Welcome to the official website of Sports Fan Entertainment! Sports Fan Entertainment seeks to provide NFL and NBA fans with insightful and entertaining videos and articles made by fans just like them.

SFE was created in July of 2016 by current owner and founder Munya Jumbi, also known as MJ. MJ had a YouTube channel known at the time as JamesCarterTV. While he grew to a respectable following of 4,000 subscribers, he knew he wanted much more. He envisioned a channel in which not only he, but other sports fans could express their opinions and grow to colossal heights. With this vision in mind, SFE was born.

Sports Fan Entertainment currently has over 11,000 subscribers and 3.5 MILLION video views on YouTube. With its vast content library, fans of the NFL and NBA can always find a video to watch and enjoy including predictions videos, mock drafts, discussions, hot takes, and more.

The Sports Fan Entertainment website seeks to build upon the success of the YouTube channel by providing written components to some of the videos on the channel as well as providing exclusive content on its own. This website also serves to consolidate all of SFE’s ventures (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, and more) into an easily digestible form.

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