Digging Deeper with Daniel 7/16-7/23

Carolina Fires Gettleman

This was a very surprising move, seemingly out of nowhere. I wrote a piece on specifically why I thought this move came at such an unexpected time. More news has recently come out that the new general manager may already be planning for the team to go over cap next year. As a Carolina fan, I am concerned by this move. 

Franchise Tag Deadline

The NFL franchise tag deadline has passed and stars Kirk Cousins, Le’Veon Bell, and others will play this season on the tag, holding out for bigger contracts. Kirk Cousins, in particular, has drawn some attention for being a “hero for the players” in trying to gain contracts more comparable to NBA contracts. I don’t really think Cousins is a hero at all.  I believe that the NFL is more reasonable in contract valuation because the NBA is spending money at an unsustainable rate on mediocre at best players.

Mike Williams Out for the Season…..or not

News broke this week that 7th overall pick Mike Williams would need season ending surgery. Almost as soon as this news broke, news broke that he would not, in fact, need that surgery. I can’t imagine what must have gone on at the Chargers’ facility or at ESPN for this news to have broke. This was basically a whole lot of nothing, other than embarrassment for those involved.

Houston Rockets for Sale

It was announced early this week that the Houston Rockets franchise was up for sale. Some believe that the owner signed Chris Paul to increase the market value of the franchise before selling it. This shouldn’t have any major effect on the team unless the new owner inexplicably opts towards relocation.

Kyrie Wants OUT

Kyrie Irving has asked for a trade from the Cavaliers, reportedly because he wanted out from under Lebron’s shadow. His preferred destinations are San Antonio, Minnesota, Miami, and New York. I think that it is likely that the Cavs will honor his request before the beginning of the season, but some believe otherwise. This could strip the Cavs of whatever lasting hope they had of beating the Warriors, but if he goes to the right team, may give them a chance to take on Golden State. 


image credit to sportingnews.com


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