32 Teams in 32 Days: Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl Hangover

The Falcons suffered a devastating loss in a Super Bowl that they should’ve won. Super Bowl hangover is a real thing, and with as inconsistent as Matt Ryan and this team has been, a rough Super Bowl hangover is to be expected. That being said, the Falcons are a highly talented team, so they may still have a decent season.

Schedule Walk through

Week 1. @ Chicago

The Bears have some talent, and should be able to beat a shaken Atlanta team in Chicago. 34-23 Bears (0-1)

Week 2. VS. Green Bay

The Falcons should still be suffering from some Super Bowl hangover. Aaron Rodgers will work his magic. 35-24 Packers (0-2)

Week 3. @ Detroit

I expect the Lions to take a big step back next year, and the Falcons should win this game. 21-17 Falcons (1-2)

Week 4. VS. Buffalo 

The Falcons are more talented than the Bills and should be able to win this game fairly easily at home. 28-13 Falcons (2-2)

Week 6. VS. Miami

Miami is a decent team, but not good enough to beat the highly talented Falcons at home. 28-24 Falcons (3-2)

Week 7. @ New England

New England has the same talent as the Falcons with better coaching. the Patriots should defend their turf. 38-27 Patriots (3-3)

Week 8. @ NYJ

The Jets are REALLY bad, so the Falcons should handle business in New York. 21-3 Falcons (4-3)

Week 9. @ Carolina

The Panthers should be a very good team this year and the Falcons may still be a little bit shaken. The Panthers should win in Carolina.  31-28 Panthers (4-4)

Week 10. VS. Dallas

Dallas is a good team, but the Falcons should defend home turf. 27-26 Falcons (5-4)

Week 11. @ Seattle

Seattle is a very good team and should win in Seattle. 28-20 Seahawks (5-5)

Week 12. VS. Tampa Bay

The Buccaneers are a good team, but Atlanta should win in Atlanta. 27-24 Falcons (6-5)

Week 13. VS. Minnesota

The Vikings have some potential, but won’t be good enough to beat the Falcons away from Minnesota. 24-21 Falcons (7-5)

Week 14. VS. New Orleans

The Saints could be decent this season, but should lose to the Falcons in Atlanta. 35-17 Falcons (8-5)

Week 15. @ Tampa Bay

The Buccaneers should be good enough to beat the Falcons in Tampa. 28-27 Buccaneers (8-6)

Week 16. @ New Orleans

The Falcons will need a win here to stay in the playoff chase, and should be able to pull out an exciting victory. 35-34 Falcons (9-6)

Week 17. VS. Carolina

This may be effectively the NFC South championship game, but I have the Panthers winning this game following two losses in a tight game at the Mercedes. 24-23 Panthers (9-7)

Player Predictions

Julio Jones: Julio should still put up great numbers, but not quite as impressive as in 2016.

Matt Ryan: Matt may suffer from a down year in 2017, but won’t play too badly

Surprise stars: This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but expect Tevin Coleman and Desmond Trufant to take big steps up this season.

The Verdict

Super Bowl hangover may hurt the Falcons, but they should be a good team and challenge for the division. I don’t have them winning the division, but they may slide into a wild-card playoff spot.


2 thoughts on “32 Teams in 32 Days: Atlanta Falcons

  1. There is no way that the Falcons are losing to the bears. I repeat no way. And not only are they not losing to the bears they are not gonna give up 34 to the bears. Now, the Falcons may not possess the strongest defense in the league. But, they are fast, athletic, and have talent on all three levels. They have two solid corners in Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford. Deion Jones and Duke Rilley will be a really good young linebacker duo and they have Vic Beasley and Mckinley. And there is no way the bears are scoring 34 points that is laughable.
    They are gonna beat the bears, the packers game depends on how much the packers secondary has improved and the packers secondary has talent. However, they are not consistent. If the Packers defense plays to its talent level/ability and is improved I could see Atlanta losing that game.
    The Detroit game will be a tough one but I have them winning that one 28-21 they aree going to beat the bills, they are going to beat the dolphins in a tough but close game. They will lose to the Patriots in a close one.They are going to destroy the jets. They are going to split with the Panthers I have them winning in Carolina and losing in Atlanta They will beat the Cowboys in a close one 35-28 They will lose to the Seahawks. They will split with the Bucs The vikings game will be a challenge get back to me on that one. And they will split with my Saints with both teams winning at home. And I have them losing to Carolina at home. My best case scenario for the Falcons 11-5 worst case scenario 10-6 but, they are definitely making the playoffs.


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