2018 NFL Draft: Early Prospects (QBs!) to be wary of



The 2018 NFL Draft class is already looking it could be the best in recent memory. With the early hype, however, there are already players that have been hyped up to be significantly better than they really are. Here are some of the early prospects to look out for:



Josh Allen | QB | Wyoming

Here we start out with a bang. Josh Allen is already touted by many to be a top-10 player in the early stages of the draft process. He has the ideal size, a powerful arm, and mobility. Although his skillset and a gunslinger mentality makes Allen a human highlight reel, he isn’t a top-5 QB in the class at this point. Every throw is a fastball, which hurts his accuracy in the short passing game. He struggles to take checkdowns as well. Coupled with only average overall accuracy and painfully abysmal decision making that leads to throws like this

Long story short, Allen needs to make huge strides in order to prove he’s as good as advertised.



Mason Rudolph | QB | Oklahoma State

Rudolph is a Big 12 QB. Unless they possess a special skillset, such as Patrick Mahomes and (no other Big 12 QB in recent memory), which Rudolph absolutely does not, it doesn’t work out. Rudolph is no different: a one-read passer that doesn’t make progressions with accuracy issues and a mediocre arm.



Jake Browning | QB | Washington

Browning helped lead Washington to a College Football Playoff appearance. He lit up the stat sheet (62%, 3,430 yards, 43 passing TDs) with a supporting cast that featured two top receivers in the nation in Dante Pettis and John Ross III, one of the deepest backfields in college, and a handful of all-conference offensive lineman. Although many like him as an NFL Draft prospect, he hasn’t showed enough to prove that. Browning’s lack of arm strength is something that immediately pops up on tape. He hurt his star WRs’ by underthrowing them on a consistent basis and forcing them to come back to the ball. In addition, Browning has a hard time reacting well to pressure and putting zip in throws. 2017 will be huge for Browning, and we’ll see if his shoulder injury was the result of his deficiency in arm strength.


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