Mitchell Trubisky shines in preseason debut


As with most NFL seasons, all eyes were on the rookie quarterbacks in their preseason debuts, and this season, they did not disappoint. After an impressive showing by Texans QB Deshaun Watson last night, Chicago Bears rookie Mitchell Trubisky might have played even better.

Following a comedy of an offense by Mike Glennon and most of the Bears’ starting unit throughout most of the first half, Mitchell Trubisky, the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, galloped into the Bears’ first preseason game and immediately changed the state of the offense. After not even scoring a point in over 28 minutes of game play, it took Trubisky about 1:40 to get his team on the scoreboard with a touchdown to Victor Cruz. Cruz made sure to hit his seemingly patented salsa dance after scoring, as well.

Trubisky would go on to lead two more scoring drives in the second half, finishing the game with a passing stat line of 18-25 attempts, 166 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, and a passer rating of 103.1. He also added 38 yards on the ground.

The most impressive part of Trubisky’s game was his exceptional accuracy. He was extremely accurate in the short-to-intermediate range, hitting his receivers in stride and allowing them to get yards after the catch.

With Mike Glennon, the team struggled to move the football, turned the ball over multiple times, and didn’t even look competitive. With Trubisky, the team was completely different. They moved the ball with relative ease, did not turn the ball over, and was extremely competitive. And maybe more importantly, they were even a little fun to watch.

Trubisky did display some flaws, though. He never sought to throw the ball very deep down field, and with a chance to come back and win the game for his team in the 4th quarter, he failed. He did not have enough urgency on the final drive, resulting in the Bears only having one true shot at the end zone from 24 yards out. Trubisky bought time, rolled out to his left, but threw an uncatchable ball out of bounds to end the game.

Still, the rookie quarterback was impressive. So, he must be moving up the QB depth chart, right?  Wrong, says Bears head coach John Fox.

“Our depth chart is not going to change after one game, particularly a preseason game. That’s a really good defense our first unit went against, probably one of the top three defenses in the league…You have to look at a lot of different things. I can understand how you guys might think, but we’re not going to change a whole lot after one game.”

– John Fox, following the Bears vs Broncos preseason game

Well, it’s nice to know John Fox is still John Fox. Fox has a history of not playing rookies, and it appears as if this history will continue. But if Mitchell Trubisky continues to play this well, even John Fox will have to admit Trubisky must start.

Here’s another look at the box score, in case you missed it, Mr. Fox.

Mitchell Trubisky 18 25 166 6.6 1 0 101.3
Mike Glennon 2 8 20 2.5 0 1 0.0*

*We’re serious. It was really 0.0


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