Dynamite in Big D : WR Ryan Switzer

Ryan Switzer will add a new Dynamic to Dallas


The Dallas Cowboys drafted a swiss army knife in 4th round selection Ryan Switzer. The Tar Heel alum’s college statistics aren’t eye-popping outside of his 1,000 yard senior season, but if you watched any North Carolina football game this past season, it was easy for Switzer to pass the eye-test in having something special.


I watched some Tar Heel games last season, and at times I couldn’t believe the things I was watching Switzer do on the field. Mitch Trubisky may want to thank Switzer for adding to big time plays that bolstered the draft stock of Chicago’s new signal caller.

Switzer was a reliable target. He was twitchy, quick, and as sudden as a heart attack. He was consistently dependable when the Tar Heels needed a conversion or a spark on offense. In the return game, he zigged and zagged all over the field and found pay dirt 7 times when fielding punts.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at North Carolina

Sep 24, 2016; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels wide receiver Ryan Switzer (3) runs after a catch in the game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Switzer’s stature overshadowed his skill-set, but in 2017 he will emerge as one of Dak Prescott’s favorite targets. With Dez Bryant, Terrence Williams, and Cole Beasley demanding attention, Switzer will be open in space – which is where he can do the most damage. He’s a natural slot receiver and finds a way to manipulate mismatches in his favor.

I wanted Switzer to be drafted to my team as I believed he could be a walking highlight reel when surrounded by NFL caliber talent. Given the right situation – which fortunately for him, is exactly what he happened – he could become a player that NFL fans will say “How did a guy like this fall to the 4th round?”


Expect Switzer to contribute on offense and special teams. He will expose opposing team’s weakness in the return game and will be a headache for coverage defenders.

Is he the next Julio Jones? Of course not. Is he a modern day Wes Welker? Not quite. So he’s like Julian Edelmen, right? Close.

I think he’s the first Ryan Switzer. That doesn’t mean I’m anointing him as a perennial Pro Bowl player, but he will have an impact and make a name for himself. He’ll contribute more than the above mentioned have with his role on Special Teams.

“I think I’m the best returner in the draft, and I think Dallas knew that.” – Ryan Switzer

When you average 20 yards per Punt return, you’re entitled to have a little swag. What gives his return game an edge is his experience as a running back. He developed great vision during his High School career that played major dividends for him in College and will continue to make Switzer money in the NFL.

Plus, he’ll be a habitual chain mover and will probably score a few sneaky touchdowns throughout his first season. Switzer will build off of whatever his production in 2017 looks like for years to come.

Big things come in small packages and the Dallas Cowboys drafted dynamite.


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