5 Trades That Should Have Happened on the Halloween NFL Trade Deadline

Happy Halloween SFE fans!

NFL teams across the league were trick or treating themselves to an extra spooky trade deadline that came to an end at 4 pm ET earlier today. 

You could say certain franchises were more into the holiday spirit than others. Teams like the Patriots, Dolphins, and Panthers each dressed up one of their more notable players in costume and shipped them off to another team, only to disappear like a ghost in the night.

With offensive position players Jimmy Garoppolo, Kelvin Benjamin, and Jay Ajayi all on the move, it begs the question if more trades could have been brewed (evil potion anyone?) to make NFL offenses extra frightening.

So I don’t leave you hanging any longer, here are 5 trades that should have went down this Halloween to give NFL defenses a good scare…

1) San Francisco 49ers trade RB Carlos Hyde to the Minnesota Vikings

Trading with a team in the same conference isn’t ideal, but this trade is an exception. The 49ers are tanking and Carlos Hyde is a free agent after this season. They may want to resign him later on, but there happens to be a college running back more worthy of their attention. Penn State RB Saquon Barkley would be a great top pick in next year’s draft, and if the Browns lose in the tanking race (a Browns thing to do), he is ripe for the picking.

Image from UPI.com

The Vikings have much to gain from this trade as well. Rookie stud RB Dalvin Cook is on injured reserve, and while Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon have been adequate replacements, they could use a boost. All it took was an Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone to turn the Vikings into a division front-runner. If they want to capitalize on this opportunity in a wide-open NFC, they should support their carousel of quarterbacks with a steady run game.

2) Indianapolis Colts trade WR T.Y. Hilton to the Los Angeles Rams

Speaking of a wide-open NFC, the Rams are 5-2. Yes, you read that right. Less than a year removed from former head coach Jim Fisher; the LA Rams are on track to make the playoffs. However, a lot can happen from now until January. Until then, the Rams should give QB Jared Goff another weapon opposite WR Sammy Watkins. How about an upgraded version of Tavon Austin?

Image from colts.com

The Colts aren’t going anywhere with Andrew Luck wrapped up like a mummy, so they should look towards the future and clear up cap space for the next wave of free agency. Hilton has a potential out in his contract for 2018 anyway, making him a quality trade chip. All rumors aside, it’s a good fit and the timing feels right.

3) Cincinnati Bengals trade WR A.J. Green to the New Orleans Saints

Did I mention the NFC was wide open? After starting off the season with back to back loses, the Saints have won five games in a row and are on top of the NFC South. The crazy thing is that nobody is talking about it. I guess we are supposed to assume the Panthers or Falcons will prove they’re the better teams down the road, but what if the Saints went out and shocked the world? Drew Brees is in the twilight of his career, so it’s now or never for a Saints’ playoff run. Don’t tell me A.J. Green wouldn’t put the Saints on a march to the playoffs.

Image from cincyjungle.com

As for the Bengals, would they really trade A.J. Green? Probably not, and it would take A LOT in return. But what are the Bengals really doing with his talents? They can’t seem to win a playoff game with Marvin Lewis at the helm, and they can’t seem to get rid of him either. Andy Dalton is a dilemma on his own, being too good to replace and not good enough to compete. Cincinnati has too much talent to tank, but if they aren’t going to use it correctly, maybe they should just share. Who knows; it might bring good mojo so the Playoff Gods let them win a wild card game???

4) Arizona Cardinals trade WR Larry Fitzgerald to the Kansas City Chiefs

Image from nflcdn.com

Ok, I know you are all terrified by these trades by now, so how about a feel good story. Arizona’s season was lost the moment David Johnson could no longer carry the team with his injured wrist. Carson Palmer hasn’t exactly been in perfect health either. So why don’t we save fan favorite Larry Fitzgerald from the walking wounded! A future hall of fame athlete deserves to go out with a bang, and the Chiefs will give him that opportunity. WR Tyreek Hill is a nice playmaker, but Alex Smith needs a trustworthy #1 wide out to get past the Steelers and Patriots in the AFC. Plus, both teams are red and you can’t tell their head coaches apart; it’s a perfect match.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers trade WR Martavis Bryant to the Seattle Seahawks for TE Jimmy Graham

Image from 247sports.com

Let’s end things off with a good old fashion player swap. Neither team needs to make this move, but they each would be better off if they did. Bryant wants out in Pittsburgh, and it’s unlikely he’ll perform as a real weapon until his wish is granted. Graham has underwhelmed in his time on the Seahawks, but to be fair, the expectations were huge. A change in scenery would help, but also a change in quarterbacks as well. Big Ben misses having a safety net at the tight end position since his pal Heath Miller retired. Russell Wilson loves running around and throwing the deep jump pass (similar to a younger Ben) and Bryant has a 6’4” frame with blazing 4.3 speed. Additional compensation might be needed, but this deal would definitely run up the scoreboards.

There you have it! Have a Happy Halloween everyone!



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