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Melo Looking More Desperate to Get Out of New York

According to USA Today, Carmelo Anthony is now open to waiving his no-trade clause for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder. What are some scenarios that could see Melo out of New York and how will it affect the roster of a potential new team?

Melo during a dead ball.
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Cleveland Cavaliers

Players possibly on the move in trade: Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert

If the Cavs are able to bring Anthony to Cleveland, it’d mean giving up on Tristan Thompson or more likely Kevin Love. The loss of a top 3 power forward in Love or your best only rim protector in Thompson would already make this a touchy move. It’s been known for most of the offseason that Iman Shumpert is on the trade block so we may see him back in the Big Apple in this trade also. Losing an important piece(s) to the team just to bring in an aging starter would just be worse for Cleveland at this point. Unless they can pull off a move where they acquire one of the Knicks young talents along with Anthony or make a three team trade work, the Cavs should stay out of this one.

Would-be Trade Grade: D-

Anthony’s projected stats with team:

PPG: 19.3   RPG: 6.1   APG: 2.8   SPG: 0.7

Oklahoma City Thunder

Players possibly on the move in trade: Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, Andre Roberson, Patrick Patterson

Although his contract would match up with Anthony’s to allow OKC to make a trade, it would be foolish of the Thunder to move Steven Adams. With their elite front office I don’t see them giving up on their young center here. As Melo would likely start at power forward in Oklahoma City, it’s possible Sam Presti may center a package around Enes Kanter. This would make sense financially and allow the team to keep some of their defensive studs on the roster to compliment their offensive-minded big 3. Like the Cleveland case, this trade may just hurt the Thunder’s chances more than help. 3 ball-dominant guys and not much shooting around them makes for a clogged lineup and possible chemistry issues. Stacking up stars on your team doesn’t make you the Warriors. The Thunder would be smart to hang on to what they’ve got now and let another team risk it with Anthony.

Would-be Trade Grade: C

Anthony’s projected stats with team:

PPG: 16.9   RPG: 5.7   APG: 2.2   SPG: 0.8

Portland Trail Blazers

Players possibly on the move in trade: Evan Turner, Maurice Harkless, Al Farouq-Aminu, Meyers Leonard

Carmelo hasn’t publicly stated yet that he would waive his clause for Portland, though there is current speculation that he would accept a move to join Dame and C.J. A Blazer trade for Anthony would almost certainly mean parting ways with the awful contracts of either Harkless or Turner. Adding Melo to one of the best backcourts in the league and young talent in the post would get Portland into the playoffs in the Western Conference. If the Blazers are able to use picks and a solid wing with a financially steep contract to steal Anthony from the Knicks, it could be a positive move for Portland.

Would-be Trade Grade: B-

Anthony’s projected stats with team:

PPG: 17.4   RPG: 6.8   APG: 3.1   SPG: 0.9

Houston Rockets

Players possibly on the move in trade: Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon

The Rockets still remain the number one option for Melo. He and his camp have made it clear Houston is where he wants to be. This would also be the best fit for player and team. The Rockets will almost inevitably have to give up stretch 4 Ryan Anderson to acquire Anthony via trade which should then place Carmelo at the power forward position. I believe that on a team like Houston with world class playmakers, James Harden and Chris Paul, Anthony spotting up on the perimeter would slightly resemble his play style on Team USA where he’s thrived throughout his career. On defense, guarding a slower, less ball dominant player would help him immensely and allow for him to save energy for the offensive end. If the Rockets are able to swing a trade for Anthony before another team does, Melo could help them get a Southwest division title this season.

Would-be Trade Grade: A

Anthony’s projected stats with team:

PPG: 18.7   RPG: 6.5   APG: 3.3   SPG: 0.9


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