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Digging Deeper with Daniel: 7/24-7/30 Discussing CTE

99% of NFL players and over 20% of high school football players have CTE according to a Boston University study

If you haven’t heard, 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players studied , 48 out of 53 deceased college football football players studied, and 3 out of 14 deceased high school football players were found to have CTE (a brain disease caused by repetitive hits to the head)¬†in a Boston University study released this week. This is a concerning study, but not as concerning as the main-stream media would have you think. What hasn’t been studied is the frequency of CTE in the players of other sports such as boxing, UFC, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, or even soccer, all of which are likely to produce high rates of CTE in their players. One important note is also that all of the brains studied are out of dead people, which means that the bodies studied are more likely to have CTE because……well…..they’re dead. Additionally we don’t know two important pieces of this study, which are: What level of brain regression is considered CTE and how much does each varying degree of CTE affect the brain? This is certainly a concerning study, but don’t focus exclusively on football, and learn more about CTE before believing the media narrative of football being uniquely violent.

Corey Davis and the last NFL rookies sign with their teams

We won’t have a Joey Bosa scenario this year. This is great for the NFL because all the rookies will be able to participate in most of training camp and get fully prepared for the NFL. Better player quality equals a better product to watch. Only a few more weeks to go boys, now let’s get to football.

Xavier Rhodes signs a massive contract

Great. He’s staying in Minnesota. Now let’s get to football.

Kyrie rumors

The Cavs are reportedly willing to trade Kyrie to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, and pick(s), but the Suns don’t want to give up Jackson. Kyrie reportedly really wants to go to the Knicks. Nothing has actually happened though, so these reports are just gossip right now.

Da’Shawn Hand arrested

Hand was arrested for a DUI on Saturday. He was a highly touted draft prospect for this upcoming draft and this will obviously negatively impact his draft stock to an extent still to be determined.


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