Digging Deeper with Daniel 9/3-9/10 NFL Week 1

Sunday Surprises

  • Browns keep it close- The Cleveland Browns played a close game against the Steelers in NFL Week 1. They eventually lost, but they looked like a decent team behind Deshone Kizer.
  • Jags look dominant vs. Houston- The Jaguars got an easy victory in Houston. Deshaun Watson also made an appearance after a bad first half from Tom Savage and had a touchdown and an interception.

Rookie Report

  • Deshone Kizer had a really good debut for Cleveland. He had a few overthrows and a bad interception, but otherwise looked like a future franchise quarterback.
  • Leonard Fournette looked like the stud he was supposed to be coming out of LSU with 100 yards rushing and a generally good day against Houston.
  • Christian McCaffery looked pretty good against a 49er defense that was clearly focused on stopping him putting up a solid day.
  • Bears rookie Tarik Cohen had a stellar day putting up massive yardage receiving and rushing.
  • Corey Davis of the Titans had a really good day, especially considering his absence from most

    of training camp and preseason.


  • The most significant injuries of the early and afternoon games today were Reuben Foster, Allen Robinson, and Danny Woodhead.

NFL Draft Update

  • Almost all of the highly rated QB prospects for this upcoming class had great nights on Saturday, and many other top prospects had stellar days. Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen looked particularly impressive of the QBs.

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