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Grayzee’s Week 2 Picks and Week 1 Recap

It may have been Week One, but I won’t try to make excuses for how bad my picks were last week.  Let’s do a quick recap of what happened last week, before hopefully making better picks this week.

KC 42 – NE 27.  So, this one shocked most NFL fans, and most of the other SFE staff writers.  The Chiefs marched into New England and won by 15 points.  Is Tom Brady done?  Probably not.  Is Alex Smith going to play like that every week?  Again, probably not.  However, it was a great win for Kansas City.

BUF 21 – NYJ 12.  In a matchup of two less than stellar teams, the Bills won with Tyrod Taylor starting.  I thought the Jets might actually sneak in a win if it was Nathan Peterman, but that was not the case.  And with Josh McCown throwing some INTs, it already seems like we’re going to get egregious QB play from the Jets all season.

JAC 29 – HOU 7.  Tom Savage was booed, and the Jaguars defense looked menacing.  With an incredible 10 sacks, including 4 from free agent-signee Calais Campbell, I’ve heard multiple media outlets call them “Sacksonville”.  This proved to me that if the Jags are going to be competitive, it’s definitely going to be because of their defense.  However, it also proved to me that the Texans should be starting Deshaun Watson, as he led their only TD drive.

PIT 21 – CLE 18.  The Browns kept it competitive, as I expected.  Deshone Kizer provided some optimism. But let’s face it, the Steelers were supposed to win this game, and they took care of business.  I keep hearing “they always play down to their opponent”, but to me, a win is a win.

DET 35 – ARI 23.  When the $135 million man (Matthew Stafford) threw the pick 6, I felt confident in my Cardinals pick.  However, Stafford clearly was the better QB on the field as the game went on, as Carson Palmer had a bad day (1 TD, 3 INT, 53.2 rating).  To make matters worse for Arizona, it appears they’ve lost David Johnson for significant time.  Congrats to the 2017 NFC West division champs, Seattle Seahawks.

ATL 23 – CHI 17.  I expected the Falcons to take care of business here, and not keep it this close.  Credit to Chicago for slowing down an explosive offensive attack, though.  However, it seems that Austin Hooper was just too much of a beast (and my opponent had him in fantasy).

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(Image Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

OAK 26 – TEN 16.  I expected a great offensive shootout, where the Titans would emerge as the victors.  Neither of those things happened.  The Titans were not good in the red zone, as they kicked two field goals from less than 30 yards.  Speaking of field goals, props to Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio for making 4 field goals in his NFL debut, including 2 from 52 yards away.\

BAL 20 – CIN 0.  A 28.4 passer rating.  I’m very disappointed in you, Andy Dalton, as that’s another L for my picks this week.

PHI 30 – WAS 17.  I expected the Skins to get a close win at home, but thanks to some turnovers (including a controversial one at the end), the Eagles got it done.

LAR 46 – IND 9.  No Aaron Donald, no problem.  No Andrew Luck, HUGE problem.  We’re talking two pick-sixes and a 37-point loss problem.  This is one of the few picks I got right this week.

CAR 23 – SF 3.  Picking the Hoyer bunch to upset here was clearly a mistake, as the Panthers were undoubtedly the better team.  It’s only a matter of time before the Niner Faithful clamors for C.J. Beathard to get an opportunity at QB.  Though let’s face it, they’re looking for Kirk Cousins.

GB 17 – SEA 9.  The Packers got the win at Lambeau, as I expected.  The Seattle O-line looked terrible, also as I expected.  That’s one of the reasons I had Arizona winning the division, but like I said earlier in the article, this division is probably Seattle’s now with the David Johnson injury.  Don’t sweat this one too much Seattle, you held the bad man to just 17 points.  But your O-line STINKS.

DAL 19 – NYG 3.  As a Giants fan, I could write a whole article ranting about how terrible that offense was without Odell Beckham.  But with school starting, I just don’t have the time.  Eli Manning wasn’t that bad, but he made errant throws when he needed to make good ones (I recall him missing Brandon Marshall twice).  The O-line play was poor at best, and that is what will result in 3 points and a night of offensive woe.  Credit the Cowboys defense as well, Sean Lee was a baller as usual.  The Cowboys dominated time of possession in the first half, so for the Cowboys to only have 19 points, the Giants D is obviously not at fault for this humiliating loss.  Okay, mini rant is over.

MIN 29 – NO 19.  Is Sam Bradford a beast, or did he have a good game thanks to playing a pedestrian Saints defense?  Probably the latter.  Anyway, I went with the team with home field advantage, and that worked out for me.  Good win for Minnesota, as the Saints were held to just 19 points.

