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Powell, Harris Reach Deals

Norman Powell and Gary Harris have recently agreed to terms with their respective teams, each staying home for 4 years. Are these young guards worth what they’ll be making over the next several seasons and how will the extensions affect the futures of key players on both rosters?


Norman Powell dribbling the ball.
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Norman Powell, Toronto┬áRaptors: 4 years – $42 Million

Powell was a summer league star back in his rookie season. Having earned a spot on the Raptors then, he’s now earned a contract that will pay him just over $10 million a year over the next 4 seasons. This Toronto signing comes just after the re-signing of veteran point guard Kyle Lowry over the summer. Powell has continued to impress as his young career has gone on, providing relief for Derozan and Lowry off the bench. His usage should go up this season as Lowry ages and Delon Wright’s time to emerge as a capable playmaker decreases. The UCLA product put up over 8 PPG last season and has continued to improve on the defensive end which is in large part what got him this kind of money. It’s possible we see him come up as a possible candidate for an All-Defensive team in the coming years. This is a fair deal on both sides but if Powell continues to defend the way he has over the beginning of his career this could be a steal for Toronto.

Signing Grade: B


Gary Harris passing the ball.
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Gary Harris, Denver Nuggets: 4 years – $84 Million

Gary Harris currently sits as one of the most underrated players in the NBA. His youth and efficiency is often overlooked for more volume shooters and big names. Not only has he continued to improve season by season but he shoots some of the best percentages in the league. The former MSU star shot an amazing 50.2% from the field along with 42% from 3 last season. Despite not being the go-to guy or putting up excessive shots per game, he’s made himself one of the most important players in Denver. The way Harris spaces the floor on offense gives Nikola Jokic room to make plays in the middle and you can really stick him out there with any backcourt partner. Despite his size at 6’4″ his versatility is apparent as he is successful in several lineups put out by Michael Malone. Of course, the emergence and now extension of Harris means Jamal Murray’s future as a shooting guard may be unlikely, but watch out for a Mudiay trade thrusting Murray into the role of future point guard. If he’s able to improve his defense, watch out for Harris in the All-Star game in a few years.

Signing Grade: A+

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