Reports: Warriors will pursue Paul George next summer

According to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Golden State Warriors majority owner, Joe Lacob, is planning an attempt to sign OKC forward Paul George next summer.


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First of all, this move would stun and devastate other teams around the league and some may even seek interference from commissioner Adam Silver to deny the signing though as of now, that’s not in his power. A Golden State signing of Paul George would make a title run almost uncompetitive as talented as the Warriors already are. George would likely be starting at small forward in an unbeatable lineup of Curry, Thompson, George, Durant, and Green. That’s a terrifying roster that probably no one can beat unless TWO of those stars get hurt.


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In order to sign George, the Warriors would obviously have to give up some high paid players to afford him. Golden State would likely opt to trade Andre Iguodala and possibly Shaun Livingston as well to make room for the All-Star. Though Klay Thompson would be a much more attractive trade piece to teams dealing with Golden State, I doubt the Warriors would want to even go through with the signing if they had to give up their second most important splash bro. The Pacers and Warriors were actually in talks for a George trade this summer before he was dealt to OKC, but Golden State was unwilling to give up Thompson, proof it’s unlikely they trade Klay for any reason.


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If the champs are able to acquire another All-Star to make every player in their starting lineup an All-NBA level player, it’s likely their multiple star’s numbers go down fairly considerably. It would be a major sacrifice by George and risk by the Warriors to go through with a signing. Depth would turn into an issue for the Warriors but with that starting lineup there’s barely a need to even worry about that. Obviously this would easily make Golden State the best team of all time if they aren’t that already. Though this seems like a long shot now, I think some were thinking that when we heard about possible KD to the Warriors rumors a little over a year ago too, and we all know how that turned out. Will Paul George be in the Bay come 2018?



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