Hold the Headset: Jay Cutler is a Miami Dolphin


Photo Credit/Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The Broadcast Booth will have to wait, Jay Cutler reunites with Adam Gase in Miami

Jay Cutler is employed.

As a Quarterback in the National Football League.

After a short-lived retirement, ex-Bears’ QB Jay Cutler is taking his “talents” to South Beach. Cutler agreed to pick up the helmet over the headset for one year in Miami.

With QB Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins mulling the decision of surgery, a move to sign a QB was all but certain.

But was Cutler the right choice?

Reports surfaced that Tannehill suffered a partial tear of his ACL. The news prompted the Dolphins to leave QB Matt Moore in his role as a career-backup, and instead, bring in Cutler to assume the starting role of the AFC East ‘Phins.

The factors that likely influenced the decision to sign Cutler were price and familiarity. Cutler’s one-year deal is worth $10 million, which is a little pricey for a QB recovering from a surgically repaired torn labrum.



A relationship with Dolphins’ Head Coach Adam Gase gave Cutler an edge over other veteran QBs in the unemployment line. Gase knows what to expect from Cutler – and knows just how much he can get out of the former 1st round pick.

Some argue that Cutler had his best season under Gase during their time together in Chicago. Why? Because it was his highest Passer Rating? I’m not buying it. It’s likely Gase is banking on Cutler’s familiarity with his offensive system and can execute it at a high level. Or at least that is what Gase is hoping.

Offensive familiarity or not, the Cutler signingdoes not make the Dolphins better. In fact, a case could be made that it will make Miami much worse.

Cutler – who has always been praised for having a strong-arm – may not have a strong arm anymore. He ended his 2016 season prematurely after suffering a torn-labrum. Cutler underwent surgery in December. A surgical procedure that may jeopardize Andrew Luck’s season is now overlooked in an older Cutler’s case?

Why sign a QB whose arm strength, conditioning, and desire to play are concerning?


Photo Credit/AP Photo | DAVID J. PHILLIP

Cutler is a prime example of a physically talented player who never had the love of the game. His lack of desire was put on full display when he spent the second half of the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers riding a stationary bike instead of playing through the pain to give his team a chance at a Super Bowl.

Had this been a regular season game, an unenthused Cutler cruising the sidelines on a stationary bike is understandable – there is simply nothing to play for. But in NFC Championship game? Against the Division Rival Green Bay Packers? Playing for the Chicago Bears – the team he grew up rooting for? How did he not have an adrenaline surge to play through his Grade II MCL injury given the circumstances?

Yes, the injury was bad – but I think other QBs in such a game would have to be dragged off the field. Maybe I’m wrong. Or, maybe I’m right.

Either way, Jay Cutler is the guy Miami chose.This is the guy the Dolphins’ feel could carry their talent into the post season in light of Tannehill’s absence?


Cutler is bringing his ability to alienate teammates to South Beach. Regardless of whatever talent he is surrounded by, Cutler is not a leader. He’s someone who was born with a gift of having a strong-arm. He will not be the guy rallying his teammates, but will point the finger of blame on everybody else. Cutler is not a guy that can be counted on. He benefited statistically by playing with talented receivers that drastically improved his total career yards. I mean, the guy has played with the likes of Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal, Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett.

What does he have to show for it? A 69-72 record? An inflated number of yards – clearly attributed to YAC by talented pass catchers he played with? The guy last made the Pro Bowl in 2008 – what has he done lately? Nothing worthy of being afforded an opportunity to be a starting QB in the NFL.

Cutler has broken records – that’s undeniable – but he is not a winner. The desire to win is not within him. Can he throw a football pretty far – he did, but how far can he throw following surgery to his throwing arm?


Photo Credit/Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Dolphins had a chance to sign Colin Kaepernick and remain competitive in the AFC East. Was the controversy or the asking price the deal-breaker with Kaep. Despite owner Stephen Ross’ stance, I believe the controversy kept Kaepernick from earning a paycheck and his name on an Aqua Green jersey.

Does Cutler light a fire under this talented Miami team? Absolutely not. Instead, Cutler pours ice water over the lingering burning coals. The Cutler signing is an absolute buzz kill in Miami. He guarantees they do not make the post season. Book it.


The Dolphins could find themselves in 3rd place of the AFC East. Their biggest competition of the season will be competing for last place with the lowly New York Jets – who are tanking! 

Cutler is the only winner in this deal. He’ll make money this season. He won’t have a career resurrection that warrants a new deal next season. By the end of the season, Cutler’s injury could mean QB Moore finishes the year as the starter.

Cutler will finish flat and finish the season $10 million dollars richer. Then, within the blink of an eye, he will turnover his helmet for a headset and comfy seat in the booth.

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Stats referenced at NFL.com and pro-football-reference.com


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