen.  Eventually, the Skins pulled away with it.

CIN 30 – CLE 16.  Shouldn’t have picked the Browns.  Next.

CAR 35 – NYJ 27.  Despite what the score says, this was an ugly came for Cam.  That Luke Kuechly pick-six saved Carolina here.  As for the Jets, they continue to play hard despite having a bad roster.  Todd Bowles has definitely earned the right to stay in New York, as this team could be interesting with a good roster.

TEN 20 – IND 16.  The Titans are the kings of winning ugly.  But they’re 7-4, so winning ugly is definitely better than losing pretty.  They won another ugly game, as Marcus Mariota continues to underwhelm statistically.  But when they need to get it done, the Titans get it done.

ATL 34 – TB 20.  Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are starting to regain 2016 form.  While this division is probably going to the Saints or Panthers, look out for the Falcons.  This team still has most of that core from last season, and can make a serious playoff run.

NE 35 – MIA 17.  Boy, no one saw this one coming.

PHI 31 – CHI 3.  Boy, no one saw this one coming.  Okay, I actually thought the Bears would keep it close.  They didn’t do that to say the least.

BUF 16 – KC 10.  Boy the Chiefs are a mess.  And this still isn’t really a convincing win for the Bills.  Benching Tyrod might come back to haunt them (they don’t want that infamous playoff-less streak to continue, do they?).

SEA 24 – SF 13.  The Seahawks continue to stay in the playoff picture despite their depleted secondary, as beating the Niners is still a pretty easy task for a team like Seattle.  The 49ers are starting Jimmy G next week, so will that mean they draft lower?  We’ll see…

OAK 21 – DEN 14.  The Raiders took care of business against a collapsing Denver team.  All this game will really be known for is this:

LAR 26 – NO 20.  As I predicted, the Rams got it done at home.  The Saints not having their top corner obviously hurt, but New Orleans will be fine.  However, the Rams having a head-to-head win against New Orleans could be huge for playoff seeds.

ARI 27 – JAC 24.  The Cardinals upset a Jags team that is still probably making the playoffs.  Blake Bortles stunk it up in this game, and it truly makes me wonder what it would be like if Jacksonville had a capable QB… like Eli Manning perhaps?

PIT 31 – GB 28.  Playing down to their competition and disappointing on offense has been the story of the Steelers this year.  But if it means a 9-2 record, that sure would make me happy.  You’re still not getting past the Patriots in the playoffs though.  As for Brett Hundley, congrats, you actually played well.  Too bad your team is practically out of the playoffs.

BAL 23 – HOU 16.  The Ravens are now 6-5, and legit playoff contenders despite Joe Flacco’s mediocrity.  The AFC is so weak that I actually think the only 3 teams that can make a legitimate Super Bowl run are the Pats, Steelers, and Ravens… purely out of playoff experience.

My record last week was a solid 12-4.  When I get to predicting the Giant game, I’ll get into my mini-rant over the Eli benching.  For now, let’s just pick some week 13 games.

WAS @ DAL.  I’m writing this article about a half-hour before the game begins, so I’ll say the Skins get this done.  Both these teams have very little hope of making the playoffs, but if Washington wants any hope, they’ll need to win out.  And getting a win against the Zeke-less Cowboys appears to be pretty easy (Dallas has lost their last 3 games by a combined score of 92-22).  Skins win 24-17.

KC @ NYJ.  The Chiefs are so bad now, that I actually have to pick the Jets here.  NY is 4-7, but they’ve proven they can contend in games, and have exceeded expectations this season.  As for KC, you might be missing the playoffs after a 5-0 start.  You’re the Vikings of last year.  Jets win 23-20.

NE @ BUF.  Sorry Bills, I respect your 6-5 record, but I respect the Pats in December a lot more.  The Patriots will win 31-21.

DEN @ MIA.  Oy vey.  This is one of a handful of matchups this week that just stink.  I guess I’ll pick the Dolphins, but I have little confidence in saying that.  Both these offenses suck, but I’ll say the Cutler bunch get it done 16-10.

SF @ CHI.  As I mentioned earlier, one might wonder if the Niners starting Jimmy G will hurt their chance at a high draft pick.  However, I think Chicago will get it done at home this week, as I think their defense can still perform well when they aren’t playing against teams like the Eagles.  Jordan Howard should lead Chicago to a 21-2o win.

DET @ BAL.  I’ll trust the Ravens to get it done here, as they want to keep a grip on their spot in the AFC playoffs.  Their defense is solid and if Joe Flacco steps it up, they will definitely get the win here.  I’ll pick Baltimore to win 24-20.

MIN @ ATL.  Many people will pick the Vikings, saying “I just can’t pick against them now”.  And I understand that logic.  But win streaks end.  The Saints streak ended last week, and the Rams streak ended the week before… to the Vikings of all teams.  I picked both those games right, and so I’m trusting in Atlanta to get a 30-24 win.  And if Atlanta does win, the SKOL faithful better not be calling for Bridgewater to start over Keenum.

TB @ GB.  Green Bay looked legit last week, as they kept it close against the Steelers, an AFC juggernaut.  One might argue that the Steelers do that against just about every team.  But I think that game proved that Brett Hundley can win a game, and so I certainly think he can take down the Bucs by a score of 26-21.

HOU @ TEN.  The Titans should continue to win (probably win ugly) against a Texans team starting Tom Savage (Mr. 3 second press conference).  The Titans will improve to 8-4 with a 23-17 win.

IND @ JAC.  The Jaguars were handed an L last week that they probably weren’t expecting, but they should get back on track against a team they decimated earlier this season.  I’ll pick the Jaguars to win 27-10.

CLE @ LAC.  Less than a year ago, the Chargers were the undoubted laughingstock of the league for a week after losing to the 0-14 Browns on Christmas Eve.  Now, the Chargers are 5-6 but are looking to make a push for the AFC West crown.  They can’t let the once again winless Browns get the best of them again, and the Bolts will win 28-16 in my lock of the week.

LAR @ ARI.  The Rams should take down the Cards here, and continue their great run this year.  The more wins, the better the chance at stealing a first round bye from Minnesota.  L.A. will win this one 30-20.

