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Wats-Going-On With Deshaun: Careful What You Wish For

Week 1: Savage Gets Screwed

In the most previous episode of Wats-Going-On with Deshaun, I speculated that QB Deshaun Watson would be the last of the big-four rookie quarterbacks to get a start in the NFL. I was wrong. He is now the second of the four (with DeShone Kizer) to be given the keys to an NFL offense. This sudden change by faltering head coach Bill O’Brien, is the wrong move for all the wrong reasons for the Houston Texans’ 2017 season. So far, Texans’ fans have been blinded by the title of “first round quarterback.” It’s time to open some eyes, and prepare for the rollercoaster season ahead in Houston.

Same’Ole Bill O’Brien

As the cheers rattled in NRG stadium as JJ Watt hoisted the Texas flag following Hurricane Harvey, it seemed as if the Texans were ready to ride a wave of galvanizing emotional momentum heading into the 2017 season. It turns out, Bill O’Brien found himself swallowed by the surging waters of this emotion. The Texans were ill-prepared, out-coached, and ultimately embarrassed.

Tom Savage Gets Screwed

The ineptitude of Bill O’Brien rippled across this team quickly and altogether. The defense had no spark, and the offensive line failed in every facet. Quarterback Tom Savage was under duress throughout the entire first half. SIX SACKS in the first half. Receivers weren’t getting open, tight ends were being concussed, and the Houston running backs averaged 3.6 yards per carry.

But what was the buzz on twitter?

We want Deshaun Watson!

Tom Savage Sucks!

Those of us who actually watch football and understand the interconnections between facets of the offense know that very few quarterbacks in the history of the NFL could ever do ANYTHING under constant pressure, little talent at wide receiver, and no run game. Only guys like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees can put an offense on their back and be competitive.

This offense wasn’t prepared for the talented Jaguars defense, and Bill O’Brien began to sweat. As the offensive effectiveness came into question, Bill O’Brien panics…

Billy O’Scapegoat

After the disaster that was the first half, Bill O’Brien didn’t accept the blame and make the proper adjustments to better protect his quarterback. Instead, he blamed the offensive woes entirely on Tom Savage by naming rookie Deshaun Watson as the quarterback for the second half. It took two quarters in the 2017 season for Bill O’Brien to panic and change the entire offensive philosophy for the rest of the season.

Bill O’Brien put Tom Savage in the biggest lose-lose situation I have ever seen for a quarterback. Whether he played well or not, Tom Savage would take the bullet for the blunders of Bill O’Brien’s bad offensive scheme. Bill’s system has never worked on the NFL level. He loves to run the ball, but his offense’s run game has always underperformed. Most importantly, he has completely forgotten how to use one of the most talented wide receivers in football in DeAndre Hopkins.

Don’t be fooled Texans fans. Bill O’Brien is the problem.

Watson’s Wows The Sheep

I regrettably must quote our, let’s say, controversial President. If you see a Texan fan praising Deshaun Watson’s play during the preseason or in the second half of the Jaguars’ game, stick your finger in their face and scream “FAKE NEWS!” Anyone who has had any confidence in Deshaun Watson in the NFL clearly hasn’t watch him play. If you don’t believe me, here are my calculated adjusted stats for Deshaun Watson in the preseason:

Adjusted Preseason Stats (Week 4 Canceled): Deshaun Watson

30 of 56, 53.6% Completion, 344 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs, 50.0 Passer Rating

44 Rushing Yards, 2 Rushing TDs, 12 inaccurate passes (23% Inaccuracy Rate)

As far as his arm goes, Deshaun Watson has looked terrible in the NFL, and I’ve even questioned his mindset and work ethic in the past.

The Fans Overreact

The Delusional and Uninformed Overreact

Meanwhile, I had a different take:

Excuse my language in the second tweet, and allow me to rephrase what I meant by “trash-a**“: Deshaun Watson simply isn’t ready. His mechanics are terrible. His understanding of Bill O’Brien’s complicated and incompetent offense isn’t sound. His willingness to take unnecessary risks doesn’t fit the team’s defense-first-philosophy, and he doesn’t have much talent to make up for these shortcomings:

  • WR Will Fuller is hurt
  • TE C.J. Fiedorowicz is hurt
  • TE Ryan Griffin is hurt
  • The offensive line is in shambles
  • The running backs are not very good

Everything is stacked against a young, undisciplined, and arm-strength-deficient rookie quarterback, with an offensive head coach who doesn’t know how to run an offense in the NFL. You tell me what is most likely going to happen. Let’s just look at his Week 1 performance:

Watson’s Week 1 Performance

Let’s start with the simple statistics:

Deshaun Watson Week 1 Stats

12 of 23, 52% Completion Percentage, 102 passing yards, 4.4 YPA, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 loss fumble

Completion Percentage: Bad

Yards Per Play: Bad

TD-INT Ratio: Bad

You see what I’m getting at? He played, well, bad. Yes the offensive line still wasn’t great, but it was better in the second half. Now, some will say stats aren’t everything, and you would be oh so right. Although, not in the way you would hope:

On Deshaun Watson’s “touchdown drive” which ended in a decent throw to DeAndre Hopkins, Watson was bailed out multiple times by horrible defensive penalty calls including an interception that was called back by an illegal hands to the face penalty. In all honesty, Deshaun Watson should’ve thrown zero touchdowns and turned the ball over 3 times. Let’s put it this way, Watson played worse than bad, he played awful.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The offense clearly moved the ball better with Deshaun Watson on the field, although I think it was more because of the initial scheme change to an option-west coast-bootleg type of system that Watson definitely fits in better than Savage. Even then, Bill O’Brien slowly regressed into his stagnant and ineffective offensive norms.

I’ll never knock Watson for his athleticism. He clearly continues to prove that he can extend drives using his feet, and he makes a spectacular play every now and then outside of the pocket. The Texans’ offense is much more exciting with the rookie at the helm, but using the term “better” is a huge stretch.

What to Expect Moving Forward

Get ready for the roller coaster of a lifetime if you are a Texan’s fan. Prepare for boom or bust. Prepare to be frustrated. Prepare to be dazzled. The use of his athleticism and playmaking instinct will give us goosebumps at times, and his decision making will often leave us scratching our heads.

I expect many multiple-interception-games, but I also won’t be surprised when his playmaking ability wins us a game or two. In the end, I think it’s just WAY to early for him to shine. The bad will outweigh the good, and our playoff aspirations are in immediate danger.

One day we may all look back at this and make fun of me for ever thinking Deshaun Watson was terrible (as of now). But for now, I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Deshaun Watson looks to overcome the Cincinnati Bengals, while nursing an ankle injury. While I don’t have much faith in him this week, at least we know his head is in the game:

Happy Birthday Deshaun Watson! Good Luck tonight regardless of my criticisms!


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