Kyrie to the Clippers?

According to, Cavs guard Kyrie Irving has reportedly mentioned a desire to play in LA for the Clippers. He’s given his word to people around the league and insiders now believe this is his most preferred destination at this time.


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We all know of Kyrie Irving’s summer trade request by now. He’s voiced his displeasure in Cleveland and at this point, with him being distant from the Cavs front office and losing relationships with his teammates, it’d be surprising if Irving is in a Cavalier uniform come opening night. We’ve now seen multiple possible trades and several potential destinations for Kyrie to land, but nothing has gone through yet.


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The latest rumor involving the All-Star guard is a possible trade to the Los Angeles Clippers. This actually seems fairly realistic relative to the Irving trade simulations we’ve seen in recent weeks. With the Chris Paul trade going down around a month ago, LA got several productive role players in return. Some of these players include Pat Beverley and Lou Williams. If the Cavs were to trade Irving to the Clippers, i’d say it’s highly likely those two are involved. Getting a defensive stalwart in Beverley in the backcourt is just what the team needs, as the Cleveland defense has been horrendous in years past. We could see Milos Teodosic joining the Cavs in this trade as well, getting LeBron the “playmaker” he’s been craving. The Cleveland backcourt would be much deeper and defense would of course improve. No trade Cleveland can make will be ideal, as they’d love to keep their young, clutch guard, but all things considered, the Clippers might be the team to deal with here.


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Assuming Cleveland does trade Kyrie before the season starts, they must get pieces back that can pair with LeBron James to get back to the NBA Finals. Everyone except for James, of course, should be expendable at this point. Losing Irving will hurt the team in the future but getting to 4 straight Finals would be by far the most impressive accomplishment in the franchise’s history and with LeBron possibly leaving for good next summer, they should make this season count. Kyrie has been working out in Los Angeles this summer, and loves the environment. He may get the opportunity to be there for a while.


Check out our Kyrie Irving trade request video from the sportsfanentertainment Youtube page down below for more on the rumors!



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