NYG @ OAK.  Okay, I promised you an Eli rant, so here you go.  If you want to hear a longer one, just listen to Mike Francesca.  Anyway, Eli has done so much for this team since he started that first game in ’04.  His starting streak has lasted from when I was a toddler to when I was a teenager.  He is the only QB I ever remember starting a game for Big Blue.  I was wearing his jersey during my school picture in preschool.  That’s how far back he goes!  The amount of disrespect that this coaching staff and this front office has for Eli is horrible.  The Giants disastrous season has little to do with Eli, and more to do with a disastrous o-line and running game, and a depleted receiving corps.  Oh, and of course a TERRIBLE head coach in Ben McAdope!  He is a dope!  Oh, and Jerry Reese should have been gone a LONG time ago, but John Mara REFUSES to get rid of him.  I will be so disappointed in Mara if both these stooges aren’t gone by the end of the year.  Shame on Mara, and shame on the Giants for letting this happen to Eli!  Anyway, the Raiders will win 30-0.  I predict that Geno Smith will throw 6 interceptions in one half, and Nathan Peterman suddenly won’t look so bad.  Okay, I’m exaggerating.  Kinda.

CAR @ NO.  The Saints should get back on track here, as they are deadly in the Superdome.  They will win by a score of 30-24.

PHI @ SEA.  In my upset of the week, I’m going to take the Seahawks to beat Philly here.  Didn’t I say that streaks end?  Well, the last time the Eagles lost, that happened to be against the now-collapsing Chiefs.  However, I think Seattle will feel the urgency to stay alive in the NFC.  And that home field advantage?  That’s something that will truly help (the Eagles one loss was against KC, another great home team).  Seattle will get it done 27-24 in a great game.

PIT @ CIN.  The Bengals won’t get in the way of Pittsburgh here, and the Steelers should win 31-21.

My Pick Record this Season: 105-72 (12-4 last week)

My Lock of the Week Record: 8-4

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-10 (I… I should stop doing this)

Grayzee’s Week 12 Picks + Week 11 Recap

Last week was an okay week for my picks, as I kinda thought it would be.  There was lots of games that could go either way, and it was certainly an interesting week to say the least.  Let’s go over what happened.

PIT 40 – TEN 17.  The Titans proved they weren’t ready for the big show, as they got crushed by the Steelers on prime time.  I’m guessing that the only way the AFC Championship isn’t Steelers vs. Pats is if those two teams meet in the AFC Divisional Round.

JAC 19 – CLE 7.  The Jaguars win on defense, and there certainly was no exception to that when playing against the Browns.  As for the Browns, their attendance is the lowest its been in decades, as the fans are showing frustration with losing.  Will they go 0-16?  And will they actually draft decently in 2018?  Actually, there’s incredibly still a chance the Browns make the playoffs at 6-10, if these 47 things all happen:

TB 30 – MIA 20.  The Bucs were the less bad of the two Florida teams, and they even managed to score a lass second touchdown to humiliate the Dolphins.  Remember when Miami was 4-2?  Good times, Dolphins fans.  The Jay Cutler experiment clearly hasn’t worked.

BAL 23 – GB 0.  I made the mistake of picking the Brett Hundley-led Packers, as they clearly succumbed to a Ravens defense that just got their third shutout victory of the year.  The AFC playoff picture is so meh, that the Ravens are currently the 6th seed at 5-5.  Their defense needs to continue playing like this if they want to make the postseason, as there’s a gazillion 4-6 teams breathing down their necks.  And who knows what would happen if the Ravens make the playoffs?  Joe Flacco has made some epic postseason runs, he’s like the AFC’s version of Eli Manning.

DET 27 – CHI 24.  The Bears had the lead early, but the Lions got a win they desperately needed.  The Lions are 6-4, but are still trying to get in the playoffs in a tight NFC race.  The Bears are 3-7 and should probably tank for a higher draft pick at this point to draft some solid weapons for Trubisky.  As for the Lions, tomorrow’s game against Minnesota will be a true test for them.

MIN 24 – LAR 7.  I had a feeling the Rams playing on the road against a tough defense would be too much for them.  The Vikings found a way to shut down the Rams’ normally potent offense.  Adam Thielen continues to break out, and Case Keenum continues to start for the Vikes.  If you told me last year Keenum would be the QB of an 8-2 team in 2017, I would’ve told you that you need to seek mental asylum.

HOU 31 – ARI 21.  Both teams performed pretty well on offense considering it was a backup bowl.  The Cards eventually had to resort to Blaine Gabbert of all people, while the Texans eventually ran away with the win.  Both these teams would probably be in the playoff hunt at this point if they weren’t decimated by so many injuries.

NYG 12 – KC 9 (OT).  In the shocker of the week, my NY Giants won a game!  The Chiefs were heavy favorites in this game, and were playing to keep steady control of the AFC West.  However, the Giants finally showed up on defense, and the Chiefs got too cute on offense.  It was honestly a boring game of field goals for the most part (the lone touchdown was scored by New York… they proceeded to miss the extra point).  At this point I want the Giants to tank to draft higher, so this is actually kinda disappointing.  Especially if it makes McAdope and Reese’s Pieces keep their jobs.

NO 34 – WAS 31 (OT).  Wow, way to unleash your inner Falcons, Washington.  They held a 31-16 lead deep in the 4th quarter, but the Saints came back to win their 8th straight.  For the Redskins, this one truly hurts, as their playoff hopes have basically vanished as they’re 4-6.  They could win the rest of their games and still miss out on the playoffs.  As for New Orleans, this win has got to feel great.  They are my pick to win the NFC at this point because of Drew Brees and Sean Payton’s playoff experience.

LAC 54 – BUF 24.  In one of my dumbest picks all year, I had the Bills getting an upset win.  Well, Nathan Peterman certainly wouldn’t allow that with his abysmal 5-interception performance. The Bills are 5-5, but are still certainly alive in this AFC playoff race.  If Buffalo finally wants to break their infamous playoff-less streak, they need to start Tyrod.  As for the Chargers, they can legitimately win the AFC West despite being 4-6.  Did you see what happened to the Chiefs?

CIN 20 – DEN 17.  For the Broncos, it’s truly a lost season.  Their QB situation is bad, and Paxton Lynch will now be auditioning for the 2018 starting role.  The Broncos could legitimately take a QB in the first round of 2018.  As for the Bengals, they’re technically still in the AFC race at 4-6.  But their might be more value in tanking for a draft pick, rather than get eliminated in the playoffs in the AFC Wild Card game AGAIN.

