Digging Deeper with Daniel: 7/31-8/6 The Dog Days

Football is Back…..sort of

NFL football is back with the preseason kicking off at the Hall of Fame game between the Cardinals and the Cowboys on Thursday. The Cowboys won, but this is preseason so it doesn’t truly matter. The important thing is that football is back and we can all stop playing Madden to get our football fix.

Football is back, and so is the hype on C-Mac

A lot of hype has been swirling around Christian McCaffery in training camp. Certain mainstream media sources have even been comparing him to Zeke in terms of his rookie production. This is an absurd statement because they are vastly different players, but I believe that McCaffery could surpass Zeke’s 1600 yards across rushing, receiving, and passing (yes passing). McCaffery looks to have bulked up enough to take the NFL punishment without affecting his play. The eighth overall pick has been making highlight after highlight against the league’s best linebacking core, but has also been playing very well outside of the highlight jukes. This may be early, but McCaffery looks phenomenal in training camp and the Panthers have been using him in every way imaginable, including the wildcat with Cam Newton out wide (hence the passing). McCaffery looks to have the quality and situation to have a big rookie season.

*Fantasy Note: McCaffery could be a steal in any fantasy league, especially in PPR leagues.

NFL Training Camp injuries

Injuries are plaguing NFL teams in training camp with players such as Forrest Lamp for the Chargers and Ryan Tannehill for the Dolphins going down for the season from practice injuries. Watch out for your favorite players in practice.

NBA Trade Rumors

Rumors continue to swirl around a Kyrie Irving trade, including the Suns and the Pistons. For more on these rumors, see other NBA articles on this website.

Image Credit to nflspinzone.com


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