All Eyes On Deshaun Watson in Houston

QB Deshaun Watson via Houston Chronicle


The Houston Texans have been anything but consistent at the quarterback position since the departure of Matt Schaub, the best quarterback in Texans history. Yes. Matt Schaub. But somehow in the 3 seasons since Schaub joined the Oakland Raiders, the Texans were able to make the playoffs in two of those seasons even when led by the likes of Ryan “Picks-patrick”, Brian “Bore-yer”, and Brock “Loss-weiler.” Albeit in a weak division, the Texans premiere defense has been enough to overcome their lackluster offense to be a playoff team.

With the talented Jags, the up-and-coming Titans, and the Andrew Luck-led Colts in the division, it would seem that the Texans are starting to trend downward, while the surrounding divisional teams are on the come-up. Even Sports Fan Entertainment’s owner, a diehard Titans fan, recently came out with a video proclaiming that the Titans are his AFC South Division Champions this upcoming season. The answer to me is all too obvious when it comes to the AFC South: the fate of the division solely rests on the rookie performance of quarterback Deshaun Watson.

In 2016, the Texans were able to limp to a playoff record with JJ Watt sidelined for the year and the worst starting quarterback in the NFL: Brock “Lossweiler.” With Clowney starting to live up to his talent, the linebackers being seasoned veterans, and a hall of fame defensive end returning still in the prime of his career, this defense still has the wallop of an elite unit. It is all going to come down to the Texans’ offense, and by that, we all mean Deshaun Watson.

As a Texans fan, Watson scares me. An often-wild arm and a questionable work ethic and mindset (sound familiar Brock?) should make Texans’ fans feel uneasy about their new quarterback. Since he was drafted 12th overall by the Texans, I’ve followed Watson on most social media, and what I see worries me. I see a guy basking in his newfound money and fame, while not posting much about working out or actually playing football. Guys like James Harrison and even Odell Beckham Jr. are clearly more about football than the perks the profession brings you. Obviously social media is not a tell all source, but the NFLs young stars are just as excited to post about their workout progress as they are about their new clothes and shoes.

At the end of the day, Watson won’t have an excuse not to be crowned the Rookie of the Year in 2018. A talented pair of receivers in Hopkins and Fuller, a solid backfield, a solid offensive line, an up-and-coming tight end in C.J. Fiedorowicz, and an elite defense are all their for him to succeed. The Texans have realized that there is a closing window on defense, so they have gambled a first and a second (from the Osweiler contract dump) round pick to jump up and grab the young quarterback they wanted. Just as we Texans fans said last year about Brock Lossweiler, if Watson can take care of the football, rely on the defense, and just be flat-out mediocre, this team is a 10+ win football club. Even with a disaster at quarterback in 2016, the Texans were still able to go 9-7. Hopefully, this team has found what it has been searching for since 2002: a true franchise quarterback.

As of now, QB Tom Savage has been named the starting quarterback for 2017, but we heard similar reports about the Eagles and their young shot-caller Carson Wentz in 2016. If Savage really is the starter by the opener against Jacksonville, things are not looking too good for the Texans’ 2017 season or the development of their young quarterback.

QB Tom Savage via Sporting News

I’ll be posting weekly breakdowns throughout the preseason of Deshaun Watson’s performances right here at, so look out for those.


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