NE 33 – OAK 8.  Well what do you know, the Pats are 8-2 in November again.  All those Patriots skeptics from September have once against disappeared.  As for the Raiders, their 4-6 record is clearly disappointing.  But like I’ve said quite a few times, these 4-6 teams are still alive in the playoffs race.  Derek Carr and company better get things together quick though, because this loss was humiliating.

PHI 37 – DAL 9.  This was an interesting game early, but Philly eventually ran away with it.  Philly is probably right there with New Orleans as the hottest team in the NFL, and they show no signs of cooling down.  As for the Cowboys, their offense appears to suffer quite a bit without Zeke.  Their playoff hopes are probably cooked.  Offseason expectations be damned, the Cowboys and Giants went from Super Bowl contenders to out of the playoff picture, while the Eagles went from dark horse to NFL’s best team.

ATL 34 – SEA 31.  I picked Seattle to win despite their banged up secondary, but special teams blunders prevented the Seahawks from getting the W (or at least sending the game to OT).  As for Atlanta, they stay in the NFC playoff race at 6-4.  Are offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and QB Matt Ryan finally getting it together for the Falcons offense?  As for Seattle, will they miss the postseason with all these injuries?

So after those 8-6 picks, how will I do in week 12?  Let’s look at this week’s slate.

MIN @ DET.  This is certainly the most intriguing turkey day game, as it pits the 8-2 Vikings against the Lions, who are trying to stay alive in that NFC North race.  I will give the W to the Lions, as they’re playing at home.  The Lions will win 27-24 in a great game, proving themselves as contenders in a stacked NFC.

LAC @ DAL.  So Dallas fans, how does no Zeke, no problem sound now?  After two non-competitive losses, you gotta go with the Chargers here, by a 30-21 score.  Besides, L.A. looks to make a legit playoff push in a weak AFC, as they’ve won 4 out of their last 6.  Fun fact: the Chargers are the only team to make the playoffs after an 0-4 start.  Will they repeat history?

NYG @ WAS.  I want to pick my Giants here, as they defiantly won last week.  However, if this season has taught me anything, the Giants don’t win most weeks.  This week will be no different, as the Skins get the W at home by a score of 20-17.

CLE @ CIN.  If the Browns win a game this season, this might be the most likely candidate for a W.  And that’s why I’m picking this as my upset of the week!  Browns win 24-20.  It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

CAR @ NYJ.  The Jets might ride the tank the rest of the season, while the Panthers are keeping up in a competitive NFC playoff race.  I’ll pick the Panthers to win this one by a score of 30-17, as they should be well-rested after their bye week.

TEN @ IND.  The Titans look to come back from last week’s defeat, while it’s been a lost season for Indy.  Give me the Titans to win here 31-17.

TB @ ATL.  If the Falcons want to get a run going, now is the time to do it.  They’re playing a Bucs team that has been disappointing all year despite their two game win-streak, and of course they’re still starting Fitzception at QB.  Give me the Falcons to win 30-21.

MIA @ NE.  Pats win 41-3 in my lock of the week.  Next.

CHI @ PHI.  While the Eagles are heavy favorites here for good reason, don’t count Chicago out.  They’ve won games they have no business winning this year (against Carolina and Pittsburgh, two teams likely to make the postseason).  They also kept it close against New Orleans.  Despite this, you gotta go with the Eagles here to improve to 10-1.  I’ll pick Philly to win by a score of 30-24, as the Bears keep it close.

BUF @ KC.  This one should be interesting.  Both teams are desperately in need of a win after they suffered humiliating losses last week.  I’ll pick the Chiefs to finally get things on track as they’re playing at Arrowhead, and the Bills… they’re just a mess.  At least they’re starting Tyrod this week.  Chiefs 27-20.

SEA @ SF.  Seattle has suffered many injuries, but not to the point where they will lose to San Francisco.  They will stay in the playoff hunt with a 28-17 win, and as we all know, Seattle can be dangerous in the playoffs.  As for the Niners, have fun dealing with your fans clamoring for Jimmy G to start.

DEN @ OAK.  This is just what the Raiders need to keep their season alive, a game at home against the sinking ship that is the Broncos.  They should be able to get their offense together to do enough to beat Paxton Lynch.  Oakland will win 20-13.

NO @ LAR.  This, along with the Thanksgiving Day game of the Vikings and Lions are the two most intriguing matchups of the week.  And in this game, I think the Saints win streak will finally be snapped.  If they were playing in the Superdome, I definitely would not be saying that.  However, the Rams should be able to rebound on offense because they don’t have to deal with that Superdome crowd.  I think they’ll win in a shootout, by a score of 34-31.

JAC @ ARI.  This could be a trap game for a Jags team that’s competing for the playoffs, but I don’t think they’ll fall into said trap.  Their defense is playing far too good to lose to Blaine Gabbert, who just so happened to be drafted by the Jags in the first round of 2011.  This is why this is your first good season in like forever, Jacksonville.

GB @ PIT.  The NFL must’ve thought this was a great prime time matchup before the season, but as fate would have it, Aaron Rodgers is injured.  And that means the Steelers will win 28-16.

HOU @ BAL.  If the Ravens truly are a playoff contender, here’s a game where they can prove it.  They’re playing against Tom Savage, and their defense has dominated in many games.  I think they’ll do that again, and win here 23-10.

My Pick Record this Season: 93-68 (8-6 last week)

My Lock of the Week Record: 7-4 (Maybe picking the Chiefs to win 38-7 last week was a little rough)

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-9 (I should stop doing this lol)

Why Super Bowl LII will be Won by a Super Bowl-less Team

Every team has one goal in mind: to hoist the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately, for some teams, their franchise has never reached such a feat. However, Super Bowl LII is bound to be different; a team who has never won a Super Bowl is bound to win one this year.

In this article, I will explain why Super Bowl LII will be won by one of the teams who I believe could go to the playoffs.

