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How to join Sports Fan Entertainment


Thank you for your interest in joining Sports Fan Entertainment! We currently only offer one role: writer.

Please fill out the application below and we will get back to you as soon as your application is reviewed.

Notes: You MUST provide a writing sample. Furthermore, the sample(s) you provide should be similar to the type of content you wish to produce for SFE. For instance, if you seek to make game recaps, it would be wise to write a game recap as your sample. You may be asked to provide additional samples after your application is reviewed.



Munya "MJ" Jumbi View All

Greetings, Sports Fans! I'm Munya Jumbi, MJ for short, and I am the Founder and Owner of Sports Fan Entertainment. I have been a fan of the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Lakers all my life and hope to continue to provide premium, insightful, and entertaining sports content for years to come.

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