Jacksonville Could Sign Colin Kaepernick

The perfect storm may be brewing in Florida.

Colin Kaepernick with Chad Henne

Photo Courtesy of NFL.com


Quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Chad Henne have been a nightmare, and that is putting it mildly. Bortles has transformed into the running joke of the preseason. Henne just isn’t a number one guy. With so much talent in other areas on the team, the Jacksonville Jaguars should pursue Colin Kaepernick.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan indicates he wouldn’t be opposed to signing Kaepernick if it means helping his football team. Khan also added that he didn’t condone Kaepernick’s anthem protest, but respected his right as a player and American to do what he chooses.

Khan’s statement indicates he puts trust into the Jacksonville brass to make football decisions for the best interest of the team. Newly hired Tom Coughlin, the executive vice president of football operations, must not believe adding Kaepernick would improve the team. Despite Kaepernick having better quarterback stats than both, he may not be a risk Coughlin takes in year one of his new role.

Coughlin should consider signing Kaepernick. In Kaepernick, he acquires a vet with post season experience. After all, Kaepernick is a quarterback who orchestrated two NFC championship appearances and played in a Super Bowl. That experience alone is a valuable attribute. How about Kaepernick’s athletic ability? Surely his athleticism would mesh well in an offense with Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson stretching the field. Add Dede Westbrook, who has looked pretty good in preseason, to a group that will also have Marqise Lee and that is a speedy receiving corps.

The media baggage continues to repel NFL owner interest in Kaepernick. He is a constant topic of discussion, but Kaepernick is definitely one of the best 32 quarterbacks available. The Jaguars don’t have one. They should want one. They need one so that this season is not a wash. In a previous article of mine, I highlighted the Jaguars as the best fit for Kaepernick. This remains true. He could really get the offense going.

Will Coughlin be persuaded by Owner Khan not being opposed to adding Kaepernick? Things could heat up and Kaepernick may be out of the unemployment line before the season begins.


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