Playoff Picture

As of now, this is what my current playoff picture looks like. In bold, I have put all the teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl:


North: Pittsburgh Steelers

East: New England Patriots

South: Jacksonville Jaguars

West: Kansas City Chiefs

Wild Card: Tennesse Titans, Buffalo Bills

Wild Card Round: TEN vs. KC, BUF vs. JAX

Divisional Round: TEN vs. NE, JAX vs. PIT

Conference Round: NE vs. JAX


North: Minnesota Vikings

East: Philadelphia Eagles

South: New Orleans Saints

West: LA Rams

Wild Card: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round: CAR vs. NO, DET vs. LA

Divisional Round: NO vs. PHI, DET vs. MIN

Conference Round: PHI vs. DET

Super Bowl LII: NE vs. DET

Now, there is a lot of speculation in these predictions, yes, but in this model, there are seven teams who have yet to win a Super Bowl in the playoffs. Although the AFC runs through the Patriots and Steelers, who have collectively won 11 Super Bowls, the NFC is up for grabs.

Why These Teams will or will not Win Super Bowl LII

Out of the Super Bowl-less teams I mentioned, here’s why each of them will either win or not win Super Bowl LII:

Jacksonville Jaguars

This team went from irrelevant to a legitimate contender in one year. Their coaching, run game and defense got better, which seems to be the only thing they needed to improve.

The Jaguars could win Super Bowl LII if the defense plays stout against some of the struggling offenses they could play in the playoffs. Feed the rock to Leonard Fournette and keep Blake Bortles upright; do that, and you got yourselves a Super Bowl.

Although they have all the right pieces, I don’t see this team going far in the post-season. Why? Well, who would you put your money on: Blake Bortles or Tom Brady? The Jaguars are good, but their QB play could hold them back.

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have slowly become a decent team over the last few seasons. Marcus Mariota has given them a legitimate franchise QB and they have a dynamic run game in Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

Why could the Titans win? If Mariota can make the jump from starter to super star, as well as this defense coming together could make this team Super Bowl champs.

However, the Titans likely won’t win. Their lack of playoff experience and their concerns over having a prolific passing game will hold this team back.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and head coach Mike Mularkey.

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has had a very up and down year. Although some thought Tyrod Taylor was ascending into a franchise QB, they regrettably started Nathan Peterman, who was dreadful against the LA Chargers. However, Sean McDermott has proven to be an excellent head coach and could lead this team to Super Bowl LII.

How could the Bills win? Unlike the other AFC teams, the Bills have to play the Patriots twice a year, so if they end up playing, they could catch them by surprise and play to the Patriots’ weaknesses. If Taylor makes a big playoff push, McDermott won’t make the mistake of benching him again.

But, this is the Bills. They’re on the right track, but this is a team who haven’t made the playoffs in years, so winning the Super Bowl this year is a stretch.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have an interesting situation: they have three QBs who could all realistically start in Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. They have a great defense with a decent offense. They are certainly using Aaron Rodgers’ injury to their advantage.

The Vikings have historically had bad luck in the playoffs, but they are still a solid team which has the potential to make their way to Super Bowl LII, which happens to be in Minneapolis this year. Mike Zimmer is showing that he can utilize his personnel to the best of his ability.

The Vikings are contenders, but their QB situation may limit them in their quest to win their first Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings QB Case Keenum.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are hot right now, and there’s no reason to see why they would slow down. Carson Wentz is debatably a top five QB and acquiring Jay Ajayi was the steal of free agency. Their defense is shutdown and Doug Pederson is serviceable at head coach.

If Wentz keeps up his stats, the Eagles will breeze to the Super Bowl. The defense has depth, which is vital when coming down in the playoff stretch. The Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

However, their lack of experience in the post-season could disrupt chances of winning Super Bowl LII. The Eagles will be interesting to watch this post-season.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been decent these past few weeks, which could push their momentum forward into the post-season. As long as Cam stays healthy and doesn’t goof off too much, the Panthers may be a dark horse to go to the Super Bowl.

The Panthers have made a playoff push before and could easily do it again. They still have a decent defense and their offense is OK, but their experience could give them the edge.

However, they have lots of injury concerns and the other teams in the NFC have the edge against Carolina.

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford got paid this offseason, and he’s showing that he’s worth every penny. The Lions have a consistent play style that appears to work against their opponents. Could the Motor City see their first Lombardi?

Stafford, along with his solid receiving corps can wreak havoc on defenses in the playoffs. Stafford’s game managing skills could make the Lions legitimate contenders.

The Lions are one of those cursed teams, however. They have never done well in the post-season, but on top of that, they do not have a run game. Ameer Abdullah is not an every down back and has permanent butter fingers. The Lions could come close, but just fall short of winning Super Bowl LII.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford.


Every few years, there is a transition in superiority in the NFL. The Patriots and Steelers have dominated this league for years, but it could be time to pass the torch to QBs like Carson Wentz or Matthew Stafford. Look for a Super Bowl-less team to hoist the Lombardi on Super Bowl Sunday this season.




Grayzee’s Week 11 Picks + Week 10 Recap

Grayzee’s Week 11 Picks + Week 10 Recap

The NFL is getting quite a bit easier to predict as the year goes along, so my record has caught up with that.  Let’s go over what happened in Week 10.

SEA 22 – ARI 16.  The Seahawks 22-16 victory wasn’t too far off from my prediction of a 20-13 Seattle win, as their defense destroyed Adrian Peterson and held him to 29 yards (and a pitiful 1.4 yards per carry).  The Seahawks are 6-3, and got a crucial win to keep up in the NFC playoff race.

TB 15 – NYJ 10.  I predicted the score to be way too high for a QB matchup of Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick (each playing their former team, oddly enough).  The journeymen QBs both had underwhelming days, but the Bucs finally got a win in the end.  Will the Jets just ride the tank the rest of the season?

NO 47 – BUF 10.  This Saints team is legit, man.  When they started 0-2, I expected them to be the same old Saints, have Drew Brees do all the work while the defense lags behind, ultimately finish 7-9.  But they’re now 7-2, and their defense is great, while their running game is even better.  It was very weird to see both Mark Ingram AND Alvin Kamara be among the league’s leaders in rushing Week 10.  As for the Bills, you’re starting Nathan Peterman now for some reason.  The playoff-less streak lives on!

DET 38 – CLE 24.  While Detroit looked pretty bad early on, they ultimately remembered they were playing the Browns.  This was a crucial win for the Lions if they want to compete with the Vikings in the NFC North.  As for the Browns, can you actually match Detroit’s 2008 team this year by going 0-16?

TEN 24 – CIN 20.  The Titans may win ugly, but they win.  This is now their 4th win in a row.  Their matchup vs. Jacksonville at the end of the year will be interesting; it may very well determine who will win the AFC South.  As for the Bengals, your talented roster is once again failing thanks to Marvin Lewis, who should’ve been fired ages ago.  I guess that incompetent o-line helps as well.  Hey, how’s Andrew Whitworth doing in L.A.?