DEN 24 – LAC 21.  Gosh, I almost wrote out “SD” for the Chargers.  Anyway, unpopular opinion time, but I actually thought the female announcer was pretty decent.  Rex Ryan sucked though, and the sideline announcer… don’t even get me started on him.  As for the actual game, I once again went with the team with home field advantage, as I knew Trevor Siemian would do just enough to win.

So, I was 7-8 with my picks this week.  Below .500, pretty trash.  One “expert” went 6-9 on ESPN, so I get to say I wasn’t as bad as him I suppose.  Now, time for my Week Two Picks.  Also, I’m not picking against the spread anymore, as I kinda don’t feel like doing that.

HOU @ CIN.  Both these teams need a Week 2 win BAD, as they disappointed mightily during Week One, and helped attribute to my garbage picks.  I’m going to pick the Texans here because I think the Texans defense will just dominate the Bengals O-line.  It’s a defensive battle, and Houston wins 20-13.  The Bengals are actually 5 point favorites, so I consider this my upset of the week.

BUF @ CAR.  Sorry I disrespected your team last week, Panthers fans.  They should once again get an easy win here, playing against the tanking Bills.  I’ll say they win 27-10, in my lock of the week (which I’ll also consider my “survivor” pick).

CHI @ TB.  After their Week One Bye due to the hurricane, the Bucs should be able to get the W here.  They’re simply a better team, and I think they’ll win 27-16.

MIN @ PIT.  I think the Steelers offense will be too much for even a great defense like the Vikings to handle, and they will win 28-24.  Once again, I wouldn’t worry too much about them “playing down” to Cleveland.  But if they lose this game, then maybe the people saying that have a point.

ARI @ IND.  37 points.  Once again, I don’t want to overreact to Week One, but the Colts should not be losing by that much to the Rams, even without Andrew Luck.  The Cardinals are dealing with a devastating injury as well, as I hear David Johnson could be missing the whole season.  However, I think they get the win simply because the Colts are trash without Andrew Luck.  It’s a 29-17 W.

NE @ NO.  If the Pats lose here, I think they’re in trouble.  However, Chiefs defense > Saints defense.  It should be an exciting shootout, but one where the Pats grasp victory in a 37-34 win.

CLE @ BAL.  I want to pick the Browns to upset here, but I’ll refrain.  The Ravens defense completed a shutout in Week One, so I’m not sure I like DeShone Kizer’s chances.  Mosley, Weddle, and the rest of the Ravens’ crew should get the job done and win 16-7.

PHI @ KC.  The Chiefs looked great in Week One, so when they return to Arrowhead, I have little confidence in Carson Wentz’s ability to get it done.  I expect the Chiefs to win 27-16.

TEN @ JAC.  While the Jaguars are being hailed for getting 10 sacks, this Titans’ o-line isn’t going to be messed with like that.  The Titans will rebound. and the Jags fall back to Earth, and Tennessee gets a 28-20 win.

NYJ @ OAK.  Dear Raiders:  Pass go and collect $200.  Don’t you dare screw up here.  31-10 win.

MIA @ LAC.  In the debut of the Chargers’ 30,000-seat soccer stadium, I expect Jay Cutler and the Dolphins to find a way to win.  They will be playing with heavy hearts after Hurricane Irma, and will win 27-20.

DAL @ DEN.  Call me biased if you wish (I’m a Giants fan), but I expect the Broncos to get it done with defense and home field advantage.  Their crowd was loud in Monday Night’s game, and so I expect them to win 23-17.

SF @ SEA.  Dear Seahawks: This is not the Rams, so you can pass go and collect $200.  28-7 win.

WAS @ LA.  If the Skins lose, I think they’re in trouble, as they got Oakland and Kansas City next up on the schedule.  However, they are a better team overall than the Rams.  I think their defense will be just good enough to shut down Jared Goff, and win 30-24.

GB @ ATL.  In the Falcons’ debut of their new stadium, they will use the home field advantage to their… advantage.  Their offense gets back in explosive gear, and they win 31-28.

DET @ NYG.  And finally, we get to my Giants.  I think they rebound in this game, and win 23-14.  The Giants defense did a great job of shutting down Stafford last year, and much like last year, I think the offense will do just enough to win.

My Pick Record: 7-8

My Lock of the Week, A.K.A. “Survivor Pick” Record: 1-0

My Upset of the Week Record: 0-1


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