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The Fight: Round-by-Round Analysis

Esther Lin/Showtime

The fight of the summer was entertaining, intriguing, and surpassed all of the hype surrounding it. McGregor’s first ever boxing match was interesting, to say the least. To go 10 rounds with an undefeated boxer is nothing to be ashamed of. Boxing’s reputation was essentially on the line and Mayweather came through.

Impressive Showing for Conor

Rounds: 1-4

The 1st four rounds of this fight were pretty much all McGregor, and that’s why they should be grouped together. McGregor unleashed his power in the first few rounds. You would think that he would abuse hooks and try to squeeze in more power punches, but not exactly. McGregor discovered his front jab at the beginning of this fight as a go-to asset for him to utilize going forward. He used it very effectively and was able to execute it nicely for the most part. There was a spot where McGregor hit a nasty uppercut and looked quite dominant, but Mayweather showcased his resiliency, as the fight went on.


Momentum Shift

Rounds: 5-6

This was really where Mayweather was able to move the needle and change the direction of the bout. Mayweather was able to dissect McGregor’s fighting style and started getting better looks. That’s why you did not see Mayweather off to a hot start, because it does not always revolve around getting off to a hot start. Boxing is like a chess match, where strategy is key. Floyd stayed patient, began to work the inside more.


Fatigue Kicks in

Rounds: 7-8

You could see just how exhausted Conor was at this point. He is accustomed to fighting five 5-minute rounds at the max. However, boxing’s shorter rounds come with a price, as the match can last up to 36 minutes. Floyd’s experience was on display here, as he did not looked overwhelmed at all.


Floyd Executes the Game Plan

Rounds: 9-10

This was it. Floyd got it to the point where the tables were turned and Conor looked overwhelmed. He landed several strikes in a row, had Conor moving back, and finally had him on the ropes for just enough time where the fight was called to an end by TKO. The atmosphere was electric, and it really lived up to be the fight it was hyped up to be.




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