GB 23 – CHI 16.  I trusted the Bears to get it done at home against the Rodgers-less Packers, but they let me down.  However, the Packers have amazingly won their 8th straight game in Chicago (that’s what happens when you have Rodgers I guess).  But in this game, Brett Hundley ultimately did enough to get it done.  Maybe the Packers can get Aaron Rodgers back and make a push for the playoffs.

JAC 20 – LAC 17 (OT).  In a game the Chargers were probably supposed to win, they found a way to Charger it up and lose.  They even broke the Jags tradition of losing on even weeks, which I predicted to happen.  Despite Blake Bortles gifting the Chargers with 2 freshly baked turnovers (including one that should’ve ended the game), the Chargers still lost.  The Jags meanwhile, escape with an ugly win,.

MIN 38 – WAS 30.  The Vikings leap-frogged their way to victory in an offensive explosion.  Adam Thielen is having a breakout season, and despite Case Keenum’s 2 interceptions, he threw 4 touchdowns in an otherwise efficient game.  The Skins may have been taken out of playoff contention with this loss, while Minnesota is looking quietly like a Super Bowl contender.

PIT 20 – IND 17.  I thought Indy would pull off an upset here, and early on, it looked like they would.  However, their offense ultimately stalled in the second half, while the Steelers got an opportunity to get a game-winning field goal.  Yes, the Steelers won ugly again, but they’re 7-2 and one of the top AFC contenders now.  As for the Colts, it’s been a long season.  Hopefully you’ll get Luck back next year.

LAR 33 – HOU 7.  The Rams dominated in back-to-back weeks, as their defense is now dominating equally as well as their offense.  That could just be the product of playing the Giants and the Watson-less Texans, but nobody can deny that their offense is one of the league’s best attacks.  Robert Woods with 171 yards and 2 TDs?  He was never that good in Buffalo, but he’s great here!  Credit Woods, but of course credit Sean McVay and the excellent job he’s doing.

SF 31 – NYG 21.  As I predicted, the 49ers got their first win of the season against my pitiful New York Giants.  Giants ownership went on to make excuses for embattled coach Ben McAdoo, saying they have to “evaluate things at the end of the season”.  Clearly, fans such as myself have seen enough of McAdope, and I was extremely disappointed they didn’t fire him after this game (the team clearly quit on him).  As for the 49ers, congrats on your first W.  This has been a rebuilding season, but the future could be bright.

ATL 27 – DAL 7.  I predicted an Atlanta win, but I didn’t think the Cowboys would perform that bad.  The next few games will truly be a test to see if Dallas can survive the Elliott suspension and make the NFC Wild Card (let’s face it… they’re not beating the Eagles at this point).  As for the Falcons, you stay alive in the NFC playoffs at 5-4.  Atlanta will certainly need to get on a roll though if they want to make it back.

NE 41 – DEN 16.  I had the Pats winning 24-14, but clearly that was being generous to Denver.  Their defense has appeared to be just an incompetent as their offense in back-to-back games.  Granted, they were heavy underdogs in both games.  But they couldn’t even keep things competitive, and one of September’s best teams in now one of November’s worst.  As for the Pats, their run to the AFC’s #1 or #2 seed continues.

CAR 45 – MIA 21.  The Panthers crushed a collapsing Dolphins team on Monday Night Football.  Why were the Dolphins on primetime three weeks in a row, anyway?  This is why you’re losing ratings, NFL.

After a decent 10-4 week of picks, here are my picks for Week 11.

TEN @ PIT.  It will be a true test for the Titans, going up against a classic AFC juggernaut in the Steelers on the road.  Unfortunately for Tennessee, I don’t think they will pass this test, as the Steelers are a strong team at home and should do enough on offense to win.  Pittsburgh will win 27-23.

JAC @ CLE.  And with that, the Jaguars promptly take control of first place of the AFC South.  This could very well be an upset for the Browns if they’re able to take advantage of Blake Bortles mistakes, but I ultimately think the Jags defense will be too much for Cleveland.  Jacksonville will win 17-10.

TB @ MIA.  In a game that was supposed to take place during Week One, give me the Bucs to win here.  It really could go to either team, as both teams are a mess.  However, the Bucs look like slightly less of a mess, plus they’re getting Mike Evans back.  Tampa will win 24-20.

BAL @ GB.  This is risky without Aaron Rodgers, but give me Green Bay here.  The Ravens may be coming off their bye week, but they’re playing in Lambeau, and have lost 4 out of 6 prior to the bye.  They’re a mediocre team, and I think Brett Hundley can do just enough to beat them.  Green Bay wins 26-24.

DET @ CHI.  The Lions will continue to make a playoff push, while the Bears continue to fade away.  Detroit simply can’t fall into this trap game, and have to get business taken care of on the road.  The Rodgers-less Packers did it, so why can’t they do it?  Lions win 28-23.

LAR @ MIN.  This is going to be arguably the most intriguing matchup of the week, two 7-2 teams squaring off.  If I had guts, I’d pick the Rams, but I gotta go with the home team in Minnesota.  Their offense has found a decent passing attack with Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, and I think they will win by a score of 34-31.

ARI @ HOU.  The Texans appear to have no signs of life after getting curb-stomped by the Rams.  I expect the Cardinals to get things done here in the backup bowl, though it obviously wouldn’t surprise me if Houston won.  But I’m sticking with Arizona, 24-21.

KC @ NYG.  Enjoy your 2nd bye week in a row, Chiefs.  38-7 win in my lock of the week.  Fire McAdope!

WAS @ NO.  The Saints are on fire, and the Skins are going to get blazed.  New Orleans appears to show no signs of slowing down, and I predict they will win 33-24 and continue to define themselves as Super Bowl contenders in a highly competitive NFC.

BUF @ LAC.  The Bills may have suffered back-to-back humiliating losses, and yes, they’re making the stupid move of starting Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor.  But I’m about to hit that upset of the week button, as they’re playing the gift that keeps on giving in the Chargers.  Nathan Peterman will get the W in his first career start, aided by some special teams blunder from the Bolts.  Bills win 23-20.

