Wats-going-on With Deshaun?: Preseason Week 2


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In week 2 of the preseason, we clearly see why Tom Savage is currently holding the starting quarterback position in Houston. We saw much of the same from week 1 of the preseason, but the details of each quarterback became even more apparent. Tom Savage further portrayed his dominant grasp of the offense over rookie Deshaun Watson, but he also reaffirmed his status as a dink-and-dunk game managing quarterback. Shortly after, Deshaun Watson was simply awful throwing the football, even worse than Week 1. So bad in fact, that his hopes of starting week 1 are looking bleaker than ever.

Tom Savage Shows Why He’s The Starter

With Tom Savage at quarterback, you know what you get. Playmaking isn’t his strong suit, and seemingly anything beyond fifteen yards seems effort-heavy for the veteran. Otherwise, Tom Savage clearly portrayed his strong knowledge of Bill O’Brien’s offense. Throwing 8 of 9 for 98 yards and a touchdown is very efficient, but there was nothing spectacular.

A good chunk of Savage’s yards came as yards after the catch and a flukey catch from Texans’ newcomer WR Bruce Ellington. In fact, both of Savages’s throws beyond short yardage were flat out ugly. Ellington ran a streak down the sideline only to be FAR underthrown by Savage downfield. Luckily for Savage, Ellington contorted his body over the corner to come down with a spectacular catch. On another play, Savages’s only incompletion, a back shoulder attempt to WR Dres Anderson was also underthrown. Like I said, Savage can run the offense, but no one should ever expect anything spectacular from the 3rd year quarterback.

If Tom Savage is going to be the signal caller in 2017, the run game HAS to improve. Lamar Miller continues to be a no-show, and the offensive line is refusing to open any remarkable holes in front of these running backs. Alfred Blue and D’Onta Foreman are looking solid, but even they are also finding trouble getting in yardage in the run game. In the end, what is the point of having a game managing quarterback at the helm, when other facets of the offense are obviously below average?


To put it plainly, rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson looked TERRIBLE: an absolutely embarrassing performance by the former Clemson Tiger. Looking at his stats is bad enough, but watching his play is cringeworthy. 3 of 10. 3 of 10? THREE OF TEN!? Yes. 30% completion percentage. You might be thinking that nobody was open or Watson felt constant pressure. Listen to this: FIVE of those seven incompletions were flat out missed throws including a sailed ball in the back of the endzone to Dres Anderson. I won’t even mention the throw behind the receiver on a slant that would’ve extended the drive if the receiver got YAC.

There’s Awful, And Then There Is AWFUL

There is something wrong with Watson’s mechanics. We all knew this before he was drafted, but this guy has Brock Osweiler-like accuracy farts. Watson could’ve went 7 of 10 passing with a passing touchdown if he could just make the fundamental throws within the offense. Instead, he missed his targets on HALF of his attempts. It was ugly folks. As ugly as it gets.

With that said, we still got a little of that Watson magic I referred to in the last article. Watson had a great and tough run to convert on third down. His rushing touchdown was another electric play similar to last week. He broke an edge rusher’s ankles and trotted into the endzone proceeding to dance in solitary celebration.

This fantastic play was followed by Watson’s questionable behavior that I have been slightly critical of since the Texans drafted him. I don’t know how one could be in a good mood following his passing performance even after that rushing touchdown. When I played baseball, I couldn’t imagine striking out three times, dinking an unorthodox RBI base hit, and then breaking it down on first base. Athletes who hold themselves accountable don’t do that kind of nonsense, especially the great quarterbacks. Yes, Watson should be able to let bad plays go, but I personally still see a kid. Plain and simple.

The quarterback situation in Houston is still far from solved.



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