Film Breakdown: DeShone Kizer vs New York Giants 2017 Preseason Week 2


In the video above, I give a film breakdown of DeShone Kizer in his second preseason game. After an impressive showing in his debut, Kizer continued his momentum with several impressive throws. He read the field pretty well and continued to give the Cleveland Browns confidence they found the right QB.

Kizer had his fair share of struggles, though. At times, he lacked pocket mobility, and he missed a couple of throws as well. However, he remained poised, confident, and ultimately, looked good. In fact, he looked so good that head coach Hue Jackson announced Kizer will start in the Browns’ third preseason game. Furthermore, Jackson even went as far as to say Kizer is likely to start Week 1.

“This morning, I informed our quarterbacks that DeShone will be our starter for the third preseason game against Tampa. He has made a lot of progress by investing the time necessary to learn our offense, working hard to improve on his fundamentals while also effectively moving the offense in preseason games. Development is so important for a young quarterback, this is the next step he needs to take and he deserves this opportunity. We are very excited about seeing DeShone in the role of starter for this week, as he is certainly positioning himself well to earn the starting job heading into the regular season.”

– Hue Jackson, Browns Head Coach

So far, so good, Mr. Kizer.

Browns head coach watches on as rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer prepares to throw

Image Credit: John Kuntz/


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