CIN @ DEN.  Ugh, both these teams are a mess.  If I had to pick a winner though, it’d be Denver.  They have a great home field advantage, and their defense should have a much easier time going up against that terrible Cincy o-line than teams like the Eagles and Pats.  Denver wins 21-17.

NE @ OAK.  This Mexico City game was marked on the calendar earlier this year as a game the Pats could possibly slip up on.  However, they are currently red hot, while the Raiders have been one of the NFL’s bigger disappointments.  I’ll pick the Pats to win 34-27.

My Pick Record this Season: 85-62 (10-4 last week)

My Lock of the Week Record: 7-3

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-8 (ouch)

Grayzee’s Week 10 Picks + Week 9 Recap

Grayzee’s Week 10 Picks + Week 9 Recap

Before my picks in Week 10, let’s recap the NFL in Week 9.

NYJ 34 – BUF 21.  As I picked the Bills, I had this ugly feeling that they’d let me down.  And they did.  Their defense got shut down by Matt Forte, and their offensive line gave up 7 sacks.  All this led to a humiliating loss for Buffalo (the Jets were up 27 at one point).

NO 30 – TB 10.  Hype in the offseason for teams can be misleading.  The Bucs are arguably the coldest team in football, having lost 5 straight.  Their season is basically cooked.  The Saints meanwhile, are one of the hottest teams in football, winners of 6 straight.  No one really gave the Saints a chance to win the NFC South before the season, and they now find themselves in 1st place.

CAR 20 – ATL 17.  Carolina got the win at home, as the Falcons continue to lose in painful ways (how did Julio not make that catch?).  Carolina is now 6-3, and their defense is certainly one of the better ones in the NFL.  The Panthers and Saints will be an interesting division race.

LAR 51 – NYG 17.  What else can I say about my New York Football Giants at this point?  New York has completely quit on Ben McAdoo, as their defense gave up a touchdown… on 3rd and 33!  The Rams’ offense is obviously quite impressive, but that is no excuse for the Giants.  The crowd at MetLife Stadium called for McAdoof to be fired and wore paper bags over their heads, and if I was there I’d be doing the same thing.

TEN 23 – BAL 20.  Tennessee did just enough to win once again, as they beat Baltimore at home in a matchup of teams trying to make the playoffs in the AFC.  Kevin Byard is playing like one of the best safeties in the NFL now, and to me the Titans have a good balance on offense and defense.

JAC 23 – CIN 7.  The Jaguars are now adherents to that old fashioned Tom Coughlin discipline, as they suspended Leonard Fournette for team rule violation in the midst of a playoff hunt.  However, the Jags defense continued to dominate their opponents, and Blake Bortles avoided the “i” word.  That seems to be the ingredients to Jacksonville victory, and with an easy schedule on the horizon, they can definitely win this division.  As for the Bengals… yeah, your season is over.  Just fire Marvin Lewis.  Please.

PHI 51 – DEN 13.  This was expected, as the Eagles put a beating on a team that was so desperate at QB they tried out Brock again.  The Eagles are simply a juggernaut, great on offense and defense.  They win in the trenches, and trading for Jay Ajayi makes their already great ground game even better.  With Denver, I think it’s time to start Paxton Lynch, even if he hasn’t looked that good.

IND 20 – HOU 14.  I still picked Houston to win this one in spite of the Texans starting Tom Savage.  That was a mistake, as the Texans offense is totally not the same without Watson.  The Colts may have saved any hopes of playoffs here, but there is now drama in their front office regarding Andrew Luck’s injuries.  Will they draft another QB in 2018?

WAS 17 – SEA 14.  This was quite an upset for the Redskins here, as they found a way to beat Seattle on the road.  The Seahawks couldn’t get anything established on offense for a long time, and the Redskins are now 4-4 and are “in the hunt” of the NFC playoff picture.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks just lost some ground to the Rams, but they do carry that divisional tie-breaker as of now.

ARI 20 – SF 10.  My upset pick didn’t quite work here.  The Niners might just be tanking the rest of the season; that might mean they’re not starting Jimmy G until 2018.  Drew Stanton beat C.J. Beathard in the backup bowl, and the 49ers are now the 0-9ers.  However, they might just be getting their first win this week (we’ll get to that).

DAL 28 – KC 17.  This score looks pretty ugly for the Chiefs, and if it wasn’t for a freaky play with Tyreek Hill before the half, it could’ve been uglier.  Ezekiel Elliott continues to be not suspended and playing well, as Dallas is trying to compete with Philly in the NFC East.  The Chiefs, meanwhile, have lost 3 out of 4, but still are in control of the AFC West.

OAK 27 – MIA 24.  Jay Cutler may have had a good night, but Beast Mode got two TDs in a great performance for the Raiders.  Oakland is now 4-5, and with the way the Chiefs are playing, they might be able to catch up soon.  As for the Dolphins, they are 4-4.  Perhaps they will once again grasp the 6th seed in an AFC Wild Card race.

DET 30 – GB 17.  After two weeks, I’m now fully convinced that Green Bay is simply reliant on Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers alone has carried the Packers to victories.  Brett Hundley just won’t cut it for that offense, as their drives stalled time and time again.  Here’s an additional worry for the Packers besides their QB situation; the Lions didn’t punt once in this game (which is also a good sign for Detroit).

So after those 8-5 picks, can I finally get out of the mediocre-ish slump in Week 10?

SEA @ ARI.  You have to assume that Seattle bounces back here, as they have to contend in a highly competitive NFC.  Their defense is just too good to lose to Drew Stanton.  The Seahawks will win 20-13.

NYJ @ TB.  The Jets will go back to .500, and beat a Bucs team that hasn’t won since October 1st.  If the Jets actually want to compete for an AFC Wild Card spot (it’s kinda sorta possible) they need to win games like this.  And I’ll say they win 27-24 against their former QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

NO @ BUF.  The Bills proved last week that they can’t be trusted, and I’m picking New Orleans.  Of course this probably means that Buffalo will win, as I never pick the Bills right.  But whatever!  I’m picking the Saints to win 30-24, as their impressive win streak will continue.

CLE @ DET.  Detroit got back on track with a nice win in Lambeau.  They’re 4-4, and obviously have a golden opportunity to go above .500 here.  They will beat Cleveland 28-16 in my lock of the week (I know it’s Cleveland so I’m kinda cheating here).

