Desperate Dolphins May Need a QB

With Tannehill Injured, Will the Dolphins Bring in Another Quarterback?

The Miami Dolphins outlook on the 2017 season just became a little murky.

The details of QB Ryan Tannehill’s sustained injury are unknown at this point, but some facts are available. It was non-contact. It was to the same leg he suffered ACL injury. Both of those reasons are cause for concern. The Dolphins may need to look at the crop of available Free Agent QBs. The team is good enough to make the playoffs if they have a stability from the QB position.

Tannehill – who went down against Arizona in Week 14 after Calais Campbell’s low hit – missed the last three weeks of the regular season with an ACL and MCL injury. The fear is he may have re-aggravated ACL/MCL injury and/or damaged PCL. No details have confirmed either.

Tannehill had the offense rolling in Head Coach Adam Gase’s offensive scheme. RB Jay Ajayi – who also suffered a concussion in training camp – had a good season and gave the offense balance, which allowed for the Tannehill-Jarvis Landry connection to blossom. The Dolphins were dominating the Arizona Cardinals – and then the unthinkable happened.

However, the show must go on.

The Dolphins – who started the 2016 season 1-5 – went on a run led by the QB play of Tannehill. The Dolphins made the post season, but without Tannehill leading the offense, the team had little chance to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was 20-6 at halftime. QB Matt Moore was brutalized in that game, and Miami was eliminated 30-12. Despite the loss, things were looking up for the ‘Phins who wondered if the game would’ve had a different outcome had Tannehill been at the helm.

Moore – although he has had some good showings – will not be able to lead this team into the post season if he has to play for a lengthy stretch of time. He’s a viable option for 1-3 games, but he’s not the solution. The best available QBs include the retired Jay Cutler, often injured Robert Griffin III, and constant media subject of conversation, Colin Kaepernick.


Photo Credit/AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Cutler and Gase worked together in Chicago, so there’s the natural connection there. Gase knows what he gets in Cutler – the good and the bad. He’ll be at least considered. RGIII can’t be counted on to complete a season. Kaepernick has no injury concerns and has led a team to the Super Bowl. He’s the best option. Kaepernick would fit in well with Gase, who is familiar with scrambling QBs. If Gase was able to guide Tim Tebow into the playoffs, he could do great things with Kaepernick.

Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross is on the record stating NFL owners will do what it takes to win, even if that means signing Kaepernick. Ross – a proponent of player rights – did not have an issue with Kaepernick’s flag protest to the degree many other owners may have had. With the Baltimore Ravens flirtation in signing Kaepernick, Ross and the Dolphins should move in quickly if Tannehill’s situation looks dire.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins

At the right price, Kaepernick can be a season-salvaging signing. He can help boost the spirits of Dolphins’ players who are praying Tannehill’s injury is not serious. Miami, nevertheless, must prepare for the worst.

If Tannehill is indeed out, Kaepernick is the right QB to lead this team.

UPDATE: Per Adam Schefter, there is no structural damage.

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