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Digging Deeper with Daniel 9/17-9/24 Lamar Jackson QB1 and Weird NFL week

Lamar Jackson QB1

I have officially jumped on the Lamar Jackson QB1 train. The reigning Heisman winner has shown great ability as a pocket passer to do just about anything a passer can be asked to do. Jackson has shown the ability to read defenses and has very good pocket presence despite a terrible Louisville offensive line. Jackson also has shown good not great accuracy and placement and has all the arm talent anyone can ask for. Factor in Jackson’s game-breaking athletic ability and you have one HELL of a quarterback prospect. Unless something significant changes, Lamar Jackson is my QB1 in this draft. Check out where MJ has him mocked for the draft.

Saquon Barkley is insane

Not a huge surprise here, but Saquon Barkley made his case to be a top pick in April this Saturday with over 300 yards from scrimmage and some insane highlights. Check out where the SFE team mocked Barkley here.

Weird Week in the NFL

The NFL had a very bizarre week this week in which the Patriots nearly got beat by the Texans, The Jets DOMINATED the Dolphins, the Jaguars obliterated the Ravens behind a great performance from Blake Bortles (Yes Blake Bortles did actually do something good), the Bears beat the Steelers in overtime, Case Keenum led the Vikings over the Buccaneers, the Bills beat the Broncos, the Colts won a game, and the Raiders were dominated by the Redskins. The only thing that was somewhat normal this week was the Titans beating the Seahawks in Nashville and the Chiefs and the Falcons staying undefeated. Congrats MJ. Speaking of the Falcons, many people believe that they were given the game after a controversial review overturned a last second Golden Tate touchdown. The jury is still out on most teams after a weird week in the NFL. There is still a chance for most teams to make the playoffs at this point.


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