CIN @ TEN.  The Titans get a nice home matchup against a struggling Bengals team.  Tennessee’s defense is improving, while the Bengals offense is… not improving.  The Titans will get a 24-17 win here, and stay competitive in the AFC South division race.

GB @ CHI.  When I said that Green Bay is reliant on Aaron Rodgers, I meant it.  The Bears are playing at home, and are going up against a hated division rival.  Their defense is quietly good, and against Brett Hundley?  The Bears will win 20-17, in a defensive battle.  A pick-6 might decide this one.

LAC @ JAC.  The Jags are simply too good of a team to lose to the Chargers.  It looks like they’re getting Leonard Fournette back this week, which is a great sign for their offense.  They will win 27-20, and for the first time since 2010, they will have more than 5 wins in a season.

MIN @ WAS.  The Skins got a morale-boosting victory in Seattle last week, and I expect them to win playing back here at home.  If their defense could play that good against Russell Wilson, I think they’ll put up a similar performance against Case Keenum.  The Redskins will win 24-13.

PIT @ IND.  Upset alert!  The Steelers have a tendency to not show up in these sort of games (their loss on the road to Chicago was quite a stunner).  Jacoby Brissett and the Colts will defy the need for a high draft pick next year, and win 24-23.

HOU @ LAR.  Simply put, Houston isn’t going to be winning with Tom Savage at QB.  The Rams have found a winning formula through great coaching, an offense capable of big plays, and the best special teams play in the league.  They will improve their record to 7-2 with a 30-17 win over Houston.

NYG @ SF.  The Niners will get their first win of the season, and it’s not even an upset really.  Different lines will actually favor different teams here.  The Giants have quit on McAdoof as I mentioned earlier, and the C.J. Beathard-led Niners will win their first game 21-16.  Kyle Shanahan will at long last get his first career victory in the NFL.

DAL @ ATL.  The Falcons are now 4-4, and will feel an incredible urge to stay alive in an ultra-competitive NFC.  I think their home field advantage will help them get it done here, but they have to look out for a Dallas d-line that is starting to get recognition as one of the league’s best this year.  I think Atlanta will win 27-24.

NE @ DEN.  Tom Brady has historically been bad against Denver (especially at Denver), but the Broncos are simply too much of a mess to pick against the Pats.  Osweiler is starting again, and that is not a good sign.  The Patriots will win 24-14, and improve to 7-2.

MIA @ CAR.  The Panthers have won 2 in a row, and have hopefully found some consistency.  I think they will improve to 7-3 with a 29-17 win.

My Pick Record this Season: 75-58

My Lock of the Week Record: 6-3

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-7

Cleveland missing out on AJ McCarron is for the best

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns attempted to trade for Cincinnati Bengals backup QB AJ McCarron, but were unsuccessful because they did not report it to the NFL before the 4 P.M. EST trade deadline.

While some may think that this is a classic Browns move where they miss out on a future starting QB. In this case, it was for the best. AJ McCarron would have been an issue in the Dawg Pound.

Bengals QB AJ McCarron.

Some believe that Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson, who was formerly the Bengals offensive coordinator, utilize McCarron. While these two have chemistry, it is foolish to think McCarron could become the Browns future at QB.

Why am I so pessimistic towards this? Well, for two reasons: adding McCarron to this quarterback room would create more confusion in Cleveland, and I question McCarron’s ability to become a franchise QB.

While it is understandable that the Browns may be frustrated with the bad play from rookie QB Deshone Kizer, he is still learning how to be an NFL quarterback and hey–he’s a rookie. I don’t understand why Cleveland wants to give up on him so quickly; some of the best quarterbacks of all time had treacherous rookie campaigns. In 1998, rookie quarterback Peyton Manning threw 28 interceptions. Could you imagine if that happened today? There is an emphasis on rushing a QB into a system and hoping he’ll learn along the way. If they do not perform well, they are replaced. This pressure does not make QBs any better and in fact usually makes them worse.

Browns QB Deshone Kizer throwing a pass.

Since I believe the Browns should be patient with Kizer, they should not have even considered adding McCarron. McCarron would have had to learn the playbook anyway.

Another reason McCarron shouldn’t go to the Browns is that I don’t think he’s better than any QB on the current roster. He’s better than Kevin Hogan, but he is not better than Kizer or Kessler.

Some argue that McCarron has starter potential, but his talent is suppressed because starting QB Andy Dalton is in the way. Dalton is at best a top 20 quarterback; if McCarron can’t steal his starting job, he won’t benefit the Browns.

It’s time Cleveland became committal on a QB, and giving up on Kizer this quickly is unfair and foolish. The Browns caught a break by missing the trade deadline, and hopefully Kizer can prove that the Browns can invest in him for the future.

Grayzee’s Week 9 Picks + Week 8 Recap

Grayzee’s Week 9 Picks + Week 8 Recap

The NFL continues to be “slightly” unpredictable, but not quite like Weeks 5 & 6.  Let’s go over what happened in Week 8.

BAL 40 – MIA 0.  The Joe Flacco hit grabbed the headlines, because a boring 40-0 blowout usually doesn’t.  I almost always stay up to watch the Thursday night game, but I stopped watching this one at halftime.  The Ravens appear to be back on track after completely shutting down Miami, and it appears Flacco will actually be starting this week.

MIN 33 – CLE 16.  It looked as though Cleveland might actually find a way to win this one, but in typical Browns fashion, they found a way to lose (they also found a way to lose at the deadline, AJ McCarron anyone?).  My prediction for Cleveland at this point?  1-15, with their one win coming against the Chargers on December 3.  It would only make sense.  The Vikings, meanwhile, are 6-2 and appear to have regained that great defense from 2015.  They are definitely the front-runner for the NFC North.

NE 21 – LAC 13.  This was a slightly underwhelming game for Patriots standards, but a nice defensive performance and a classic “football folly” from Travis Benjamin helped them win.  As for the Chargers, they’re 3-5, and will probably be that “in the hunt” team come December that isn’t really in the hunt.

NO 20 – CHI 12.  That Zach Miller catch was definitely a TD, but to make things worse for him, he needed to have a serious surgery on his leg.  Mitch Trubisky continues to underwhelm, but that’s probably at least partially due to a lack of weapons.  The Saints did just enough to grab their 5th straight win, so are they on track for an NFC South title?

CAR 17 – TB 3.  And just like that, an offseason of hype has led to no results on the field and likely a lost season for the Bucs.  As a Giants fan, I can relate.  Jameis Winston turned in a disappointing performance, and so did his o-line.  The Panthers did just enough on offense to win this game, so at this point, I’m convinced the Saints are the front runner of this division.

CIN 24 – IND 23.  The Colts appeared to be on track to win this, but a pick 6 gave Cincy the win.  The Bengals kept any playoff hopes alive as they are 3-4, while Indy drops to 2-6 in what has been a lost season.  It really sucks that Andrew Luck hasn’t been able to play, and he’s now officially been ruled out for the rest of the year.

BUF 34 – OAK 14.  I should’ve gone with my brain here and picked the Bills (playing at home, won 3 out of 4).  But I went with my gut, convinced of the narrative that the Raiders had saved their season.  However, their offense was shut down by Buffalo for the most part, as the Bills are now 5-2.  With that Kelvin Benjamin trade, they definitely appear to want to break that infamous playoff drought.

PHI 33 – SF 10.  The results of this game were definitely expected, and I almost predicted the score exactly right (I predicted 40-10 Philly).  The Eagles are 7-1, and are undoubtedly Super Bowl contenders.  It feels weird to put Eagles and Super Bowl in the same sentence, but here we are.  The 49ers meanwhile, made a blockbuster trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.  Can he be their answer at QB?

ATL 25 – NYJ 20.  The Jets could’ve gone to 4-4 and prove that, yes, they could actually contend for a playoff spot.  But the Falcons emerged as the victors, and are now 4-3.  Despite the Falcons mostly having the same core, this team doesn’t have the same offensive dominance that they had in 2016.  Will they rebound in the 2nd half of the season?

SEA 41 – HOU 38.  In a game of offensive fireworks and more national anthem drama, Seattle got the win.  It was a great game for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, but a bad game for both usually great defenses.  Also, I have the Texans defense in fantasy.  Ouch.  And it was quite a dramatic 24 hours for Houston sports fans, from winning the World Series, to having Watson out the rest of the year.  It’s really unfortunate how many injuries have happened to star players this year.

DAL 33 – WAS 19.  I thought the Redskins would take care of business at home, but a blocked kick and a bunch of miscues cost them bad.  Ezekiel Elliott was good for Dallas, but it appears his suspension is back on.  And that could mean the Skins are still alive for a Wild Card spot.

PIT 20 – DET 15.  You know that saying “the floor is lava”?  Well for the Lions, it appeared the end zone was lava for them.  The Steelers red zone defense stopped them every single time, and Jim Caldwell made two questionable calls for the Lions regarding 4th down.  Also, congrats to JuJu Smith-Schuster for that awesome TD.

KC 29 – DEN 19.  The Broncos put up another measly offensive performance, while Travis Kelce and a stout Chiefs defense got them the win.  And a LOT of field goals.  KC is back on track and at 5-2, while people out in Denver are calling for Trevor Simeian to be benched.  In fact, it appears they’re going to start Brock Osweiler now.  Yeesh.

After a mediocre 8-5 week, can I improve in Week 9?

BUF @ NYJ.  The Bills have been a tricky team for me to pick.  During this four out of 5 game win streak, I’ve picked them to lose most times.  However, when the played the Bengals, I picked them to win… and they lost.  But they’ve gotta beat the Jets, right?  Their defense is playing too good, and so is LeSean McCoy.  Buffalo wins 27-17.

TB @ NO.  This should be an easy Saints victory, they’re playing at home against a struggling Bucs team.  I sense a 6th W in a row, as they will beat the Bucs 34-23.

ATL @ CAR.  The Panthers and Falcons are two very inconsistent teams that are hard to pick.  I’m just gonna go with the home team here and pick Carolina to win, 27-24.

LAR @ NYG.  As a Giants fan, my motto at this point is “embrace the tank”.  Despite what New York’s idiotic GM might say, this season is cooked.  The Rams are way better than expected, and the Giants are way worse, and that narrative should stay the same.  The Rams will win 24-16.

BAL @ TEN.  The Titans are playing at home and coming off a bye week.  They’ve probably had some time to fix those issues they had in that ugly win over the Browns, and I expect the Titans to win 24-20 against a Baltimore team that I’m still not convinced is that great.

CIN @ JAC.  The Jags had a Week 8 bye, and it’s now Week 9.  It’s an odd week, and we know what that means.  The Jaguars will win 20-14, continuing that odd/even week trend.  It will be interesting to see who wins the AFC South, the Jags or Titans?  However, the Jags just might be the front-runner, as they have quite an easy schedule going forward.

DEN @ PHI.  Philly continues their winning ways with a relatively easy win against a struggling Denver offense.  The Eagles will win 34-16 in my lock of the week.

IND @ HOU.  It’s a dead season for the Colts, and with the Deshaun Watson injury, it might be a dead season for the Texans as well.  However, I will pick Houston to win 19-16, in spite of Watson’s injury.

WAS @ SEA.  If this was in Washington, I might just be picking the Redskins to sneak in a win.  But this is in Seattle, and it’s going to be tough for the Skins to play in that stadium.  The Seahawks will win 30-27 behind another great performance from Russell Wilson.

ARI @ SF.  Upset of the week time!  I don’t even know if it’s that much of an upset with Drew Stanton starting for the Cardinals.  And Jimmy G isn’t starting from what I’ve read (you don’t necessarily want your starting QB to be a guy who’s been there for less than a week).  But I’m picking the 49ers to win 24-21 even if C.J. Beathard is starting.

KC @ DAL.  Despite the Chiefs having one of the better teams in the league, their passing defense truly misses Eric Berry when they go up against good offenses.  Dallas will win 31-30 in a very entertaining game, and Dak Prescott will put on a show.

OAK @ MIA.  Here we have another battle of inconsistent teams.  So, I will pick the team with the better QB in the Oakland Raiders.  Apparently, Jay Cutler will start in spite of some pain, and the Dolphins offense isn’t that great with a healthy Jay Cutler.  I expect the Raiders to win 24-20.

DET @ GB.  The Lions should win this game with Brett Hundley starting for the Packers, but I’m not quite sure the Lions have it in them to win at Lambeau.  With the way that offense sputtered in the red zone in the last game, I expect the Packers to actually get the win, 23-17.

My Pick Record This Season: 67-53

My Lock of the Week Record: 5-3

My Upset of the Week Record: 2-6